Fortnite: Epic Reveals “Minty Legends” Pack Due For November Release

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Fortnite: Epic Reveals “Minty Legends” Pack Due For November Release

Get the scoop on Fortnite’s latest Minty cosmetic set.

Fortnite Battle Royale cosmetics these days are a dime a dozen mainly because Epic Games has created so many over the last four years. The developers have manufactured everything from genuinely original concepts to unique collaborations with popular video games and movies. However, something is refreshing about Epic’s ability to repurpose an already recognizable outfit into something more desirable.

Enter the Minty Legends Pack, which features the Aura, Bomber and Oro skins with the exceptional “minty” holiday aesthetic. Long-time Fortnite fans will remember the Merry Minty Axe—a rare pickaxe that players could only redeem with a code from Gamestop. Epic has since created a slew of skins with the same cosmetic appeal. Well, starting November 2, players can purchase the Minty Legends Pack and secure themselves the latest collection.

What’s in the Minty Legends Pack?

The Minty Legends Pack featured ten items, including three skins, three back blings, three pickaxes, one wrap and a bonus of 1,000 V-Bucks. The base skins are “fan-favorite characters” Aura, Bomber and Oro with the minty aesthetic.

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Here is the complete list of cosmetics per Epic Games:

  • Fresh Aura – Get the goods and keep it fresh.
  • Minty Bomber – The future looks fresh…
  • Skellemint Oro – Minty mayhem, a refreshing obsession.
  • Three chilling Back Blings
  • Three spearing Pickaxes
  • One spicy hot Wrap
  • Additional 1,000 V-Bucks included

The pack is due to release on November 4–just in time for the winter season. It will be available for purchase directly through Fortnite on PC, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox, Nintendo Switch and from select retailers such as Gamestop, Target, Walmart and more. Epic has not released the cost of this set.

While getting the Merry Minty Axe is tricky nowadays, this could be the closest you’ll get!

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