Fortnite: Concerning Glitches Found With New Inflate-A-Bull Item

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Fortnite: Concerning Glitches Found With New Inflate-A-Bull Item

The Inflate-A-Bull has already become an overpowered item in Fortnite Season 7.

Less than 12 hours after releasing a new item in Fortnite Battle Royale, players have already begun exposing its flaws. Epic Games released the Inflate-A-Bull alongside hotfix v17.10, which is a fun item for casuals to enjoy in theory. However, some concerning glitches have emerged, prompting Epic Games to disable it in competitive modes.

Invisibility & God Mode Glitch

One video surfaced via iFireMonkey on Twitter, showing a player piloting the Inflate-A-Bull while completely invisible. It’s not clear how this occurs, but there’s certainly cause for concern. There are also rumors of a God Mode ability while using the item. Epic Games disabled the Inflate-A-Bull in competitive modes as a result of the many issues.

Disabled in Competitive

The item exited Fortnite’s competitive loot pool quicker than it entered. Many players instantly reacted negatively to the Inflate-A-Bull, but that undoubtedly had no bearing on Epic removing it. The developers most likely nixed the new item due to the glitches and the Trio Cash Cup scheduled today for the European region.

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We’ll have to see what transpires over the next few days. Epic has some fixes to implement before the Inflate-A-Bull has a chance to exist in the competitive loot pool. The competitive community may ultimately determine whether it can function in tournaments fairly or not. Refer to this article to find out where to purchase the Inflate-A-Bull in non-competitive game modes.

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