Fortnite Champion Series Season 11 Breakdown: Europe

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Fortnite Champion Series Season 11 Breakdown: Europe

The European region of competitive Fortnite is rapidly becoming a legitimate rival to both the NA East and NA West. Through all of Season X, no trio was more dominant than that of Benjyfishy, Mitr0 and Mongraal. This takes into account every other region across the globe, which says a lot for the top competitors out of Europe. The most surprising aspect of Season X in Europe is that the best team barely placed inside the top 10 in Grand Finals. With the introduction of squads, it is certainly possible that Europe could field a large majority of the top teams. Each combination of European players seems deadlier than the last, and all of that is pointing towards another exciting season in the Fortnite Champion Series. Let’s take a deeper look into the confirmed European squads sp far.

Top Confirmed European Squads in Season XI of the Fortnite Championship Series

FaZe Mongraal, NRG Benjyfishy, E11 Stompy and COOLER Aqua

The European region leads off with quite possibly the favorites to win the entire Season 11 Fortnite Champion Series. Mongraal and Benjyfishy's combination is still relatively new, especially after they cut bait with Mitr0 in favor of E11 Stompy and COOLER Aqua. Fans have seen how dominant these players can be in the past across all different tournaments. Although Mitr0's removal was a controversial step, Stompy and Aqua are fresh off a win at the European Season X Championship. On top of this, Aqua is a Fortnite World Cup winner and Stompy did well for himself at that same event.

Mongraal and Stompy’s trios were arguably the two top European teams in Season X. It only made sense to combine both trios into what could become an unstoppable force. The European region continues to grow more skillful with each passing day. There is a certain potential that exists in each of these players that could pose a lot of problems to the rest of the region. Two of the three Season X Champions are joining two of the best players across the entirety of Season X. Expect absolute annihilation by Mongraal, Benjyfishy, Stompy and Aqua.

NRG MrSavage, E11 Tschinken, G2 Tohaj and hREDS BELAEU

Many speculated where MrSavage would end up after a surprisingly good showing at the Season X Finals. Competing alongside E11 itemm and Rojo, MrSavage’s trio took 7th place in Grand Finals of Season X. While some fans and analysts predicted that MrSavage would rejoin his longtime duo partner Benjyfishy, he ultimately opted to go another route. He joins forces with one-third of the Season X Champions, Tschinken. Aqua and Stompy dropped Tschinken to team with Mongraal and Benjyfishy, but Tschinken found a solid landing spot.

MrSavage and Tschinken will join up with BELAEU and Tohaj, who have seen recent success in the Fortnite Champion Series. Alongside Kaxie, Tohaj and BELAEU took 3rd in Heat 3 of the European FNCS semifinals. They subsequently went on to take 4th in the Grand Finals, which is impressive considering the pool of talent in Europe. MrSavage, Tschinken, BELAEU and Tohaj could very well turn some heads during Season 11.

E11 Klusia, E11 Boyer, Th0masHD and elokratz

Klusia, elokratz and Th0masHD made names for themselves right from the very beginning and all the way to the end of the Season X Fornite Champion Series. Out of five weeks, this trio achieved two top-8 finishes and placed consistently throughout. They took 6th place in Heat 3 of the Season X semifinals and subsequently placed 9th in the Grand Finals. Th0masHD and Klusia have been a duo for some time, and they found the perfect third in elokratz. Klusia’s trio turned to fellow E11 member, Boyer, to complete their squad for Season 11.

Boyer competed with Fnatic Motor and Fnatic Verox for the duration of Season X. This trio rose to the top on more than one occasion in the Grand Finals. They ultimately finished in 3rd place, which is impressive considering they were on the bubble heading into the semifinals. Boyer parted ways with Verox and Motor to join a highly regarded trio of players. We can expect fireworks when these four finally get to work in Season 11.

Mitr0, Crr, TrainH Falconly and ATL K1nzell

Mitr0 has finally answered the longstanding question – who will he team with after leaving Benjyfishy and Mongraal? The seventeen-year-old ultimately decided to join forces with Falconly, K1nzell and Crr. Moving on from the statistically best trio in Season X is certainly tough, but Mitr0 possesses enough skill to elevate every other player that he competes with to his insane level. In this case, he joins Falconly, who took 6th place at the Season X Finals with Robabz and TheVic.

Embarking on the Season 11 quest with Mitr0 and Falconly are Crr and K1nzell. These two are not strangers, having played together from the beginning of Season X alongside Milan. Their qualification for the Season X semifinals was a result of one thing – consistent performances. Crr, Milan and K1nzell took 6th in Heat 4, and then 15th place in the Season X Grand Finals. This combination of talent may seem to have come out of nowhere, but all parties seem satisfied with their decision. Expect Mitr0 to play with a chip on his shoulder after how Season X concluded.

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MSF Endretta, MSF Osmo, MSF Ares and MSF Kylixx

One of the only organizations squadding up for Season 11 is Endretta, Osmo, Ares and Hylix representing Misfits Gaming. Season 11 provided these players a perfect opportunity to represent their organization as one cohesive unit. Don’t let this fool you, however, as Ares, Kylixx and Osmo were a trio in Season X. Their performance last season was solid as well, having taken 2nd place in the Week 4 Qualifier. Unfortunately for the Misfits trio, they exited early with an 18th place finish in Heat 2 of the Season X Semi-Finals. The talent is there for this trio, and their fourth goes by the name of Endretta, a player who gained recognition during the Season X Finals.

Former Fortnite World Cup competitor, Endretta, teamed with Ritz and Pate1k for the Season X Fortnite Champion Series. These three punched their ticket to the semifinals in Week 2 of the European Qualifier. Endretta’s trio went on to place first in Heat 2, putting up an impressive performance in the Grand Finals. Out of nowhere, Endretta and company finished just behind Stompy’s trio. Although Endretta, Ritz and Pate1k didn't take home the ultimate prize, Endretta solidified himself as a legitimate player in competitive Fortnite. This squad is in play to shock the world in Season 11.

Secret_Domentos, GMB Fwexy, GMB Letw1k3 and VP Jamside

The trio of Domentos, Letw1k3 and Fwexy originally formed at the beginning of Season X and earned a victory in the Week 1 qualifier. They then managed to make it all the way to the Grand Finals. All three of these players participated in the Fortnite World Cup, showing exactly where they stand in the stacked European region. Unfortunately, they finished in a disappointing 27th place at the Season X Grand Finals. After taking first place in Heat 3, this was not how Domentos, Letw1k3 and Fwexy thought their season would end. Regardless, they are hoping that Jamside of Virtus Pro can elevate them to another level.

In Season X, Jamside was fairly quiet throughout. He teamed up with his long-time duo, 7ssk7, and Rotory. Unfortunately, the three players were unable to reach the finals. This left Jamside on the sidelines as he awaited what would come of Fortnite Season 11. He earned and accepted an offer from Domentos, Letw1k3 and Fwexy. Jamside will be looking to put Season X behind himself and will want to show what he is capable of alongside some ultra-talented European players.

Solary Airwaks, Solary Nikof, VIT Hawkers and LSE Nayte

Airwaks and Nikof have become household names in competitive Fortnite. The Solary players have been teaming since before the Fortnite World Cup, and even stuck together through the Season X Fortnite Champion Series. Teaming with Vato of LeStream Esport, the three players reached Heat 4 of the Season X semifinals. However, they couldn't move on, finishing 10th place during the heat. Both Airwaks and Nikof stuck together and complete their squad with Hawkers and Nayte.

Nayte played out Season X with the likes of Magin and Belvid. The three of them reached the Season X Grand Finals and finished in 13th place. This opened up an opportunity for Nayte to squad up with two proven winners in Airwaks and Nikof. Completing this roster is Hawkers of Team Vitality. Similar to Airwaks and Nikof, Hawkers’ trio did not reach the Season X Grand Finals. With some inconsistent overall results in Season X, Airwaks, Nikof, Nayte and Hawkers are shifting their focus to a squads format which could benefit them greatly.

Hoppy, Solary Kinstaar, MCES Andilex and Solary Hunter

Fortnite World Cup participants Hunter and Kinstaar played through Season X with Skite of LeStream Esport. The trio had some impressive placements throughout the Fortnite Champion Series Qualifiers. Then, however, they competed in Heat 1 and finished 14th, effectively eliminating them from the competition. It was a disappointing result, as we have seen how capable the two Solary competitors have been in the past. The end of Season X saw Kinstaar and Hunter move on from Skite, and they formed a squad with Andilex and Hoppy.

Hoppy and his trio played extremely well throughout Season X. Teaming with BadSniper and Oslo, the three placed second in Heat 2 of the Europe region. They parlayed this performance into and an 11th place finish in the Season X Grand Finals. The long-standing Solary duo has also added Andilex to complete their roster for Season 11. Competing for Team MCES, Andilex echoed a similar performance to that of Hoppy’s trio in Season X. Andilex played alongside Orkh and SqualzK, and the three managed a 19th place finish in Grand Finals. We will see what this squad is capable of with Season 11 just a few days away.

LG Beehive, TSM Crue, RBK Ritz and Chapix

The breakout trio of Crue, Chapix and Beehive will remain together after a successful endeavor in the Season X Fortnite Champion Series. These three players performed consistently enough for the duration of Season X. They all turned up at the Season X Finals, taking second place in Heat 4. They managed to keep the momentum up and snagged a 5th place finish amongst the best European trios in all of competitive Fortnite. Crue, Chapix and Beehive have added Ritz to complete their foursome for Season 11.

Ritz teamed up with Endretta and Pate1k for Season X, churning out some impressive results. They took first place in European Heat 2 and then shocked the world with a runner-up finish behind Tschinken, Aqua and Stompy in the Grand Finals. It was surprising to see Ritz, Endretta and Pate1k part ways, but Ritz is in good company. This squad is most certainly a dark horse to make a run in Season 11 considering how deeply talented the European region is.

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VIT BadSniper, VIT Oslo, LSE Skite and LSE Vato

After playing with Hoppy and Clement for the Season X Fortnite Champion Series, BadSniper has joined forces with another squad. This decision is surprising, especially considering that his former trio took 11th place at the Grand Finals. BadSniper instead rejoins a former teammate in VIT Oslo for Season 11. Although Oslo did not compete in the last season of the Fortnite Champion Series, he and BadSniper have added Skite and Vato to their roster.

Both Skite and Vato come from separate rosters that underperformed in the Season X semifinals. Vato participated in Season X with Airwaks and Nikof, who ultimately placed tenth in Heat 4. Skite, Hunter and Kinstaar also fell short of the finals with a 14th place finish in Heat 1. While this is an interesting combination of players, the talent is there. We've all seen several instances of success from all four of these players. It definitely helps that Skite and Vato are a long-time duo. This squad of BadSniper, Oslo, Skite and Vato should be on the radar heading into Season 11.

Fnatic Motor, Fnatic Verox, Fnatic Smeef and Secret_Mexe

Motor and Verox of Fnatic played alongside Boyer during the Season X Fortnite Champion Series. Although they failed to place in the top 8, their consistency advanced them to the FNCS semifinals. Motor, Verox and Boyer took part in Heat 2, wherein they finished just inside the top 8. This put them through to the finals, where these three managed an impressive 3rd place finish. This was quite an impressive performance considering their slow start in the Fortnite Champion Series. Motor and Verox then decided to squad up with Mexe and fellow Fnatic member, Smeef.

Both Smeef and Mexe are familiar with one another from the previous competitions. The two teamed together during the Season X Fortnite Champion Series. Their third player was Skram, and unfortunately, they failed to qualify out of Heat 3. Although they did not place in the top 8 during the qualifiers, they played well enough to make the semifinals. Motor, Verox and Smeef have yet to team in competitive Fortnite. The four of these players combined could yield solid results.

Pate1k, Toose, Freemok and Kong

Pate1k saw a successful Season X alongside Endretta and Ritz. The trio reached the Season X Grand Finals and proceeded to finish in 2nd place. Pate1k has compiled a nice career for himself up to this point. With Season 11 is just around the corner, Pate1k has grouped up with Kong and Freemok for the War Legend Cube Invitational. With some competitive play under their belt, it sets them up nicely for the Season 11 Fortnite Champion Series.

Kong and Freemok spent Season X with Solo Cash Cup star, Kiryache32. These three managed to reach the Grand Finals and ended the competitive season with a 26th place finish. Kong and Freemok have competed together dating back to the Fortnite World Cup qualifiers. The last man in on this squad is Toose of Gambit Esports. He participated in Season X with organizational teammates, Melside and Mawakha. The Gambit Esports members did not reach Grand Finals, but Toose joins three of European players with a history of consistent placements.

TrainH BlastR, TrainH Yagsou, TrainH Seth and TrainH Alpha

The second (so far) full organizational team competing in Season 11 is BlastR, Yagsou, Seth and Alpha of TrainHard eSport. In Season X, fans saw BlastR, Yagsou and Alpha qualify for the semifinals through solid performance across all five weeks of the competition. Unfortunately, it seemed as though the intensity of the semifinals got to the trio. BlastR, Yagsou and Alpha ended their Season X endeavor with a 27th place finish in Heat 1. The TrainHard trio added Seth to their squad for Season 11.

Formerly teaming with Maxa and DRG, Seth met a similar fate to that of his fellow TrainH members. Seth’s trio ran the gauntlet all the way to Heat 3 but came up just short of Grand Finals with an 11th place finish. We’ve seen small bursts of success out of the initial TrainH trio, so it's quite possible that Seth is the piece that they need to elevate themselves into the upper-echelon of Europe.

Siberiajkee, Stormyrite, Putrick, Kiryache32

The trio of Siberiajkee, Stormyrite and Putrick played extremely well when it mattered during the Season X Fortnite Champion Series. They placed top 8 in Week 1 and coasted until it was crunch time. These three Europeans took 5th place in Heat 4 and finished in a respectable 28th place at the Grand Finals. It’s hard not to imagine the prospective accomplishments of this trio with even more high-level competition and practice. Nonetheless, this trio surprised in Season X, and they have added one of the best European solo players to their squad.

Many will recognize Kiryache32 as one of the best solo players due to his recent Cash Cup showing. He’s been hanging around leaderboards for quite some time now,  and even participated in the Season X Fortnite Champion Series with Freemok and Kong. This trio reached Grand Finals and finished two spots behind the Siberiajkee, Stormyrite and Putrick trio. Kiryache32 is a rising star and should make a great addition to complete for Season 11.

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