Fortnite Champion Series: Week 4 Recap and Results

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Fortnite Champion Series: Week 4 Recap and Results

Week four has come and gone in the qualifying period of the Fortnite Champion Series. We have seen the best trios the world over put up insane numbers to qualify for the Grand Finals in just a few weeks. The competition is similar to that of the Fortnite World Cup where teams are treating this as yet another great opportunity to cash in. With a $10M USD prize pool on the line, you can fully expect the world’s top players to put forth their strongest effort. Time is quickly ticking down, and all top trios are polishing their strategies and rotations in preparation for the final event.

North America- East

Fortnite Championship Series Week 4 NA East

The Oceania team of clean tigers, kinghitter69 and yoink meister convincingly took down the Fortnite Champion Series Week Four Qualifier. With a whopping 142 points, the three Oceanic players handled the competition without much resistance. This trio amassed sixty-four eliminations over nine matches with four Victory Royales to boot. Their finish marks the first of its kind where a team has been able to compete in another region and come out victorious.

Second place went to Ajay, E11 daxor and E11 Grazca. This trio is trending upwards after having finished top five in the September 6th Trios Cash Cup. Their performance over eight matches yielded forty-nine eliminations and two Victory Royales. Ultimately they trailed the Oceanic trio by thirty-three points. Nonetheless, Ajay, daxor and Grazca remain as a top trio heading into the Fortnite Champion Series Grand Finals.

FaZe Dubs, FaZe Megga and Rogue Eclipsae managed 107 points and played out the maximum ten matches in Trios Week 4. To the tune of forty-seven eliminations and one Victory Royale, this trio got the job done with a top-eight finish, which secures them a Grand Finals appearance. This is precisely the showing that Dubs, Megga and Eclipsae needed to vault them back into the discussion of favorites for the conclusion to the FCS.

Other notable names in the top eight are SEN Bugha, who already qualified alongside RS clarityG and STRETCH numerous times over. This trio continues to impress week in and week out against the toughest of competition. Ghost Bizzle and his trio teammates, Ghost Dmo and HydraFN also continued showcasing themselves as a top trio with yet another top finish. The team of NRG Zayt, Ghost Saf and zyfa also reappeared atop the leaderboard after having earned a victory a few weeks back.

North America- West

Fortnite Championship Series Week 4 NA West


It was only a matter of time until the team of clg leno, CLG Symetrical and NRG EpikWhale found themselves safely advancing to the Grand Finals. Most will remember EpikWhale for his impressive display at the Fortnite World Cup. It feels as though he has translated his skills into the trio format with Symetrical and leno. These three finished well ahead of second place with 156 points in total. Having only played eight matches, they managed to compile sixty-nine eliminations and four Victory Royales in total. This display completely blew away the other NA West contenders.

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The award of second place went to the usual suspects, FLY Edgey, rehx and TL Cented. This trio continues to solidify itself as one of the most consistent teams to date. Edgey, rehx and Cented safely qualified back in Week One, and all subsequent results are just gravy on top of an already successful endeavor. It’s safe to say, at this point, that this trio is the team to beat from the NA West region.

Rounding out the top three was the team of ThaiTanks, Thomuss_ and wavyjacob. This is yet another trio in the NA West region that has produced some absurd results. After having qualified with a first-place finish in the week two qualifier, they are ready for the competition ahead. ThaiThanks, Thomuss_ and wavyjacob put up seventy-five eliminations and two Victory Royales en route to a third-place finish.


Fortnite Championship Series Week 4 Europe

If you are looking for a surprise, you will find no such answer in the Week Four European Fortnite Champion Series Qualifier. Once again, the dynamic trio of FaZe Mongraal, mit0 and NRG benjyfishy dominated the competition. These three continued their unrivaled run through the European Fortnite scene. To date, this trio has not finished worse than second place in any of the FCS qualifiers. Over these past few weeks, it is quite possible that this trio is the best in all of competitive Fortnite. Mongraal, mitr0 and benjyfishy compiled eighty-nine eliminations in total to compliment three Victory Royales. They ultimately finished in first place.

Ares, Kylix and Osmo of Misfits Gaming finished in second place. Overall they put up sixty-six eliminations, one Victory Royale and 102 points. After finishing in first place for the first Trio Cash Cup, this group went silent. Their re-emergence took place at the right time where they and they have guaranteed themselves a Grand Finals appearance. Third place for the Europe region went to E11 Klusia, elokratz and Th0masHD. They played nine matches and had forty-six eliminations in total. The European Fortnite scene is absolutely no joke heading into the $10M USD FCS Grand Finals.


Fortnite Championship Series Week 4 Brazil

In quite an astounding performance, RED Avlr, RED Snow and RED technoviking accomplished their goals of qualifying for the FCS Finals. The Brazil region in recent months has showcased some incredibly talented players. The RED team falls into this category on the heels of 161 points accrued over nine matches. In total, this trio put up an impressive eighty-seven eliminations. The three also managed three Victory Royales, ultimately putting them thirty-seven points ahead of second.

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SNG Igo, SNG Lasers and Forone finished in second place by a country mile. They produced an impressive performance in spite of RED’s first place effort. Igo, Lasers and Forone accumulated sixty-seven eliminations and two Victory Royales. The Brazilian region most certainly possesses some of the top international players in competitive Fortnite.


Fortnite Championship Series Week 4 Asia

The Trios Week 4 Qualifier for the Asia region went to T1 Envy, T1 Peterpan and T1 SinOoh. After having qualified in week two, this team will compete in the FCS Finals. Envy, Peterpan and SinOoh consistently perform well in the Asia region. This week’s tournament saw the top Asia team compile sixty-seven eliminations and three Victory Royales. Envy, Peterpan and SinOoh have placed inside the top eight in all FCS qualifiers.

I STAN Peterpan, OPGG_FaxFox and T1 Sexyboy finished in second place. Their nine-match run yielded 118 points including fifty-five eliminations and three Victory Royales. They have secured a position at the FCS finals where they will compete against the best trios from there region for a piece of the $10M USD prize pool.


Fortnite Championship Series Week 4 Oceania

With an Oceania trio making an example of the NA East region, an opportunity presented itself for other trios from the OCE region. In this regard, it is not surprising to see Gooboz, Link and worthy atop the leaderboard. This trio has made several appearances in these recaps as they are clearly frontrunners for the best Oceania trio. They stole the show with ninety-one eliminations. Gooboz, Link and worthy also managed an unbelievable thirty elimination match.

Another familiar group of OCE players took second place. The trio of x2Twins Jordan, x2Twins Jesse and volx amassed 142 points of their own with seventy-six eliminations and two Victory Royales. There is a clear pattern developing amongst the majority of these regions, and Oceania is no different.

Middle East

Fortnite Championship Series Week 4 Middle East

Last but not least is the Middle East, which is a region flying quietly under the radar. SAM Flame, SAM Hunter and SAM Prime ended their tournament in first place for Trios Week 4. They composed 119 points, which granted them a win. It was a tight race at the top, and these three players barely eked it out. Flame, Hunter and Prime played significantly fewer matches than others having only completed seven. The SAM players completed the tournament with sixty-five eliminations overall and two Victory Royales.

DS, DS QnDx and Exp Njby finished safely in second place by four points. Their nine-match run was impressive as they also achieved two Victory Royales. Sixty eliminations was the final number for this trio. They will compete alongside the other top trios playing in the Middle East region. There are some clear favorites as this is one of the less stacked regions in competitive Fortnite.

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