Fortnite Champion Series Week 3 Recap and Results

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Fortnite Champion Series Week 3 Recap and Results

The Fortnite Champion Series is in full swing, and Week Three provided even more trios securing their spot in the Grand Finals. This last installment of the FCS qualifying period did not go off without a hitch, however. Amidst heavy criticism, the Fortnite servers were, quite frankly, just not working on Saturday, August 31st. As per the typical format, the first two sessions were to take place on Saturday with finals taking place on Sunday. Unforeseen circumstances, such as a faulty party system and players unable to connect to servers, forced a change.

Eligible players instead would have to endure all three sessions on Sunday over an eleven-hour timeframe. The Fortnite competitors did not receive this news well, but multiple top names played out the competition nonetheless. It took an admirable amount of mental fortitude, but as we have seen over past weeks, many of the best players remained at the top. The list of qualifying trios for the FCS Grand Finals continues to grow.

NA East

Without much of a surprise, Envy bucke, SEN Animal and SEN Aspect topped the leaderboard this week. After finishing third last week, this trio put on an absolute elimination fest. In total, bucke, Animal and Aspect racked up 128 eliminations. To put that number in perspective, second-place only managed 83 eliminations. This performance included an eighteen elimination Victory Royale for the trio.

Other names inside the top eight include usual suspects SEN Bugha, RS clarityG and STRETCH. They ultimately took second place with three Victory Royales. Following that trio was Tempo CizLucky, LiquidChap and Liquid Vivid. This team won their last three matches down the stretch, vaulting them inside the top three in impressive fashion. Also just sneaking in the top eight was Ghost Dmo, Ghost Bizzle and HydraFN. After failing to qualify in the previous two weeks, this trio will now compete in the Grand Finals.


envy bucke, SEN Animal, SEN Aspect

$60,000 9 matches 123 points 128 eliminations 1 Victory Royale


SEN Bughа, RS clarityG, ЅТREТСН

$36,000 7 matches 120 points 83 eliminations 3 Victory Royales


Tempo CizLucky, LiquidChap, Liquid Vivid

$13,200 8 matches 115 points 63 eliminations 4 Victory Royales


E11 Grazca, Ajаy, E11 daxor

$13,200 9 matches 105 points 75 eliminations 1 Victory Royale


TSM_Clоud, 幽霊 thwifo, Ghost Snood

$4,800 8 matches 102 points 73 eliminations 3 Victory Royales


MSF Clix, LZR Crimz, Sρades

$4,800 9 matches 97 points 93 eliminations 0 Victory Royales


Knіght, RogueShark_, Dr Flossen KBM

$4,800 8 matches 95 points 83 eliminations 1 Victory Royale


Ghost Dmo, Ghost Bizzle, HydraFN

$4,800 8 matches 92 points 86 eliminations 2 Victory Royales


NA West

Perennial top place finishers, rehx, TL Cented and FLY Edgey finished first for the Week Three qualifier. Their trio performance included an impressive 140 points over just nine matches with sixty-eight eliminations and four Victory Royales. They each earned $8K USD for their effort this week. This trio safely earned their Grand Finals spot with a first-place finish in Week One.

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Bloom Falconer and TSM.Vinny1x also reappeared at the top of this week's leaderboard. With fifty-three eliminations and two victory royales, these three World Cup participants finished in third place this week. The remainder of the leaderboard is very similar to the two previous weeks. The end result of this weekly success is that these trios are weekly contenders and top eight finishers in the FCS qualifiers.


rеhx, TL Cented, FLY Edgey

$24,000 9 matches 140 points 68 eliminations 4 Victory Royales


dadeFN, Sogys TV, DomoFN

$12,000 9 matches 123 points 66 eliminations 0 Victory Royales


100T Arkhram1x, Bloom Falconer, TSM.Vinny1x

$4,800 7 matches 122 points 53 eliminations 2 Victory Royales


1400 Rhux UwU, 1400 Pika, 1400 Joel

$4,800 8 matches 114 points 60 eliminations 1 Victory Royales


RBK JDW, Zoommba, Yung Chexxy

$1,800 9 matches 108 points 60 eliminations 2 Victory Royales


S2 twunks, aim.nitrix, dice2005x3005

$1,800 8 matches 104 points 47 eliminations 2 Victory Royales


Old Man Fulmer, T1 Persecute, Kytrex

$1,800 8 matches 99 points 36 eliminations 2 Victory Royales


S2 Bumboy, KNG Tavern, 4DRStorm

$1,800 10 matches 98 points 50 eliminations 1 Victory Royales



It was another week for Europe and another leaderboard dominated by Mongraal, mitr0 and benjyfishy. At this point, no surprises come out of this team as they consistently perform well alongside one another. Although they only managed one Victory Royale, the trio posted seventy-nine eliminations. This performance was good enough for second place, and the saga of the most dominant European trio continues.

Finishing in first this week was the team of Tschinken, Stompy and aqua. This trio has actively been lurking for the past several weeks. Seventy-seven eliminations and two Victory Royales later, the trio is now $96K USD wealthier and will participate at the Grand Finals. Other familiar names at the top are the likes of Airwaks, Nikof and Vato. All three of these European representatives previously participated in the Fortnite World Cup.

E11 Tschiiinken, E11 Stompy, COOLER aqua

$96,000 8 matches 119 points 77 eliminations 2 Victory Royales


FaZe Mongraal , mitr0, NRG benjуfishу

$57,600 9 matches 118 points 79 eliminations 1 Victory Royale


G2 Tohaj, hREDS BELAEU, Kaxie

$21,120 8 matches 114 points 39 eliminations 4 Victory Royales


DV1 luKi, Smileуу, artor

$21,120 8 matches 104 points 50 eliminations 1 Victory Royale


Kiryache32, frеemok, KоngTV

$7,680 10 matches 102 points 60 eliminations 2 Victory Royales


Solary Airwaks, LeStream Vato, Solary Nîkof

$7,680 9 matches 99 points 51 eliminations 2 Victory Royales


TU Al4n, VHV Edr4k1ll, Bloоdx

$7,680 8 matches 94 points 31 eliminations 3 Victory Royales


NoFlex Nate, NoFlex Merijn, NoFlex Nakirye

$7,680 9 matches 94 points 49 eliminations 1 Victory Royale



The leaderboard for the Brazilian region saw toxic lul, xOwNSpamPiumPium and K1ngSpamPiumPium pull out the victory. To the tune of 128 points, seventy-one eliminations and one Victory Royale, the three Brazilan region players finished four points ahead of second place. Lagging a bit behind was the popular Cloud 9 player, Nicks. Alongside тzuyυ and Damage.-13, Nicks put up yet another great performance further adding to his resume of success.

toxic lul, xOwNSpamPiumPium, K1ngSpamPiumPium

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$24,000 7 matches 128 points 71 eliminations 1 Victory Royale


Refletz xD, Faah xD, CODE KINGBR

$12,000 8 matches 124 points 64 eliminations 2 Victory Royales


DC Masteer, C9 drakoNz, C9 blackoutz

$4,800 8 matches 119 points 68 eliminations 1 Victory Royale


тzuyυ, C9 Nicks, Damage.-13

$4,800 10 matches 113 points 65 eliminations 0 Victory Royales


Pughaboy, zotieboy on fire, Barboysa

$1,800 10 matches 108 points 72 eliminations 0 Victory Royales


RED Snow, RED Avlr, RED technoviking

$1,800 9 matches 107 points 62 eliminations 2 Victory Royales


Diamondвoy, Juanzinвoy, Filipeвoy

$1,800 8 matches 103 points 52 eliminations 1 Victory Royale


Clipnode, 9z Twayko, ИothingNoname

$1,800 9 matches 102 points 48 eliminations 2 Victory Royale



Gooboz, Link and worthy handled their competition over eight matches. Although already qualified, this trio continues to make an example of every other trio in the OCE region. These three players tallied 183 points overall, which included a whopping eighty-seven eliminations and six Victory Royales. This was undoubtedly one of the better single trio performances of the whole week. Second place went to fell leaderboard lurkers skyla, slaya and gheez.


Gоoboz, Link, wοrthy

$12,000 8 matches 183 points 87 eliminations 6 Victory Royales


ѕkyla, slаyа, ghеez

$8,400 8 matches 130 points 67 eliminations 1 Victory Royale


serpennt, hype iwnl, colt

$3,000 8 matches 128 points 65 eliminations 2 Victory Royales


forbuk, synс, Eshz Yt

$3,000 9 matches 124 points 64 eliminations 1 Victory Royale



Much like the Oceania region, Asia provided one team at the top of the list. With only four teams eligible to qualify for the final three geographical regions, the stakes are much higher. OPGG_FaxFox, T1 Sexyboy and NooB WoN impressed with 138 points and seventy-five eliminations to boot. No other trio came close in terms of points or eliminations in the Asia region. This trio will now play in the Grand Finals later this month.


OPGG_FaxFox, T1 Sexyboy, NooB WoN

$12,000 8 matches 138 points 75 eliminations 1 Victory Royale


Paengdol, GallaxyPK, OPGG_Aimherο_ο

$8,400 10 matches 113 points 44 eliminations 3 Victory Royales


FPX Sad, FPX Aimbot.exe, FPX 168

$3,000 7 matches 109 points 54 eliminations 2 Victory Royales


ぺ.しゅんしゃん xP, Takooo, NL.ぺた xP

$3,000 10 matches 108 points 51 eliminations 2 Victory Royales


Middle East

Another week and another first-place finish for AlterEgo.KLOPZ, AlterEgo.FlowSAW and AlterEgo Feezle. This officially marks three straight first-place finishes for this trio. It is safe to say at this point that this is the team to beat out of the Middle East. The team effort included 122 points, fifty-three eliminations and three Victory Royales. KLOPZ, FlowSAW and Feezle are safely in the FCS Grand Finals.


AlterEgo.KLOPZ, AlterEgo.FlowSAW, AlterEgo Feezle

$12,000 8 matches 122 points 53 eliminations 3 Victory Royales


I4xPRO, ToRmen, Sq Dexefite

$8,400 10 matches 118 points 58 eliminations 2 Victory Royales


DiE Sаnе, iiUniit, BROOK ahaha

$3,000 10 matches 111 points 57 eliminations 0 Victory Royales


iExon L2, eGz Faiisal, iFly L2

$3,000 8matches 109 points 52 eliminations 2 Victory Royales


Stay tuned to ESTNN as we continue world-wide coverage of the Fortnite Champion Series and all other competitive news items.

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