Fortnite: Faze Clan Member Cented Gets Kicked Out for Hate Speech

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Fortnite: Faze Clan Member Cented Gets Kicked Out for Hate Speech

After a clip of the Fortnite pro using a racial slur on his July 3 live stream made rounds on social media, it was immediately bought to FaZe Clan's attention, thus leading to his removal from the team.

Earlier associated with Team Liquid, the 19-year-old Fortnite prodigy's path to pro is now uncertain after using discriminatory language that might cost him his career. The apology tweets released by Cented received a lukewarm response, to which many of his audience supported him and wished for him to push through his “mistakes”. However, this recent controversy will affect the Fortnite star hugely, even though he maintains his current established stance and branding.

The video below, released by Jake Lucky below shows the six-time FNCS finalist using a racial slur immediately after joining the in-game voice chat.

Right after his removal from the FaZe, Barron followed with an apology tweet and then chose to make a longer statement a few hours after.

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In the lengthy statement posted on Twitlonger, the Fortnite star stated, “In your career, you never think you’ll be making one of these… It’s always someone else, but you never ever think that it will end up being you. But here I am. First and foremost, I am sorry. Not sorry I was exposed, but sorry because I should’ve known better. I can’t hide behind my age or cluelessness for leaving a word like that in my vocabulary. It shouldn’t be in my vocabulary at all. As an adult, I should know better. I had all the information in front of me for knowing better and still chose to act wrongly.”

“To those that I've offended, I am sorry. I am not racist but chose to allow a racial word into my vocabulary. I should know better. I can't say enough how preventable this is. I am sorry for my disrespect and disregarding that word's true nature and history. My willful ignorance is inexcusable” he continued.

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