Fortnite Creative Mayhem: Everything you Need to Know

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Fortnite Creative Mayhem: Everything you Need to Know

A challenge awaits Fortnite players looking to earn free prizes, including in-game rewards, a potential share of $100K USD and the chance to play with well-known content creators.

Today Epic Games announced a new event dubbed “Creative Mayhem.” This Valentine's Day-themed celebration allows Fortnite players to earn a free Emoticon and Pickaxe for merely playing on the new Creative Mayhem map. What's more, those up to the challenge can submit their best deathrun time for an opportunity to play with one of seven regional creators. 

ESTNN has all the information you'll need to unlock the free in-game rewards and potentially more, depending on your deathrun skills. 

How to Unlock Free Emoticon & Pickaxe

Free Cosmetic Items

Players interested in unlocking the free Emoticon and Pickaxe can do so with relative ease. To obtain the Love Reigns Emoticon, you'll need to sign up on the Creative Mayhem website. After that, the Emoticon will appear in your locker. 

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Next comes the free Mace of Hearts Pickaxe, which you can unlock by playing the Creative Mayhem map for 30 minutes. You'll have to determine whether the Pickaxe may never be available again after the event concludes. You can put the Creative Map code below directly into your Fortnite ‘Discover' menu under ‘Island Code'. 

Creative Mayhem Synthrace Qualifier Map: 7266-3680-0768

Creative Mayhem Contest


Anyone who wants to push the Creative Mayhem limit further should look to master the deathrun map. From February 7 to February 14 at 9 AM, the players who submit the best times will be invited to play Creative Mayhem with popular content creators. 

Here are the instructions to submit your best deathrun times per Epic's blog post:

  • Sign up on the website with your Epic Games account.
  • Play through the Creative Mayhem map. Players can enter the maps through Discover or by entering the Island Code. 
  • Record your runthrough on the Creative map
  • Choose your favorite Creator.
  • Upload your video on YouTube.
  • Share the link to your video and your best time on the website.

Epic Games will review submissions between February 15 and February 22 and notify qualifiers afterward. 

The Main Event

TheGrefgImage via Red Bull Gaming

Creative Mayhem's conclusion begins on February 26 at the regional qualifiers, where 100 content creators worldwide will compete against eight Fortnite creators and their communities. All 11 regions will crown a champion before the $100K USD Grand Finals on March 12. 

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Qualifier Dates

  • February 26-27, 2022: France, Poland, Germany, Italy
  • February 26-27, 2022: Russia, Middle East, Spain, North America
  • March 5-6, 2022: South America, Brazil, Australia, Japan

Grand Finals Date

  • March 12, 2022: Top team from each region

Here's a list of content creators and the region they represent:

North America

  • Zemie
  • Squatingdog
  • Sommerset
  • Ship
  • Upshall
  • SparklesQT
  • Swearin
  • Rodey

Latin America

  • Giova
  • BlendFreshon
  • Natalan
  • The Nino
  • Also Geo
  • Rocidta
  • AriGameplays
  • Oscuriod


  • Patriota
  • MelanyLee
  • Sharshock
  • OPedro
  • Fortflix
  • Daryki
  • Derponce
  • Manteiga


  • Lachlan
  • Chopstix
  • Loserfruit
  • KillerKingKevin
  • Fasffy
  • NovaonFB
  • MitchGames247


  • Jacob
  • Ewrron
  • Farrell
  • Rafa
  • Manoyek
  • Kebcio
  • Smarte
  • Rogalik


  • Nanass
  • Unchained
  • JeanFils
  • LEN
  • Teeqzy
  • Jolanville
  • Zetfar
  • LeBouseuh


  • Standartskill
  • Syou
  • Fixx
  • Lofty
  • HeyStan
  • Sevel
  • Embekay
  • TutoTV

Middle East

  • Mody Al Asmr
  • Rudex
  • Bsh_Cat
  • xxYjYxx
  • OcMZ
  • Vsloom
  • iMonkey
  • 6rba5


  • Spt083
  • litput
  • MendesHD
  • orkpod
  • Vikarter91
  • Macanaka
  • Tiblack
  • Maal1na


  • CiccioGamer
  • Martex
  • Xiuder
  • Kekkobomba
  • QueenGiorgia
  • Kroatomist
  • PiazzTwitch
  • Efesto 96


  • TheGrefg
  • Hiper
  • RickyEdit
  • Lolitofdz
  • Agustin51
  • Ampeter
  • Vicens
  • ElRubius

The Creative Mayhem event is now live for all players to enjoy. Remember to unlock both cosmetics and try your hand in the deathrun competition before Creative Mayhem ends on February 14.

Featured Image: Epic Games

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