Fortnite: Edgey Transfers from FlyQuest to NRG Esports

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Fortnite: Edgey Transfers from FlyQuest to NRG Esports

News broke earlier this week of the alleged unhappy state of Benjamin “Edgey” Peterson. The hashtag #FreeEdgey grabbed headlines as several fellow Fortnite players stood in support of Peterson. We have not learned what led this statement to take flight as Peterson did not directly address the unforeseen support. All indications pointed to Peterson’s general dissatisfaction with his representing organization, FlyQuest  A lot of rumors began swirling throughout the Fortnite community, but none with any true validity.

Peterson’s recent success during the Fortnite Champion Series strengthened his presence.  A similar situation took place earlier this week, with Dmitri “mitr0” Van de Vrie and his recent success in the FNCS As with Peterson, Van de Vrie’s rumored unsatisfying contract sprouted a #freemitr0 movement on Twitter. The ultimate decision that the two parties reached saw mitr0 getting his wish, and thus he is now free to experience the free-agent market. With the increasing popularity of Fortnite, professional players want the best decision for themselves to maximize their possibilities.

FlyQuest Teases Resolution

Although FlyQuest did not issue an immediate response to #FreeEdgey, the wheels began turning toward a resolution. The first statement from FlyQuest in regards to the situation was simply, #FreeEdgey. All indications were that FlyQuest would soon speak on the matter in a public forum. Fellow professional Fortnite players reacted to the Tweet with overwhelming positivity.

FlyQuest Releases Peterson

Later on in the evening, FlyQuest released an official statement regarding Peterson and his future with the organization.

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“FlyQuest announced the transfer of Benjamin “Edgey” Peterson to NRG Esports today. Renegotiations were opened per the initial contract, but parties were unable to come to terms. Everyone here at FlyQuest wants nothing but success for their players. Therefore, Edgey, his agent, and FlyQuest worked closely to find him a new home as soon as possible.

Edgey will be competing in the Fortnite Champions Series NA West Trios Regional Finals this weekend. During this time, we’d like to thank Edgey for representing FlyQuest and wish him luck going forward in his competitive career. Edgey has been a pleasure to work with, and we know that he will continue to accomplish great things. Ya hate to see it.”

This is not common in the Fortnite community, but it comes with the territory on any competitive activity. Peterson’s to NRG Esports raised a lot of questions on the situation. The most likely scenario is that NRG Esports will take over any existing contract that Peterson held with FlyQuest. The contents of the contract are not public, but regardless, Peterson has found a new home.

Peterson Releases Statement

Peterson aired his own response to the ongoing discussions and the end result with his former organization. The statement reads:

“First and foremost I want to thank FlyQuest for giving me a chance and believing in me when I was first starting out and letting me represent them. As of today I am officially parted ways with FlyQuest. I want to personally thank Nick Phan for his help over the past 6 months for providing me with the tools necessary to perform to the best of my abilities as well as personally facilitating the transfer between FlyQuest and NRG. I also would like to thank Convertible and the rest of the FlyQuest staff for helping me grow as both a player and a person. Thank you to both FlyQuest fans and my fans for supporting me through my time at FlyQuest. This was a story that was blown out of proportion; I'm excited for the future and hope you guys will continue to support me.”

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In Good Company

Neither statement provided much detail in terms of the transfer, but the feeling does not seem malicious on either side. We will likely never hear the details of Peterson’s deal. With esports still on the uprise, it does not follow many of the same beats that we see in professional sports. For that reason, player contracts are often kept under wraps. Nevertheless, Peteron’s new home is NRG Esports with the likes of Benjy “benjyfishy” Fish, Martin “MrSavage” Andersen, William “Zayt” Aubin and a few others.

NRG Edgey

The NRG Esports organization has ultimately added one of the up and comers in professional Fortnite. As stated by Peterson, FlyQuest allowed him a start in professional Fortnite. NRG Esports will elevate Peterson’s potential to the upper-echelon. His performance alongside Evan “Liquid Cented” Barron and Brodie “rehx” Franks during the FNCS is nothing short of impressive. Their results over five weeks included three first-place finishes and a second-place finish. It’s safe to call them the odds on favorites heading into the Fortnite Champion Series Finals.

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