Fortnite Champion Series Week 5 Qualifier Recap and Results

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Fortnite Champion Series Week 5 Qualifier Recap and Results

Week 5 of the Fortnite Trios provided the final opportunity for eligible trios to qualify for the Fortnite Champion Series Grand Finals. Since mid-August, these teams have competed against each other for over 5 weeks with hopes of landing a top-8 position when the competition finished on Sunday. This week further cemented several trios as the absolute best in the world, while some previously unknown trios snuck into the FCS Finals. Let’s take a deeper look at the teams who finished inside the top 8 for week 5.


Trios Week5 NA

In a fascinating turn of events, the team of Tfue, Liquid Fiber and diuqil adanahk took first place for the final Fortnite Champion Series Qualifier. After the recent split between Tfue, Cloak and 72hrs, Tfue found a new trio. With only a couple weeks practice, Tfue and his new trio successfully qualified for the FCS Grand Finals. Their path to victory ultimately led them to 124 points. They earned 3 Victory Royales and combined for 64 eliminations. After recently announcing a hiatus from Tfue, the off-stream work is clearly paying off.

The long-standing and ultra-talented trio of TSM_Zexrow, yung calculator and MackWood1x finished in second place. No stranger to success in trios, the team of Zexrow, calculator and MackWood reinforced all viewer beliefs in them during the finals. They finished two points behind first with 122 of their own. Their 8 played matches yielded 3 Victory Royales and 59 eliminations. Zexrow met unfortunate circumstances at the hands of Moisty Palms during their final match. He attempted to evade storm damage and could not crouch without transforming into a prop. The end result is still impressive heading into the FCS Finals.

World Champion SEN Bugha alo with RS clarityG and STRETCH took third place with 115 points. It’s no surprise seeing Bugha atop the trios leaderboard, his pedigree in Fortnite is unlike any other. Along with STRETCH and clarityG, Bugha is a part of one of the most consistent trios since week one. The three players put up 55 eliminations and 2 Victory Royales. Their results over the past 5 weeks of competition speaks to their skill and understanding of the game. Keep a close eye on this trio as the FCS comes to an end.


Trios Week5 NAWest

FLY Edgey, Liquid Cented and rehx unsurprisingly accomplished victory in the final Fortnite Champion Series Qualifier. Under the guises of Mazer Tfue, Mazer Mongraal and Mazer Bugha, this trio’s continued their unrivaled gameplay. Their final tally came out to 130 points, which is insanely impressive in many different ways. The 5x qualifiers participated in one final match, and it yielded a 4 elimination Victory Royale. In the clutch, the unmatchable trio secured the first position in the standings. Edgey, Cented and rehx have rightfully earned the award for the best NA West trio leading into the FCS Grand Finals.

The trio of Frapai, KNG Maken1x and tyvan put for their best effort looking to dethrone Edgey and co. as the reigning champions. The competition swung back and forth, but ultimately the double-qualified trio finished in second place. Maken1x, tyvan and Frapai produced 118 points over 9 matches with 2 Victory Royales. On top of those stats, they also managed a total of 42 eliminations. This trio completed a Victory Royale in match number 9 to end their week 5 run. The FCS Grand Finals will provide an excellent opportunity to take down Edgey, Cented and rehx.

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After some rough weeks behind them, Triggy, Vayne and Harmful can rest assured that they will be at the Fortnite Champion Series finale. With 114 points, this was the exact performance for them to qualify amidst one of the best regions of all. The trio competed in 9 matches and earned 1 Victory Royale. They vaulted to the top of the leaderboard with a match 9 performance of 12 eliminations and a Victory Royale. This talented trio is aiming at the finals as their chance to subvert all expectations.


Trios Week5 EU

No need to alert the presses, FaZe Mongraal, mitr0 and NRG benjyfishy managed yet another first-place finish. Nothing more can be said about the best trio in the game that hasn’t been said before. The mixture of communication, game sense and quick decision-making, these three Euros are seemingly invincible. There is no shortage of clips pitting Mongraal against insurmountable odds, which he repeatedly overcomes. For week 6, this trio smashed with 135 points, 2 Victory Royales and 78 eliminations. Their tournament concluded with their best match of 17 eliminations and a Victory Royale. Other qualified teams should genuinely fear Mongraal, mitr0 and benjyfishy.

The runner-up European team for the final qualifying week was Fnatic Pr0vokd, COOLER Noward and FaZe Vorwenn. Although it’s tough to rival the performance of our last trio, this trio still ultimately finished with 111 points. Their three Victory Royales most certainly helped their cause, and 54 collective eliminations did not hurt either. They will look to ride this momentum into a collision course against the other best European trios.

The constantly lurking trio of E11 Tschinken, E11 Stompy and COOLER aqua rounded out the top three. Of any qualify trio, this one might hold the key to dethroning the untouchable trio of Mongraal, mitr0 and benjyfishy. Our third-place finishers fare well against the top European trio and are always in the mix. The talent is there seeing as all three qualified for the Fortnite World Cup, and aqua is a World Cup winner. Their teamwork and communication will be important as they look to pose a threat to our front-running trio.


Trios Week 5 Brazil

Although the leaderboard was close, Clipnode, 9z Twayko and NothingNoname narrowly escaped with the victory. This trio managed 129 points over 9 matches with 2 Victory Royales. In addition to this, they managed to not place lower than 21st place in any of their matches. That type of consistency breeds victory. Clipnode, Twayko and NothingNoname produced 63 eliminations overall and solidified themselves atop the Brazil region.

FURIA leleo, kurrz and wisheydp finished just behind our first-place team by 2 points. The effort was there, but they were only able to complete 8 out of the 10 matches. With the first place on the line, they dropped only two eliminations and finished in 8th place in their last match. This was the difference-maker, but nothing negative should materialize with this result. Leleo, kurrz and wisheydp are ready to make a run at the FCS Finals.

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The familiar trio of tzuyu, C9 Nicks and Damage.-13 rounded out third place in the Brazil region. After going silent following their qualification, this trios is in form as finals approach. Having a double-qualified World Cup participant contributes significantly contributes to their recognition. On top of this, tzuyu, Nicks and Damage have played very well in all trio tournaments to this point. The Brazil region should provide fireworks with the pool of talent within.


Trios Week 5 Asia

The winner of the final FCS qualifier for the Asia region was CR Ruri, CR RizArt and pe Maufin. Of all Asian players, Ruri appears to be one of the most consistent in both trios and solos. His leaderboard presence is undeniable and he continues his successful play here. The final point count for this trio was 123 overall. Their 9 matches and 2 Victory Royales ultimately earned them the number one spot. Ruri, RizArt and Maufin ended their tournament with a 9 elimination Victory Royale leading into their victory.


Trios Week 5 OCeana

x2Twins Jordan, x2Twins Jesse and volx completed their 3rd Fortnite Champion Series Qualifier victory in week 5. This trio is on the shortlist of teams with a legitimate shot at crowning themselves Fortnite Champions. The OCE region is top-heavy in regards to its talent. It is not unusual to see the same names atop the leaderboards week in and week out. In this instance, Jesse, Jordan and volx combined for 81 eliminations and 5 Victory Royales over 9 matches. This all produced an unreal 171 points out of the Oceania trio. This performance exists amongst the top in terms of the drop-off from first to second. They are the team to watch heading into the trios finale.

Middle East

Trios Week 5 Middle East

The number one spot for the Middle East Region Week 5 FCS Qualifier went to AlterEgo.KLOPZ, AlterEgo.FlowSAW and AlterEgo Feezle. This marks their 4th FCS qualifier victory since the first event. This sort of dominance is scarcely spread throughout the other geographical regions. KLOPZ, FlowSAW and Feezle clearly have full control of the Middle East as we can see from this performance. With 126 points including 4 Victory Royales and 48 eliminations. This trio is on fire and has all competitors in the Middle East region on watch.

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