Fortnite: Solos Cash Cup September 26 Recap & Results

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Fortnite: Solos Cash Cup September 26 Recap & Results

With only one week remaining in the Fortnite Solos Cash Cups, we have seen it all since its inception. The winners from each region range from highly recognizable names to relative unknowns. The online tournaments are always an interesting watch despite the amount of stream sniping that takes place. Professional Fortnite players got all of the online solo practice they could ask for gearing up for the next solo tournament, which is likely Dreamhack Winter in late November. Let’s see how the solo results shook out for the September 26th Champion’s Solos Cash Cup.

NA East

Nick “SEN Aspect” McGuire completed back-to-back victories in as many days for the Solos Cash Cup. Coming off a win in the Contenders Cash Cup, Aspect followed up with more of the same. He completed 12 matches, winning 4 of them and accumulating 57 eliminations overall. Aspect further solidified himself as a threat to all solo players with yet another victory added to his resume. His run began with back-to-back Victory Royales with 8 eliminations each. Aspect continued to place well throughout and then capped off his tournament with an 11 elimination Victory Royale. We can fully expect to see Aspect atop solo leaderboards going forward.

NA West

Former Champion’s Solos Cash Cup Champion, Thomuss, won a three-way tie over Sauul9 and andrew to claim the NA West victory. Over 13 matches, Thomuss earned 42 eliminations and 2 Victory Royales amounting to 92 points. The tie-breaker leaned in favor of Thomuss due to his 3.23 average eliminations over Sauul9’s 2.93. Match 5 for Thomuss proved to be his best, wherein he put up 6 eliminations and a Victory Royale to close out the match. The Season X Finalist proved time and time again that he is amongst the elite out of the NA West, and continues to do so with top finishes in nearly every tournament.

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Dmitir “mitr0” Van de Vrie finally achieved the often-elusive Champion’s Solos Cash Cup victory for the Europe region. In week 5 of the Cash Cup, he finished behind former trio teammate, NRG benjyfishy. Mitr0’s track record makes him one of the best Fortnite players in all of Europe. He managed to complete 14 matches, earning 116 points and 3 Victory Royales in total. 62 of those points came by way of elimination highlighting what mitr0 is best at. During his road to victory, mitr0 achieved back-to-back Victory Royales of 11 and 10 eliminations. He ultimately finished 9 points ahead of Secret Milan, who took second place.


In keeping up with an ongoing theme, skyla took first yet again in the Champion’s Solos Cash Cup for the Oceania region. He accomplished a victory on the 9/25 Contender’s Solos Cash Cup. This marks his 3rd victory in the Solos Cash Cups since their introduction. Skyla accumulated 120 points over 14 matches with 2 Victory Royales. He also managed an astonishing 68 eliminations in that span, which accounted for over half of his points. Cash Cups are undoubtedly difficult to win with the number of players involved, and skyla has shown no struggles with 3 wins of his own.


Former World Cup participant, pfzin, out of Brazil took first in the Champion’s Solos Cash Cup for the Brazil region. The end result of this iteration of the Solos Cash Cup produced a tie for first between two players with 111 points. Pfzin completed 12 matches with 3 Victory Royales in total and 45 eliminations. His best singular performance of the tournament came in match two, where he accumulated 7 eliminations and the Victory Royale. With both pfzin and mojak tied for first, the tie-breaker came down to average eliminations. Pfzin earned the victory with 3.75 average eliminations to mojak’s 3.46. The race was close, but in the end pfzin did just enough to win the Champion’s Solos Cash Cup.

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Newbee_Carle convincingly took down the Champion’s Cash Cup for the Asia region. Having amassed 112 points, Carle took first place over milfy1 by 8 points. His effort over 11 matches yielded 4 Victory Royales and 41 eliminations. The major factor in Carle’s victory was an average placement of 17.82. In addition to this, Carle ended the tournament with back-to-back Victory Royales of 4 and 3 eliminations. Although the elimination did not excite, the overall performance of Carle yielded 1st place for this Champion’s Cash Cup.

Middle East

Mev of Alter.Ego won the Champion’s Cash Cup for the Middle East region. Over 13 matches, Mev achieved an impressive 4 Victory Royales and accumulated 44 eliminations. Mev’s final match proved to be the difference-maker, wherein he earned a Victory Royale to compliment 5 eliminations. He ultimately finished 7 points ahead of, who took 2nd place. Coming off a 7th place finish in the Season X Finals, Mev continued a run of high placements in Fortnite tournaments.

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