Fortnite: DreamHack Winter Details Unveiled

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Fortnite: DreamHack Winter Details Unveiled

DreamHack is jumping into the competitive Fortnite realm with its winter event in late-November. The last Fortnite event held by DreamHack took place back in July of 2018 at DreamHack Valencia. This time around, DreamHack Winter will feature a BYOC tournament with no qualification necessary. Essentially, anyone can take part in the event at DreamHack Winter. With a $250K USD prize pool on the line, we can expect many of the top professional Fortnite players to attend DreamHack Winter.

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Stage One

According to the DreamHack website, the format will provide a three-stage format for participants at the event. Stage One is open to all competitors and each will take part in a variety of heats to decide qualifiers to the next stage.

“The first stage is open for everyone to sign up and the best 200 of each heat advance to stage 2.

We have three different heats: red, blue, and yellow. Two of these will be played on Friday at different times and the last will be played on Saturday.

A player can sign up for all of these three heats.

You can play up to ten (10) matches in each heat and the best 200 players will advance from each heat.

Once you have advanced you may not play additional heats in stage 1.”

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The breakdown of Stage One indicates that players will have multiple opportunities over the three heats mentioned. It will likely play out similar to how Fortnite tournaments run by Epic Games operate. Typically there is a timeframe wherein players compete and those with the highest amount of points advance to the next stage. The top 200 players from each heat in terms of points will advance to Stage Two.

Stage Two

The second stage of the DreamHack Winter Fortnite competition will further narrow down 600 players from Stage One to just 100 players.

“Stage 2 will advance 100 players to the Grand Final.

You can play up to ten (10) matches and the best 100 players will advance.”

Again, this will follow a similar format as Stage One in terms of the individual matches. Players can play a maximum of 10 matches, and the 100 highest point earners will secure a spot in the Grand Final.

Stage Three

The Grand Final will provide a stage for the top 100 participants from Stage Two. We will see the top 100 competing in 8 matches to decide the DreamHack Winter Fortnite Champion. The top point earner will take home $30K USD in the Grand Final.

The Prizing Breakdown

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The Point System

The glaring difference between typical Fortnite tournament ran by Epic Games and this DreamHack event is the point breakdown. The usual Epic Games tournaments award players one point per elimination, whereas this tournament yields five points per elimination. Additionally, Epic Games award fifteen points for a Victory Royale, which is significantly less than the 60 points awarded to victors at DreamHack Winter. We may see a change in strategy considering the five points awarded per elimination. Although the 60 points awarded for the Victory Royale may force some conservative play as well.

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The DreamHack Winter Fortnite Solos competition will take place from November 29th through December 1st in Jönköping, Sweden.

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