Fortnite: European Player Benjyfishy Takes 5th Place in NA East Cash Cup

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Fortnite: European Player Benjyfishy Takes 5th Place in NA East Cash Cup

Benjyfishy of NRG Esports showed up in the NA East Platform Solo Cash Cup.

For those who don’t know, Benjy “NRG benjyfishy” Fish is one of the absolute best Fortnite players in the world. The Fortnite Esports Wiki website currently has Fish ranked at the top of the European region ahead of teammates Kyle “FaZe Mongraal” Jackson and Dmitri “mitr0” Van de Vrie. The NRG Esports competitor has several high tournament placements to his credit, including a fourteenth and twenty-fifth place finish at the Fortnite World Cup in duos and solos. Fish’s evolution as a player has been fun to watch, and he can add yet another impressive performance to his resumé.

November 13th NA East Platform Solo Cash Cup

Many recognize Fish as a well-rounded player, meaning he performs similarly in both team and solo competitions. He’s achieved several high finishes in past Solo Cash Cups, but most predominantly out of the European region. On November 13th, Fish decided to test his skills on North American servers against some of the best players in the world. With such players as World Cup Champion, Kyle “SEN Bugha” Giersdorf, and River “Liquid Riversan” Handley in the mix, Benjy Fish had a massive mountain to climb.

A European player on North American servers will undoubtedly experience a completely different game of Fortnite. The reason is that maintaining a low ping is vital to any given player’s success. Fish had little to no trouble in this regard and accomplished quite a feat over his ten-match run.

Path to Victory

Benjy Fish played the maximum amount of matches over the three-hour tournament time limit. Over ten games, Fish earned thirty-four eliminations and two Victory Royales. In total, the NRG Esports competitor yielded seventy-nine points through a combination of placement and eliminations. His point total also included three complete dud matches with zero eliminations and as low as a ninety-second place finish. It speaks to how often a high ping can affect a player’s performance. Even so, Fish had finishes of third and fourth place leading up to the tournament's end. At one point during the competition, Fish was in first place with just a few matches remaining.

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Looking Forward

Although Benjy did not win the tournament, he ultimately proved how well a professional player could perform on unfavorable servers. We’ve seen cases in the past of European players playing well in non-European tournaments, but this one stands out. Fish’s impressive display could very well lead to more cross-regional play in the Solo Cash Cup tournaments. His success, coupled with increased prize pools, could result in a nice payday for some of the skillful professional Fortnite players across the world.

It will be interesting to see how this shakes out shortly as Epic Games recently announced that the Solo Cash Cups will continue until December 19th. Kyle “SEN Bugha” Giersdorf confirmed that he would participate in the European Contender’s Cash Cup on his stream after taking second in the same NA East Platform Cash Cup. The top prize for the European Contender’s Cash Cup is $7K USD. We can expect many players across all regions to put their skills to the test against some of the best European Fortnite players.

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