Fortnite Chapter 3: Everything We Know So Far

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Fortnite Chapter 3: Everything We Know So Far

Popular YouTube creators and Fortnite leakers point toward Chapter 3 as the next significant update.

Fortnite Chapter 2 caught the entire fanbase off guard when it emerged out of the rubble of the Season X-ending ‘Blackout’ event. Epic Games shut the game down following the explosion of the Chapter 1 Island, and players merely had to wait to see what was next. Chapter 2 surfaced on the other side of extended downtime, with an entirely new map, weapons, items and mechanics to explore.

More than 600 days have passed since that time. Fortnite players that stuck around have been deeply entrenched in the many offerings of Chapter 2 ever since. Epic Games introduced everything from an entire season dedicated to Marvel superheroes to another that completely flooded the Island. Fortnite is currently in the midst of Chapter 2 – Season 8 — a season centered around mysterious cubes.

Reports from earlier this season indicated that Season 8 would expire on December 5. While Epic did not confirm or deny those reports, it seems believable. The developers typically introduce a winter event in December, which would align perfectly with the following season. However, recent cryptic videos and leaks have revealed that Fortnite Chapter 3 might be next in line.

YouTubers Theorize Fortnite Chapter 3 “Coming Soon”

OG Fortnite content creator Ali “SypherPK” Hassan posted a video yesterday titled “Fortnite Chapter 3 is SOON.” Occasionally, these videos are purely conjecture and theories, but this was not the case for SypherPK. In the video, he goes over the many indications from Epic that Season 8 is the last of Chapter 2. Some of those include Chief Creative Officer Donald Mustard’s excitement about Season 8 and “the two after it.”

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Mustard did not outright state Chapter 2 – Season 9 would follow Season 8. That was the first clue that perhaps Chapter 3 would come sooner than most players anticipated. Additionally, in the video, SypherPK believes Epic planned a Chapter 2 – Season 9 and X, but time constraints and season delays may have forced them to speed up the process. Sypher points out that Chapter 2 has now lasted longer than the entirety of Chapter 1.

The veteran Fortnite creator proceeds to mention parallels between Chapter 1 and Chapter 2. All in all, it seems almost 100% certain that Fortnite will move onto Chapter 3 when next month comes around. Sypher concluded his video, echoing a critical phrase that other YouTubers such as Tabor Hill and Ali-A also mentioned in their respective videos covering the same topic.

All Signs Point to Yes

It seems Epic Games has started the rumor mill intentionally ahead of the season following Chapter 2 – Season 8. SypherPK, Ali-A and Tabor Hill all said the line, “Catch you guys on the flip side,” which is by no means is any of their patented catchphrases. The evidence seems convincing enough that Chapter 3 is in the works and could arrive in early December.

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We’ll ultimately have to wait until more leaks surface. As it stands, Chapter 2 – Season 8 should end on December 5. What’s beyond that is still up in the air.

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