Fortnite: Counter to Zapper Trap Discovered

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Fortnite: Counter to Zapper Trap Discovered

The Fortnite community needed less than twenty-four hours to find a simple counter to the newly added, Zapper Trap. Fortnite Patch v10.20 released a new throwable item, which electrifies an enemy wall and significantly decreases health. The snap reaction was the belief that this item forces players to engage further in situational fights. In addition to this, many players feel that this item is meant to decrease boxing up. By definition, boxing up is the act of a player creating a barrier between themselves and an enemy. This often allows the boxed up player to heal or buy time for themselves by holding a wall or editing out.

You can counter the new trap by just holding edit on your wall from FortniteCompetitive


Countering the Zapper Trap is as easy as holding an edit on any of a player’s builds. The discovery made by Reddit user u/OfficialCanDook shows that edit mode renders the Zapper Trap completely useless. Epic Games has already disabled the item, which indicates this was not the intent upon release. The effect this has on the high-level play is that the Zapper Trap may only be useful in late-game situations. Seeing as professional players constantly spend most of their time in edit mode, this vulnerability eliminates the effectiveness of the Zapper Trap.

Will the Zapper Trap Be Viable?

The Zapper Trap may not see as much use as previously predicted. On the surface, the new throwable item seems overpowered when factoring in the importance of boxing up. It preyed on players who are slow to edit and would do exactly what many believe its intention was. For the time being, those in the know will not have too much trouble nullifying an opponent who is assaulting them with Zapper Traps. However, this patch is still less than a full day old and we have yet to see how Fortnite professionals op to use or not use the Zapper Trap.

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Stay tuned to ESTNN as we see how Fortnite Patch v10.20 unfolds in a competitive setting.

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