Fortnite: Epic Disables New Witch Broom During DreamHack Finals

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Fortnite: Epic Disables New Witch Broom During DreamHack Finals

Epic disabled the Witch Broom during a major Fortnite tournament.

One of Fortnite’s newest items is no longer available in competitive game modes after a supposed mistake from the developers. This adjustment took place shortly after the beginning of Fortnitemares 2020 Fortnite’s seasonal Halloween-theme event. Among the new items introduced, Epic Games introduced a Witch Broom, which functions the same as Silver Surfer’s Board. The Witch Broom was relatively easy to find, but it appears that Epic did not intend for it to be in competitive modes.

Witch Broom Removed

The Fortnite Status Twitter account broke the unfortunate news to all of its followers. It’s unfortunate because the developers decided to disable the Witch Broom during Europe’s $250K USD DreamHack Online Open. Epic Games did not notice the mistake until nearly a full day after the Fortnitemares update. Players who based their drops around the Witch’s Broom had to reframe their strategies. As expected, the pro community did not respond positively to Epic’s unexpected decision.

Pros Lose Their Minds

Professional Fortnite player for 100 Thieves – MrSavage – was one of 100 competitors to reach the DreamHack Grand Finals. He took to Twitter with his outrage for this mid-tournament alteration.

“please just let dreamhack run competetive or something like what am i reading hahahahaha.”

Another finalist, EP Verox, also responded to Fortnite’s tweet with an accurate assessment of the situation.

It’s a strange decision from Epic Games, considering the mobility item was already in the game. DreamHack semi-finalists and finalists played out their matches with the Witch Broom as part of the loot pool. One positive takeaway is that Epic at least acknowledged the fact that this item should not have been in competitive modes, to begin with. But it would have made much more sense to remove it after the conclusion of DreamHack’s $250K USD tournament.

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Regardless, the Witch Broom is no longer in Arena Mode, and that will remain the case through the end of Fortnitemares 2020.

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