Fortnite: Cooler Aqua and Nyhrox Win Fortnite Duos World Cup

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Fortnite: Cooler Aqua and Nyhrox Win Fortnite Duos World Cup

Today, the fifty best duo Fortnite pairs from around the world competed in the Fortnite World Cup at Arthur Ashe Stadium in Queens, New York. The Duos, who either represent North America, Europe, Asia, South America, or Oceania, have spent the last ten weeks attempting to qualify for the tournament. These qualifiers were divided by region and held online. As such, each region had equal representation in the event relative to the player base in their region.

The venue, which holds roughly twenty-five thousand fans, sold out last night for a second time after Epic made more tickets available to the public about a week ago. At the peak of the event, there were an estimated 1.5-2 million viewers watching along on either Twitch or YouTube. These figures look to challenge the records for esports events for both an in-person and digital attendance.


The online qualifiers made it so the only way to make it to the event was through coming in one of the top stops in one of the weeks of qualifiers. This meant that content creators were not a lock to participate in the event – as they had been in past competitive Fortnite events.

Regardless, there were many big-name streamers in attendance, both as players and as fans. Ghost Aydan, MrSavageM, and Mongraal were the most recognizable content creators who participated in the World Cup. Ninja, Courage, and Dr. Lupo all took times as commentators and shared the spotlight with the established commentary voices of Fortnite, Zeke and MonsterDface.

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Before the event started, all the commentators shared their thoughts on who would win the event. Many believed that two EU duos, those led by Faze Mongraal and NRG MrSavageM, would battle each other for first place in the event.  None of them guessed correctly, and another EU duo walked away victorious from the first Fortnite World Cup.

Duos Results

In an exciting come from behind victory, David “aqua” W. and Emil “Nyhrox” Pedersen, won two of the last three games of the event to sneak in front of Saf and Zayt, who led for the majority of the tournament. The duo scored 51 points and walked away with 3 million, making them the first World Cup Duo Champions.

The two claimed their trophy at center stage to the sound of a roaring crowd. There was confetti all throughout the venue. The EU duo, which represents the esports organization COOLER, qualified for the World Cup in the fourth week of qualifiers, Nyrhox posted to Twitter to commemorate the accomplishment, saying “Guess we are going to NYC” ( They now sit atop the esports world as champions of the Fortnite World Cup.

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The winning duo represents exactly what Epic hoped for when they announced the event. In the past, Fortnite tournament invites were a product of status. The popular content creators of the hour always got invited to events. On the other hand, the metaphorical no-skin gamers rarely received the attention they deserved.

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Tomorrow – Solo Event

Tomorrow, the tournament continues as the one hundred best solo players from all five regions take to the stage. Like today, they'll fight for the rights to 15 million dollars in prize money. Joining the action tomorrow will be some of the most prominent members of the Fortnite community. For example, Turner “Tfue” Tenney and Timothy “Bizzle” Miller, the two highest-earning competitive Fortnite players in the world, will battle for the title of Solo Fortnite World Cup champion.

The action again starts at 1 pm EST. You can watch it live right here at ESTNN TV. Stay tuned here at ESTNN and follow us on Twitter and Facebook for more Fortnite news, articles, opinions and more.

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