Fortnite: Epic Games to Host $1M Exclusive PlayStation 4 Tournament

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Fortnite: Epic Games to Host $1M Exclusive PlayStation 4 Tournament

Fortnite players on PlayStation 4 will have a chance to win a piece of $1M USD in an upcoming tournament.

Epic Games has never shied away from trialing different tournament styles across all consoles. The Winter Royale 2019 is worth mentioning this regard, where the Fortnite developers spread $15M USD across all platforms. With no other competitions planned soon, it appears PlayStation 4 competitors have a tournament in their sights.

PS4 players will have the opportunity to compete for in-game prizes and a $1M USD prize pool from February 15th to February 16th. The official Fortnite Twitter announced the Fortnite Celebration Cup exclusively on the PlayStation 4 console. An official blog post by the Fortnite Team provided more information on what we can expect in a little less than two weeks.

“On February 15 and 16, eligible PlayStation 4 Fortnite players can drop in and compete in the Fortnite Celebration Cup Solo competitions for an opportunity to earn in-game items and a share of $1,000,000 in cash prizes. Each Solo competition is open to all eligible Fortnite PS4 players…”

Day One – February 15th

Prizes on the first day of the tournament will include an exclusive spray, pickaxe and an outfit. Epic Games has decided to spread these rewards to a specific percentage of players relative to their final placement. The top 50% will receive a “Take Cover” spray, top 25% earn a “Wild Accent” pickaxe and top 5% get a “Tango” outfit. Players who finish in the top 5% threshold will collect all three awards.

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Day Two – February 16th

The second day of the tournament is where players can earn some real cash. Fortnite’s Celebration Cup will include all competitive regions of varying payouts of the previously mentioned $1M USD.


An official set of rules came along with the blog post mentioned earlier. The official rules indicate that each session will last three hours or a maximum of ten matches per player. This layout mirrors that of what we typically see in the Solo Cash Cup format. We will see the same scoring system from the Cash Cup tournaments as well in the Celebration Cup.

“Victory Royale: 10 Points

2nd – 5th: 7 Points

6th – 15th: 5 Points

16th – 25th: 3 Points

Each Elimination: 1 Point”


We previously mentioned that the Fortnite Celebration Cup would dish out $1M USD across NA East, NA West, Europe, Oceania, Asia and Brazil. As usual, Europe features the largest grand prize of all, with $3K USD going to the winner of the tournament. The FortniteBR Twitter account created a graphic that displays the full payouts per region.


Although many professional players did not respond kindly to this tournament announcement, it’s refreshing to see the recognition of console players. Since the Winter Royale 2019, there have not been many tournaments of note except for Platform Cash Cups. After the successful format included in the Summer Smash Cup, Epic Games will hopefully bless players with more tournaments including in-game rewards shortly. It will be interesting to see which professional players purchase a PS4 to compete in the Celebration Cup.

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