Fortnite: DreamHack Online Eclipses 250,000 Signups With Some Significant Names Competing

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Fortnite: DreamHack Online Eclipses 250,000 Signups With Some Significant Names Competing

DreamHack’s online Fortnite tournament reached astronomical numbers ahead of its July debut.

Competitive Fortnite is on the brink of a $1.75 million DreamHack tournament series across three of its most populated regions. Players within the NA East, NA West and Europe regions are readying to compete for a $250,000 prize pool every month for the next six months beginning in July and ending in January. The DreamHack Online Open featuring Fortnite serves as a consolation, considering the entire world is still enduring the COVID-19 pandemic. With the competition kicking off this coming weekend, DreamHack released some exciting tidbits ahead of this critical step in competitive Fortnite.

DreamHack Open Receives Over 250K Registrants

In an official press release, DreamHack announced that over a quarter million players have registered to compete globally. According to Sweden-based organization, “the event will have the highest number of participants of any DreamHack tournament to date.” DreamHack's Chief Produce Officer released a statement in regards to the online Fortnite tournament:

“We are very excited to produce and broadcast this tournament with the highest number of participants, ever, for DreamHack to date! All of us at DreamHack wish the players luck, and we look forward to seeing what new Fortnite stars emerge from these events.”

Also, DreamHack unveiled a list of players who have enlisted in the Online Open's first leg, and there are some heavy-hitters.

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List of Participants

In an open format, any players are eligible to enlist in the DreamHack tournament to reach the Grand Finals and earn some cash. However, there is a group of players that are simply a cut above the rest. Here is a list of players who have signed up for the upcoming DreamHack Online Open.


  • Wave JannisZ
  • NRG benjyfishy
  • 100T MrSavage
  • MCES Andilex
  • FaZe Mongraal
  • E11 TaySon
  • Gen.G Moqii
  • Rojo
  • Crr
  • Grizi Nayte
  • ATL LeTsHe

NA East

  • 100T Ceice
  • Liquid 72hrs
  • Liquid Vivid
  • KNG Assault
  • Liquid Cented
  • Liquid STRETCH
  • FaZe Dubs
  • FaZe Bizzle
  • Furious
  • Scoped
  • NRG Zayt
  • NRG Edgey
  • SEN Zyfa
  • SEN Aspect
  • Saf
  • SEN Bugha
  • SEN Animal
  • Knight
  • RogueShark
  • TSM Khanada
  • Av
  • Vanish Jahq
  • Avery

NA West

  • 100T Arkhram
  • 100T rehx
  • NRG EpikWhale
  • 100T Falconer
  • Wavyjacob
  • TurtleTavern
  • XTRA Reet
  • Andrew
  • CLG Symetrical
  • Gen.G Hannah
  • Gen.G Carlee

This abbreviated list of players barely scratches the surface of what to expect this coming weekend and for the next six months. Notables include Fortnite World Cup Champion Bugha for NA East, DreamHack Anaheim Champion MrSavage, FNCS Invitational Winners Furious and 100T Arkhram and JannisZ, two-time DreamHack Finalist and FNCS Champion Andilex and much more. Only the best will separate themselves from the field to earn a piece of the prize pool in their respective region.

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Where You Can Watch the Action

Thankfully, DreamHack is fully committed to providing an official broadcast for the Online Open featuring Fortnite. Be sure to head on over to DreamHack's Fortnite Twitch channel and give it a follow. Although no broadcast schedule is available at this time, we expect to see one soon with only two days remaining until the first round of heats.

Stay tuned to ESTNN for continued coverage of the DreamHack Online Open featuring Fortnite!

Source: DreamHack

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