Fortnite: Clix Encounters Bizarre Game Crashes During Trio Cash Cup Costing Him The Win

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Fortnite: Clix Encounters Bizarre Game Crashes During Trio Cash Cup Costing Him The Win

An unfortunate stretch of bizarre glitches cost Clix’s trio a first-place Trio Cash Cup finish.

Fortnite Battle Royale is not a perfect game. Since it arrived on the scene in 2017, players have experienced numerous bugs, glitches and broken aspects of the game. Typically, Epic Games rectifies these issues at some point down the line. The infamous glider bug comes to mind, which existed in the game for far too long. Epic eventually fixed it, but there seems to be no end to the laundry list full of problems.

Professional player Cody “NRG Clix” Conrod often falls victim to these untimely complications, and more so recently. However, none have been stranger than what occurred in this week’s Trio Cash Cup, and it happened at the worst time.

Clix Car Rollover Game Crash

While leading the Trio Cash Cup with teammates Logan “BBG Bucke” Eschenburg and Mack “G2 MackWood” Aesoph, Clix suffered another game crash—something that’s become a common occurrence of late. This time around, the three players were rotating through Corny Complex when their vehicle rolled over, and Clix’s Fortnite application had a heart attack. He continued interacting with the game, but there were audio issues, he couldn’t exit the car or hear any of his teammates. Game crashes usually force the application to exit, but this was not the case.

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It may appear that this is a Fortnite issue, but further incidents have some wondering if Clix’s computer is at fault.

More Game Crashes Raise Questions

A few matches later, Clix’s game crashed again during the end game, further putting his team’s chances in jeopardy. The second incident of the Cash Cup was less bizarre. Another game crash occurred to close the tournament, making this an almost certain hardware issue. Clix took to Twitter shortly after, stating his frustration with his situation.

Game crashes have happened much less frequently than in previous seasons, so it seems clear that the young Fortnite pro’s PC is the issue. Nonetheless, the frozen car situation was perhaps the strangest of the bunch.

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