Fortnite Chapter 3 Season 2 Wish List

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Fortnite Chapter 3 Season 2 Wish List

ESTNN provides a wish list of changes we hope to see in Fortnite Chapter 3 Season 2.

Fortnite Chapter 3 debuted in December after spending over two years in Chapter 2. Chapter 3’s unveiling included a new map, mechanics, weapons, Battle Pass and much more. It was everything Fortnite fans hoped to see following the anticipation leading into the season. There were undoubtedly some negatives and positives throughout, but that’s nothing new. 

Chapter 3 Season 2 is on the horizon. All signs point to March 19 as Season 1’s official end date. Leaks thus far have not determined what will unfold on that day. As a result, we are here to play the wish list game. 

Today, ESTNN provides a list of what we’d like to see in Chapter 3 Season 2. Below you will find things that would make the new season great while maintaining the precedent set in Season 1. 

Diverse Shotgun Selection

Three different shotguns from Fortnite appear on a yellow background with white action lines around them.

Chapter 3 Season 1 featured a wide range of new Shotguns for players to sink their teeth into—the Striker Pump, Auto and reinvigorated Heavy. All three weapons had their strengths, but none stole the show. Most players relied on the Striker due to its effectiveness from a close range, while others enjoyed the Auto for its quick fire rate. Lastly, the Heavy packed a considerable punch that rewarded accuracy above all else. 

Fans would welcome another diverse selection in Chapter 3 Season 2. Epic tends to work three Shotguns into the loot pool, so a mix of this season’s variants and others such as the traditional Pump, Charge or Tactical would offer a worthwhile balance. Quite frankly, Shotguns are a foundational weapon in Fortnite, so variety is critical. 

Balanced Rapid Fire Weapons

fortnite tactical assault rifle 800x450

It’s no secret that Chapter 3 Season 1 became the “Stinger SMG” season from the outset. Whether you’re a competitive or casual player, chances are you’ve fallen victim to the relentless spray and damage of a Stinger SMG. Unfortunately, this one weapon overshadowed an otherwise excellent Fortnite season for most. Epic did its best to nerf the SMG, but it remained mostly the same in terms of effectiveness. 

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Next season would offer more fair selections across the board in an ideal world. Whether that means removing the Stinger SMG or balancing the weapon remains visible. It’s a challenging situation when so many players rely on one insanely powerful tool in Fortnite. A season without the Stinger or a more balanced rapid-fire option could do wonders for both classes of players.

More Fun/Unique Items & Weapons

Shadow Bomb

The first season of Chapter 3 offered a completely renewed loot pool from top to bottom. Epic introduced the Mythic Spider-Man Web Shooters, Med Mist, Shield Keg, MK-Seven Assault Rifle, Machine Pistol and much more. While some of the items drew criticism from the scene, it was a refreshing update regardless—Chapter 3 Season 1 granted players a fresh start. 

Season 2 is an ideal opportunity for Epic to build a top-notch loot pool. Shotguns, Assault Rifles and SMGs are the bread-and-butter, but let’s not forget items that make playing Fortnite a fun experience. We refer to weapons like the Flint Knock Pistol for its unique properties and insane damage output. Epic could also bring back the Shield Bubble and Shadow Bomb—two items that have not resurfaced since Chapter 1. 

The alternative is another season filled with Launch Pads and the usual revolving door of items we’ve seen for many seasons. Keeping Fortnite fresh should be the ultimate goal every season. 

Segmented Collaborations

Tom Holland and Zendaya appear as their characters, Peter Parker and Mary Jane from the new movie Spiderman: No Way Home along with the backbling and items available with their purchase from the item shop

Collaborations have become the standard in Fortnite—that’s been the case for many seasons. It seems Chapter 2 Season 2 started the nonstop train for Epic to expand its reach. The number of television, movie and video game characters in recent seasons is staggering. Quite frankly, it’s become overwhelming. 

Here’s a list of collaborations from the last season of Fortnite alone:

  • Vi from League of Legends
  • Ezio from Assassin’s Creed
  • Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands
  • Spider-Man
  • Spider-Man: No Way Home
  • Naomi Osaka
  • Uncharted
  • NBA 75
  • Bruno Mars
  • Anderson Paak
  • Marshmello
  • Cobra Kai
  • Gears of War
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We are not complaining about the number of characters available to purchase. However, it would be refreshing to see some collaborations segmented appropriately. Every other week seems to bring a new crossover, which devalues each one after. Perhaps we are nitpicking, but collaborations back in Chapter 1 and early Chapter 2 left a lasting impression. That’s not the same nowadays. 

A Unique Battle Pass

Fortnite Chapter 3 Battle Pass


Fortnite’s Seasonal Battle Pass recently started following the same formula. They usually include 100 levels with various unlockable items, a few unique characters, a collaboration, a character to unlock later in the season and a customizable character. Does that sound familiar? This season we had Spider-Man, Foundation and Haven with her unlockable masks. Chapter 2 Season 8 similarly featured Carnage, the Cube Queen and Toona Fish. 

The game’s Battle Pass would benefit from a slight change in direction. Once upon a time, the Battle Pass was the gold standard of what Fortnite had to offer. Players essentially had a season’s worth of unlimited content for only a few dollars. While that remains the case, it would be refreshing to see something different. 

100% Chest Spawns 

Light streams out of a glowing golden loot chest in Fortnite

A request as old as time itself—Epic Games removed guaranteed Chest spawns nearly two years ago without an explanation. This decision sent players into a frenzy of confusion. Why would Epic nerf Chest spawns without acknowledging such a fundamental change? No one outside of those behind the scenes had an answer. 

Reduced Chest spawns forced players to rely more on the dreaded random number generator (RNG) than before. Following the change, you could no longer land anywhere without feeling that the Chest you’d expect to see might not appear. Complaints in this regard have tapered off over time, but we’ve continued holding out hope. Perhaps our wish will come true in Chapter 3 Season 2. 

Stay tuned to ESTNN for more coverage in the lead-up to the new season, which is only a few days away. 

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