Fortnite Champion Series Squads Warmup Recap and Results

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Fortnite Champion Series Squads Warmup Recap and Results

This week's Champion Series warm up provided some fantastic insights into the future of competitive play.

This week, Epic Games provided fans with a preview of what to expect for competitive Fortnite with the Fortnite Champion Series Warmup. Although the Fortnite developers awarded no cash prizes in this event, it still provided onlookers the chance to see how squads will play out at the absolute highest levels. Squads had to grind to make it inside the top-25 in order for them to play in the finals. In fact, multiple noteworthy teams fizzled out prior to qualifying.

In keeping with the same format as Season X, squads must play out three rigorous rounds of competition and maintain consistency throughout. Each round included a 3-hour block of time where each squad would play as many matches as possible whilst accumulating points along the way. Each round whittles teams down, little by little, until only 25 remain for the finals. Let’s see who topped the leaderboard in each region as we look forward to the official start of the Fortnite Champion Series in Chapter 2.

NA East

FCS Scrims NA East

Taking first place by a small margin was the team of Nittle, Mikey, BBG Posick and Smqcked. This team looked a little different heading into the Fortnite Chapter 2 Champion Series. This squad enlisted the help of Posick and Mikey in place of MSF Spades and Casqer for only this tournament. The accomplishment of winning among high caliber squads with a temporary team is impressive. Nittle, Mikey, Posick and Smqcked put up 89 points in total with 1 Victory Royale overall. We will have to wait and see if Nittle and Smqcked can keep the momentum going with their established squad.

Second place went to Liquid 72hrs and company, taking second and looking great from the beginning of Chapter 2. NRG Zayt’s squad finished in the top 10, as did Tfue’s. There are some notable squads absent from the top 10. With only 25 spots available in the finals, it will be extremely difficult for players to run the table just to make it into the finals. We can expect some volatile results moving forward as the meta in squads further develops and players work out their optimal strategies and rotations.

NA West

FCS Scrims NA West

The NA West FNCS Warmup went in favor of wood, Dare BarBan, Aurum and Temple B in an unexpected result. The analyst-favorite squad of NRG Edgey, NRG EpikWhale, Liquid Cented and Rehx, unfortunately, could not continue after three matches due to internet issues. This paved the way for the dominance of wood, BanBan, Aurum and Temple B. After five completed matches, Aurum’s squad was far behind CLG Leno’s squad in the standings. Ultimately, Aurum, BarBan, Temple B and wood popped off with 21 eliminations and a Victory Royale. This was their second Victory Royale over 6 matches and gave them a comfortable win in the NA West region.

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It is worth noting that, even with NRG Edgey losing his internet connection, their 58 points still led to a top-5 finish. One of the notable teams absent from the finals is 100T Ceice’s squad. This may not be an accurate depiction of what to expect in the NA West, but the performance out of our winners is something to keep in mind for this region.


FCS Scrims EU

The European scene is in a frenzy with the number of recent roster changes. When the dust settled, fans ultimately saw EVADE SAEVID, Veloce lolb0om, CoreGamingg and Atlantis Tuckz reign supreme. This squad won two of the six matches in the finals, accumulating a whopping 91 points in total. Lolb0om and company achieved victory after officially announcing this full squad less than a week ago. An 11 point victory puts them in the discussion of top teams heading into week one of the FNCS.

Among the top ten are other notable squads, including players such as FNCS Season X winners, E11 Tschinken, E11 Stompy and COOLER aqua. After recently reforming and picking up x8 as their fourth, a second-place finish sure is something to build off of moving forward. The darkhorse team of RBK Ritz, TSM Crue, LG beehive and chapix 74 also managed a top-10 finish in the European region. Outside of mitr0’s squad, we have yet to see a team dominate in European Fortnite. This region will be an absolute barn-burner without the control we saw in Season X with Mongraal, mitr0 and Benjyfishy.


FCS Scrims Oceania

Jynx, mrfreshasian, Parallel Rel and Link led the way in the Oceania FNCS Warmup. With some established talent up top, we can always expect to see the names lingering in OCE. All four of these players are recognizable names in Oceania, and their 92 point victory further elevates their status. Earning Victory Royales in two out of their six matches allowed them to lengthen the gap between themselves and second place. This performance shows exactly what the top Oceania players are capable of. With players such as Gooboz and the x2 Twins inside the top 5, we can see a small inkling of how the FNCS will play out in the Oceania region.

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FCS Scrims Brazil

The unbelievably talented squad of FURIA leleo, kurtz, wisheydp and SNG king dominate the FNCS for the Brazil region. With 102 points in total, this squad accumulated the third-most points across all qualifying regions. The clinic put on by Leleo, Kurtz, Wisheydp and King included 2 Victory Royales and a finish no worse than 9th place. Their back-to-back wins in match 2 and 3 proved to be the deciding factor in their victory. All four of these players are household names in the Brazil region, and there’s no reason to believe that this sort of output will slow down over the next few weeks.


FCS Scrims Asia

CR Ruri, CR Rizart, Riddle Maufin1x, and Riddle Bob took down the FNCS Warmup in the Asia region. Although a much lower affair in terms of scoring, the former FNCS Season X winners achieved their first significant squads victory with the assistance of Bob. Ruri, Rizart, Maufin1x and Bob set themselves apart from the other teams in the Asia region with earning a Victory Royale. This feat is difficult to sustain, but clearly this squad’s consistent top-10 finishes helped elevate them above T1 SinOh’s squad. Our first place finishers have a lot of expectations to maintain in the coming weeks.

Middle East

The team of Thunder Snow, Thunder Souriano, Thunder Unit and TU Brook decimated their competition to crown themselves victors in the Middle East region. Having played one less map than the majority of their competition, this squad still managed the victory. Their 112 point performance included 3 Victory Royales and they finished no worse than 5th place in any match. Those types of numbers are truly difficult to process with the inherent randomness in Fortnite. The Middle Eastern squad also managed double-digit eliminations in all three of their victorious matches. Snow, Souriano, Unit and Brook are the squad to look out for in the Middle East Fortnite Chapter 2 Champion Series.

Stay tuned for coverage of the upcoming Fortnite Chapter 2 Champion Series, where players will compete for a $5M USD prize pool over the next 5 weeks.

Images VIA: Epic Games

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