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Fortnite: Chipotle Launches Custom Foil Speedrun Creative Map — Play To Win Free Burritos

The words "Farm to Foil Speedrun" appear in between a Chipotle and Fortnite logos with the creative map in the background.

Find out about the Chipotle Farm to Foil Speedrun map and how you can win free Chipotle for an entire year!

The worldwide fast-casual burrito chain Chipotle has officially launched its first-ever creative map in Fortnite Battle Royale. Dubbed the Chipotle Farm to Foil Speedrun, this new experience is the first of its kind. The Farm to Foil offers Fortnite players a chance to farm ingredients, prepare a burrito and race home to eat their creation all inside a customized landscape.

Today, we’ll look at the Chipotle Farm to Foil Speedrun and explain how you can win free Chipotle for a year by participating!

Chipotle Farm to Foil Map

The video above walks players through what this Chipotle Fortnite map has to offer. Using Island Code 2269-6713-0190, players drop into the Speedrun map to collect farm-fresh ingredients, build a Chipotle burrito, and race to the finish on a Hoverboard. There’s an added incentive as well, as one lucky player who posts on social media will win Free Chipotle for a Year.

How to Win Free Chipotle for a Year

From now until October 17, anyone that queues into the Chipotle Farm to Foil Speedrun has a chance to win free food for a year. To enter, all you have to do is submit a screen capture, image or video while on the map on either Twitter or Instagram. Here is what you must include to be eligible:

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All entrants must be submitted by 11:59 PM PT on October 17. For more regarding the rules and instructions, visit the Chipotle Farm to Foil website. Be sure to enter sooner rather than later and check out the Chipotle map in Fortnite’s Creative Mode now!

Featured Image: Chipotle

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