Fortnite: Epic Removes Shadow Floppers From Competitive

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Fortnite: Epic Removes Shadow Floppers From Competitive

Kiss the Shadow Flopper goodbye in competitive Fortnite Season 8.

Epic Games has seen enough of the Shadow Flopper in competitive Fortnite this season. In a recent hotfix update — which introduced the Combat Pistol — the developers have vaulted the Shadow Flopper from Arena Mode and tournaments. While Epic gave no reason, it’s likely because of the Shadow Flopper and Launch Pad strategy many have utilized to farm placement points in Solo Cash Cups. It seems, at least for the time being, that Shadow Floppers will not factor into competitions.

Shadow Floppers Removed from Arena Mode

Epic decided to vault Shadow Floppers for an undetermined amount of time in a shocking turn of events. Again, the developers did not provide a reason. Still, we can safely assume it’s due to the Shadow Flopper/Launch Pad technique that has become a noticeable issue in competitive gameplay.

Competitors have been carrying Shadow Floppers and Launch Pads deep into the end game for those who might not be aware of this method. This combination grants players the option to consume a Shadow Flopper and jump on a Launch Pad, allowing them to phase high into the sky and eventually deploy their glider when the Shadow Flopper effects dissipate. The issue lies within the low-risk, high-reward aspect of this strategy. It opens the door for players to avoid combat and stockpile placement points.

This loot pool adjustment affects solo tournaments more significantly than trios. In the latter, it’s challenging to find enough Shadow Floppers and Launch Pads to make it a viable option. However, many players found success in Solo Cash Cups, including European pro 100T MrSavage — who placed in an NA West Cash Cup using Shadow Floppers.

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It’s unclear whether Epic plans to change the Shadow Flopper or leave it out for the rest of Season 8. With the $5M USD Grand Royale approaching, we expect it won’t return before then.

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