Fortnite: Contender’s Solos Cash Cup Recap and Results 10/2

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Fortnite: Contender’s Solos Cash Cup Recap and Results 10/2

The Solos Cash Cups conclude this week with the usual schedule of a Contender’s Cup followed by a Champion’s Cup the next day. As per usual, these Cash Cups provide players with an opportunity to play as aggressive or conservative as they please. The end goal after a maximum of 15 matches is to earn more points than any of the other competitors. The October 2nd iteration of the Contender’s Solos Cash Cup produced some familiar names atop the leaderboard. Epic Games delayed Oceania and Asia so that those regions would not conflict with the recently released Patch v10.4.1. With all that said, let’s see how the action went down.

NA East

Dominick “UnknownxArmy1x” Green claimed victory in the midst of a stacked leaderboard for the NA East region. This marks the second Solos Cash Cup victory for UnknownxArmy1x with the first taking place in week 5 of the Champion’s Solos Cash Cup. This time around, he beat out names such as SEN Aspect, Envy Bucke, and Marzz with 117 points in total. UnknownxArmy’s path to victory included only 1 Victory Royale, but he amassed 78 eliminations accounting for well over half of his points. He completed 3 matches with double-digit eliminations and averaged 5.20 per game. UnknownxArmy narrowly won out over Marzz by just 2 points. This is quite the achievement for the superbly talented controller player.

NA West

Shane “EpikWhale” Cotton of NRG Esports took the victory in NA West amongst some heavy-hitters of the region. KNG Maken1x has made a name for himself off of these Solos Cash Cups, but he came up just short of EpikWhale. Over 13 matches, EpikWhale earned an impressive 4 Victory Royales to go along with 58 eliminations. Overall this amounted to 123 points which were just good enough to edge out Maken1x by 1 point. During his run, EpikWhale managed back-to-back Victory Royales on two occasions. He capped off his Cash Cup victory with a runner-up finish, which brought him to 123 points. EpikWhale ultimately added a Solo Cash Cup victory to his resume, which also includes a 3rd place finish in solos at the Fortnite World Cup.

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Moussa “Chapix” Faour continues to cement himself as an outstanding solo player with another Cash Cup victory. For the European region, it is not uncommon to see Chapix at the top of nearly every leaderboard. This marks his 3rd Solos Cash Cup victory since their inception. He ultimately earned the victory over Dmitri “mitr0” Van de Vrie by a comfortable margin. Over 14 matches, Chapix earned 64 eliminations and 3 Victory Royales. He averaged just under 5 eliminations per game and even completed two Victory Royales back-to-back. Chapix’s final point total came out to 126, which produced an 11 point margin between himself and mitr0. As an unsponsored Fortnite professional, organizations need to take notice of Chapix’s track record.


The Contender’s Cash Cup for the Brazil region went to Pulgaboy. We have seen Pulgaboy pop up in many of these Solos Cash Cups. In this case, he managed an impressive 131 points over just 12 matches. This performance included 4 Victory Royales along with 67 eliminations. Pulgaboy completed an insane stretch of matches with 3 Victory Royales in a row and 23 eliminations in that span. He ultimately earned the victory over King of Team Singularity, who put up 123 points of his own. This win was a statement for Pulgaboy, who is a household name in the Brazil region of competitive Fortnite.

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Middle East

The Middle East region saw Sane of DIE E-Sports walk away with the Contender’s Cash Cup victory. He put up 117 points overall including 3 Victory Royales. In addition to this, 51 of his points came by way of eliminations. Sane’s best singular performance came about in match one where he completed 8 eliminations and the Victory Royale. This is our first impression of Sane at the top of a Middle East leaderboard. He averaged 3.64 eliminations per game and 25.50 for average placement. Sane narrowly defeated Cigol by 4 points to crown himself the Middle East Contender’s Cash Cup Champion.

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