Fortnite: Epic Removes Carnage & Venom Symbiotes From Competitive

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Fortnite: Epic Removes Carnage & Venom Symbiotes From Competitive

Epic Games has chosen to removed the Mythic Carnage and Venom Symbiote suits from Season 8.

Competitive Fortnite Battle Royale over the years has had its fair share of questionable items. The Infinity Blade, Kit’s Shockwave Launcher and Doom’s Mystical Bomb are a few that come to mind. In their respective seasons, these tools fundamentally affected the flow of gameplay in competitive Fortnite. Epic Games has since changed its tune regarding the tournament landscape, listening to feedback from the community and making adjustments as requested.

Season 8 introduced two new Mythic items — Venom’s Symbiote and Carnage’s Symbiote. These two items align with Fortnite’s ongoing collaboration with Marvel while honoring Carnage’s Battle Pass appearance. It’s no secret that competitive players concluded that the new Mythics don’t belong in Arena Mode or tournaments. Epic reached that same conclusion today, and both Symbiote items have been vaulted as a result.

Venom & Carnage Symbiotes Vaulted from Competitive

Today, the developers brought positive news to the competitive Fortnite scene via the @FortniteStatus Twitter account, stating that the Venom and Carnage Symbiotes have been vaulted from Arena Mode. It’s a change that most have been waiting for since last Friday when Epic brought both Mythic items into all playlists.

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It did not take long for players to learn that the Symbiotes are challenging to counter, particularly the grab feature. With a cooldown of only ten seconds, Venom's and Carnage’s grab pulls unsuspecting players toward the holder while dealing 60 damage. Additionally, it broke through structures regardless of whether they were wood, brick or metal. Tack on the glider redeploy function and speed boost, and you have an item that is dangerous in an enemy’s hands.

Epic Games identified and removed the items, which could only benefit the competitive scene in Season 8. The developers also dialed back the overwhelming fog addition during the preseason period. We’ll have to see what more changes occur between now and the end of the Season 8 preseason period on September 28.

We’ll be sure to keep you updated as we move closer to the first round of tournaments!

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