Fortnite: DreamHack Cash Cup Extra #7 Recap & Results

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Fortnite: DreamHack Cash Cup Extra #7 Recap & Results

The top 132 trios in NA East and Europe embarked on a quest to w-key their way to the top in October’s DreamHack Cash Cup Extra.

Competitive Fortnite in Chapter 2 – Season 8 is in full swing. A lot has changed over the last month—many players jumped ship to other teams, and Season 8 offers a different loot pool and locations than Season 7. This past weekend’s slew of worldwide Trio Cash Cups marked the first Epic Games-sanctioned tournaments of the season.

The different combinations of players add much-needed intrigue to the trios landscape. As usual, the first round of Cash Cups had more than just money on the line. The top 132 teams from the European and NA East regions qualified for DreamHack’s first Cash Cup Extra tournament of Season 8. Some heavy hitters met the prerequisites, which set up for an exciting three-hour elimination fest.

ESTNN is here with a complete region-by-region recap for the season’s first Cash Cup Extra!


Th0masHD, Anas & Queasy Continue to Dominate

Can anyone stop Th0masHD, Anas and Queasy? That is a question on the minds of most competitive Fortnite fans early in Chapter 2 – Season 8. Two days after winning the first European Trio Cash Cup and finishing third on NA East, this trio reached another milestone.

Game victories became the story for this trio during their Cash Cup Extra run. Across seven matches, Th0masHD, Anas and Queasy earned three Victory Royales—two of which happened back to back to close the tournament. Their final win saw them compile 12 eliminations, granting them victory.

The early-season MVPs finished with 645 points and 56 eliminations. All rival teams, including those in the NA East region, should be on notice when Th0masHD, Anas and Queasy are present.

Floki’s Trio Earns Another Top Placement

Few trios have remained together since Season 8 began. Floki, Clement and Decyptos are among those few, and they’ve performed well in past Cash Cup Extras, finishing in second twice before. With an emphasis on teamwork and eliminations, this trio delivered in both areas. Floki, Clément and Decyptos completed nine matches, winning two of them and earning 53 eliminations overall.

Unfortunately, their mini second place curse affected them again, as Th0masHD’s team clutched the Cash Cup Extra in the closing moments. Nonetheless, Floki’s team walked away with confidence in their abilities. They will once again make a run at the Axe of Champions in the coming weeks.

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Letshe and Company Land in Third

In what G2 Esports player Letshe called a choke, he and teammates Passivq and Sinan put forth a formidable effort. The three players were on the brink of victory heading into the final match. A decent placement with a few more eliminations would have guaranteed them the Cash Cup Extra win without question.

Unfortunately, an 18th-place finish in their tenth and final match secured them third place. While they did not win, Letshe, Passivq and Sinan earned more eliminations than any other team—66 overall. That’s just one of many positive takeaways for Letshe, who stated that he is confident for FNCS Season 8 in a post-tournament interview.

Final Leaderboard

  • 1st: Queasykame, GUILD Аnas, GAMMA Th0masHD – 645 points ($2,100)
  • 2nd: Solarу Floki, Solarу Clement, GO Decyptos – 616 points ($1,800)
  • 3rd: Passivq, Sinan, G2 Letshe- 607 points ($1,500)
  • 4th: glorious virsuh, FS Kylix, Lootboy mexe – 604 points ($1,200)
  • 5th: Merstach., TT9 Malibuca, Onyx shizojaksz – 594 points ($900)
  • 6th: Falcon Andilada, 4zr 谷, хsweeze – 585 points ($750)
  • 7th: WAVE VADEAL, BL NOAHREYLI, rezon ay лол 7 – 578 points ($750)
  • 8th: Siko Mode Ceesay, Castеry, Siko vortexers – 574 points ($750)
  • 9th: King Michаel, PW AstroSMZ, XL Veroх – 574 points ($750)
  • 10th: dyoxyache32, KPI Crow, KPI 조세 – 567 points ($750)
  • 11th: apeks IDrop 7, Adn 7, Playwell Styrsix – 554 points ($600)
  • 12th: Fraytrxtexsckbre, vortexR haha lol, OVА nightsck – 549 points ($600)
  • 13th: zeykoo 7, Esтy, slovay. – 537 points ($600)
  • 14th: VCTRY Kefyy, NdGG pkr, LP mlody – 536 points ($600)
  • 15th: GUILD Hen 75., Falcon Refsgaard, TrulеX – 536 points ($600)
  • 16th: snagged74, Wave SteeliXv3, Exeed AyarBaffo7 – 533 points ($600)
  • 17th: Downs yndrome2k, еtq, FLAMES SWAG Ӝ – 531 points ($600)
  • 18th: 00 Endretta, NRG benjуfishу, 100T MrSavage – 531 points ($600)
  • 19th: TCE Fire 十, TCE 1lusha ℵ, jamshood七 – 529 points ($600)
  • 20th: vctry korol1k, Bifrost Sp1аash, mawakha 7 – 522 points ($600)

NA East

Jamper, Deyy & Tragix Decimate the Field

It’s not every day that we see an 898 performance in any tournament—even a Cash Cup Extra. In this regard, the new trio of Jamper, Deyy and Tragix lapped the field without breaking a sweat. This highly-touted trio effortlessly earned an unprecedented 105 eliminations, which was more than enough to claim victory.

Jamper, Deyy and Tragix finished 30 eliminations clear of the second-place team. That’s the recipe for success in the Cash Cup Extra, considering each elimination is worth six points. It was a well-deserved victory out of a team that will be in contention throughout Season 8–no matter the format.

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Skqttles, nosh & Nut Finish with Three Wins

Deyy’s team performed well, and their showing will more than likely overshadow everyone else. However, skqttles, nosh and Nut managed a solid performance from top to bottom. While they fell short in the elimination department, their three Victory Royales tied for the most in the Cash Cup Extra.

A team that earns 714 points wins a tournament nine out of ten times. That sentiment is worth considering since Victory Royales are more valuable in the Fortnite Champion Series. We’ll have to see how these three fair in the coming weeks.

DeRoller’s Trio Snags Third Place

Landing in third place was the team of DeRoller, Speguu and strawhat charlie. In what DeRoller called a “god match history,” his team with an average placement of 6.29–the best of any team in the Cash Cup Extra. While eliminations come at a premium in this format, placement and consistency matter more in traditional settings.

For those reasons, DeRoller, Speguu and strawhat charlie’s 648 point performance are more sustainable in the long term. They’ll want to replicate this average placement in future tournaments. For now, third place will suffice.

Final Leaderboard

  • 1st: LG jamper -VII, XTRA Deyylol ., TRAGIX – 898 points ($2,100)
  • 2nd: skqttles, C9 nosh, TNG Nut. – 714 points ($1,800)
  • 3rd: DeRoller., Speguu, strawhat charlie – 648 points ($1,500)
  • 4th: FLu Dequented 15, assault zemo 14, Zpxу – 635 points ($1,200)
  • 5th: Reducs, Aperta_, sparkgkky – 632 points ($900)
  • 6th: Chronic Jayѕ, Vеd, Tabnae – 602 points ($750)
  • 7th: Queasykame, GUILD Аnas, GAMMA Th0masHD – 601 points ($750)
  • 8th: LG Slackes, Acоrnski, G2 Jаhq – 570 points ($750)
  • 9th: Donieegraal, Voil-, Xcсept – 568 points ($750)
  • 10th: frosttyrr, baby аle, psr vilets 35m – 561 points ($750)
  • 11th: NRG СІіх, twitter tahifn, itssprite1g – 558 points ($600)
  • 12th: Gоku 8, Сhimp, twitter larsonfn – 554 points ($600)
  • 13th: mеro17, SEN BUGHADORF, Liquid STRЕTCН – 541 points ($600)
  • 14th: TabzG, noob teyo, ELITE PLEGE 21V – 535 points ($600)
  • 15th: Dom, K2G Trap, liI baby ganzo – 524 points ($600)
  • 16th: FS DEGEN, FS Αjerss, BBG KHANADA 200 – 521 points ($600)
  • 17th: TNG Okis., Ghоst Blаke, Liquid Scopеd – 516 points ($600)
  • 18th: Falcon Andilada, 100T Arkhram., NRG EpikWhale5x – 514 points ($600)
  • 19th: TNA OliverOG, XTRA Furiouѕ, XTRAVERT203ONLY – 508 points ($600)
  • 20th: JАRITO, Crunchy, yung dusky – 505 points ($600)

That concludes our coverage of Season 8’s first DreamHack Cash Cup Extra. Be sure to check back for more competitive Fortnite updates throughout the season!

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