Fortnite: Clix And Bizzle Find New Trios As Rosters Continue To Change

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Fortnite: Clix And Bizzle Find New Trios As Rosters Continue To Change

Rosters continue to change in the NA East region of competitive Fortnite.

It's no secret that the professional scene is not exactly thrilled about another solo Fortnite Champion Series tournament. The FNCS Invitational last season was arguably the worst-received despite the $2 million prize pool. After said Invitational, the team behind competitive Fortnite announced that Chapter 2 – Season 3 would focus on solos for the fifth Fortnite Champion Series.

However, players had something to be excited about as somewhat of a consolation. The sixth Fortnite Champion Series will return to its roots as a trio competition. Pro players were undoubtedly more excited than ever, considering how entertaining Season X was from a competitive standpoint. Trios Cash Cups have returned in Chapter 2 – Season 3, which has ignited a fire in the NA East scene.

Trios formed quickly, including the Season X Champions ZexRow, MackWood and Calc, and some other outstanding trios followed suit. FaZe Bizzle, NRG Clix and TSM Commandment were one of the standout teams. All three players found success before Chapter 2 – Season 3. Another notable trio of Chap, Av and NRG Edgey seemed promising. However, neither of these two teams would last. A lot has taken place over the last two weeks as players look to regroup with entirely new teammates.

Dubs and Megga Add Bizzle

Fortnite World Cup contenders Dubs and Megga collected fellow FaZe Clan player Bizzle after he parted ways with Clix and Commandment. It was a bad night of pro scrims that led Bizzle to the announcement, which he explained in a Twitlonger. The former Secret Skirmish winner joins the Chapter 2 – Season 2 FNCS runners-up Dubs and Megga in what should be an outstanding combination. The odd man out in this scenario is Team Kungarna's Assault, who took second place in the recent FNCS Invitational. FaZe Clan surely is excited to see three of its roster members combine as they look to dominate NA East Cash Cups.

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Clix x Assault x Blakeps

After seeing former Ghost Gaming teammate Bizzle replace him, Assault became one of the top options for duos looking for one. Enter Clix and Blakeps, who teamed together back in Chapter 2 – Season 1. This former duo found one another yet again after Clix's old trio broke down. Blakeps had been teaming with Ceice and HighSky, but Blakeps was not willing to pass up the opportunity to play with Clix again in a competitive setting. The addition of Assault makes this a formidable trio in the paper, but scrims and tournament results will prove their worth.

Cented Moves Back East Joining Commandment and Edgey

Cented of Team Liquid has been bouncing around from NA West to NA East since the beginning of Chapter 2 – Season 2. He moved east with duo partner NRG Edgey to compete for a significantly higher prize pool. The two took ninth in Chapter 2 – Season 2's FNCS before Cented moved back to NA West. Edgey stayed east, joining fourth place FNCS finishers Chap and Av. These three played well in trio scrims, but Cented's move back east drew Edgey away from Chap and Av. The ninth place duo added Team SoloMid's Commandment, the final shoe to after parting ways with Clix and Bizzle.

Chap and Av Split

Edgey's departure forced the fourth place FNCS duo of Chap and Av to split. Considering their success since the beginning of Chapter 2 – Season 2, this was a surprising outcome. Chap supposedly has a trio lined up already, whereas Av is still in search of one. A Reddit user seems to think that Chap will be teaming with Ajerrs and Ferrrnando after former Team Liquid teammate Vivid leaked some hints. It may be a stretch, but it's a theory nonetheless.

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Trios Left Standing

  • Tfue, innocents and Scoped
  • Bugha, Avery and Jamper
  • Zayt, Saf and Stretch
  • ZexRow, MackWood and Calc
  • Khanada, Kreo and Bucke

Despite the numerous roster changes, we have some premiere teams left standing. Tfue seems content with “cracked” controller players innocents and Scoped. Bugha and Avery have taken issue with one another time and time again, but there's no doubt about this trio's success thus far. Duo FNCS Champions Zayt and Saf, along with Stretch have been arguably the best trio after their win in the recent Lachlan Trios Cup. Season X Champs ZexRow, MackWood and Calc will remain a trio as will Khanada, Kreo and Bucke.

It's essential always to temper expectations in the competitive Fortnite scene. Rosters change without notice daily even after a few missteps in scrims. Nonetheless, we can expect the professional stage to continue focusing on trios for the time being. With all the drama unfolding, trio tournaments will be exciting to watch in Chapter 2 – Season 3.

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