Fortnite: European Pro Posts Anti-LGBTQ & Racists Remarks On Twitter, Claims He Was Hacked

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Fortnite: European Pro Posts Anti-LGBTQ & Racists Remarks On Twitter, Claims He Was Hacked

Genuinely offensive remarks by young pro-player “Bubak” caused community harm, but Bubak claims he's been the victim of a hack.

Fortnite Battle Royale’s competitive scene is on the precipice of its most significant this far or Chapter 2 – Season 7. Hundreds of competitors worldwide are vying for their share of $3M USD in next weekend’s FNCS All-Star Showdown. However, the storylines and drama just one week out from the tournament did not revolve around the competition itself. Instead, a 15-year-old professional player named “Bubak” put himself in a predicament with some genuinely offensive tweets. The entire Twitter scene erupted in response, with some attempting to piece together the player’s anti-LGBTQ and racist tirade after claiming his account was compromised.

Bubak Makes Anti-LGBTQ & Racist Remarks on Twitter

Bubak, who represents LootBoy Esports, went on Twitter this afternoon asking his 15K followers if they support LGBT. He responded to his own tweet, denouncing the community, which set in motion a chain of events that would typically lead to discipline.

Bubak continued, calling the LGBTQ community “a bunch of f****** idiots” and berating commenters. LootBoy tweeted its support of LGBTQ as an indirect response to Bubak, to which the player responded once again with another anti-gay comment.

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The situation is challenging to comprehend. A sponsored player like Bubak would surely like to avoid controversy and a potential in-game ban from Epic Games due to his actions. That did not seem to be the case. Instead, Bubak went as far as dropping an n-bomb on Twitter to make matters worse. The player’s actions seemed atypical, which prompted LootBoy to conduct an internal investigation.

LootBoy Esports Claims Bubak Was Hacked

The organization surfaced on Twitter with a response to the blowback of Bubak’s online tirade.

“After thorough investigation, as well as discussions with Bubak, we have concluded that his account has been hacked. In the future, we will discuss the issue of account security with our talents in our onboarding process.”

An account hack would undoubtedly explain Bubak’s offensive words. However, some unconfirmed reports point to the contrary. It seems Bubak might have coordinated the hack with another Twitter user known only as Malick to take the heat off of his controversial tweets.

Unfortunately, we may never know what transpired. The organization and player deny any wrongdoing on Bubak’s part other than having his account compromised. It seems that LootBoy plans to keep Bubak unless more damning evidence comes to light of the alleged staged hack. We’ll have to keep an eye on what more occurs in this developing story.

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Update – LootBoy Drops Bubak

After the fallout of yesterday’s situation, LootBoy Esports has officially parted ways with Bubak. In a statement released by the organization, they stated the following:

“We have completed our investigation concerning our player Bubak about questionable tweets and him allegedly being hacked. After speaking to Bubak, we have come to the joint decision to part ways.

At LootBoy Esports we celebrate openness and tolerance. This incident has shown us the importance of these values and that we need to improve communication and password safety among team members.”

Bubak confirmed the statement in a follow-up tweet. While the hacking aspect is still unclear, the organization felt it necessary to release Bubak, given the backlash.

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