Fortnite: Daily Duo Cups to Make their Debut Tomorrow

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Fortnite: Daily Duo Cups to Make their Debut Tomorrow

Epic Games have released another batch of duos tournaments.

Fortnite’s latest Champion Series saw the return of the fan-favorite duos after a long layoff. Since the Fortnite World Cup, we’ve seen both trios and squads in Season X and Chapter 2 Season 1, respectively. Duos are now back in play competitively, and the best of the best are out in droves to qualify for the FNCS heats in April. Along with the FNCS, Epic Games brought back Solo Cash Cups and debuted Duos Cash Cups. The amount of duos practice is unfathomable from a competitive perspective, and they have added another tournament to the lineup.

Daily Duos Cup

A new tournament series named Daily Duos Cup appeared in the Fortnite: Battle Royale ”Compete” tab earlier today. After some inspection, we’ve confirmed that these new Duo Cups are available to play across all competitive regions. The format is simple, in that each duo competing will have three hours to play a maximum of ten matches. They will need to earn more points than all competitors to win a prize. You heard that right; only first place will receive a monetary cash payout of $750 USD per week. When factoring the number of days for all seven regions, the prize pool comes out to nearly $200K USD.

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Duos Cup Scoring System

Competitive Fortnite is no stranger to different scoring systems. We typically see tournaments like the Fortnite Champion Series, where players earn placement points for top 15, top 10, top 5 and finally, the Victory Royale. Players and teams also earn one point per elimination in any given game under this system. The Daily Duos Cups are taking scoring in an alternative direction. These daily tournaments begin to award placement points at the top 28 and continue through top 21, top 15, top 6, top 3 and the Victory Royale. Duos will also earn a point per elimination like all the usual scoring systems. Although it’s not the DreamHack scoring system, perhaps Epic is trying out different options to see if one works better than another.

Cash Cup Prize Pools Increased

Some more news came out regarding the existing Cash Cups and their prize pools. After some stern feedback by the community, Epic Games will now alternate the Shadow and Ghost Cash Cups every week. These tournaments will no longer coincide. It also appears that the prize pools have increased as a result. Europe’s Solo Platform Cash Cup is now doling out $5K USD to first, whereas before, it was $2.5K. Although Epic Games did not explain as to why, players can now earn even more money every week with the existing Cash Cups, Daily Duos Cup and the Fortnite Champion Series.

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Positive Outlook for Fortnite

Despite some unclear goals for competitive Fortnite, Epic Games is ramping up at the right time. With competing Battle Royale titles on the come up, now is Fortnite’s moment to really captivate their audience and potentially even bring back those who have left. Professional players may scoff at the idea of only first place receiving a prize in the daily cups, but this is a much better spot for competitive Fortnite compared to a few months ago. The rewards continue to increase, and now players can produce more content with Daily Duo Cups, Weekly Cash Cups and the Fortnite Champion Series. Let’s hope to see a Fortnite World Cup 2021 announced in the future.

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