Fortnite: Bugha & Th0masHD’s Trios Trending Ahead Of FNCS Season 8

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Fortnite: Bugha & Th0masHD’s Trios Trending Ahead Of FNCS Season 8

Two teams are trending upward in competitive Fortnite ahead of FNCS Season 8.

Competitive Fortnite in Chapter 2 – Season 8 has officially kicked off after the first round of Trio Cash Cups. Team changes have become a significant storyline this season, and only a few top trios remain together after FNCS Season 7. It’s a telling notion that many players have mixed and matched to find the ideal combination.

Season 8 marks the fifth consecutive season under the trios format. Many teams that we never thought would split have done just that. One notable trio out of the European region — Th0masHD, Flikk and Anas — began competing in Chapter 2 – Season 3, but decided enough was enough after missing the Season 7 Finals.

For NA East players Mero, STRETCH and Bugha, each has achieved something extraordinary over the past few seasons, but not as a cohesive unit. Recent Trio Cash Cup results out of these two entirely different teams inspired confidence for what could be another exciting season of competitive Fortnite.

Th0masHD, Anas & Queasy Win EU Cash Cup, Place Third on NAE

Fortnite players often have to overcome many obstacles to find success. However, the best competitors are simply a cut above everyone else. This sentiment applies to the brand new team of Th0masHD, Anas and FNCS Season 6 Champion Queasy. While all eyes were on other European teams, these three exhibited a clinic of competitive Fortnite across six hours of Trio Cash Cup action.

First, Th0masHD, Anas and Queasy took first-place in their home region to the tune of 222 points. They managed to win four of their eight matches and added 87 eliminations in a display of consistency that’s challenging to replicate in Trio Cash Cups. They finished ten points clear of second place, netting them $800 USD each.

The train kept rolling into NA East for this trio. Despite competing on significantly higher ping due to the server location discrepancy, Th0masHD and company were not deterred. The EU trio compiled 215 points on the rival region’s servers—good enough for third place. It’s an accomplishment we see from time to time, but not necessarily out of a brand new trio. Th0masHD, Anas and Queasy outplaced some of NA East’s best.

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Sure, it’s early in Season 8, but this team will only improve as they compete in more tournaments. Be on the lookout for what could be your next Axe of Champions holders.

Bugha, STRETCH & Mero Finish Top-Ten on EU, NAE and NAW

Nine hours of Fortnite Battle Royale Cash Cups is a lot for anyone—even professional players. The new trio of Fortnite Solo World Champ Bugha, STRETCH and Mero stood up to the task and relished in the opportunity. The three started with a tenth-place finish on European servers, finishing with three Victory Royale in eight games and managing 190 points overall.

It was a sound start to the season for a team that formed just one day before Trio Cash Cups began. Next, Bugha, STRETCH and Mero earned a seventh-place finish on their home NA East servers. After three hours of playing on Europe’s turf, seventh is an impressive achievement. Their NA East showing included two wins and 205 points.

The three new teammates rounded out the day with another three-hour gauntlet on an unfavorable server connection. Bugha and company marched into the NA West Trio Cash Cup and left with another top ten finish. This time, the NA East triumvirate earned 204 points, one win and 103 eliminations.

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A performance of this caliber may have never been done before. If it has, it sure was not out of a team that had almost no playing time together for all intents and purposes. Between Bugha, STRETCH and Mero, they have an astounding 25 FNCS Finals appearances. It should be no surprise that these three went out and finished top ten in three consecutive Cash Cups.

It’ll be interesting to see these three in action during the FNCS Season 8 Qualifiers. Their mixture of mechanics, game knowledge and aim makes them an intriguing pick to win the NA East FNCS Season 8 Finals.

The Qualifiers are fast approaching, so be sure to check out the crucial tournament details for FNCS Season 8. Epic Games recently adjusted the format significantly, and teams have no choice but to adapt.

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