Fortnite Champion Series Finals: Day Two Recap

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Fortnite Champion Series Finals: Day Two Recap

Day Two of Fortnite Champion Series is officially in the books. Epic Games rebounded nicely from day one with significantly fewer delays and minor matchmaking issues throughout the day. Semi-finals crushed the dreams of several players including Ghost Bizzle, SEN ItsHighSky and 100T Akhram1x. Most of the leaderboards provided recognizable names inside the top 8 qualifying threshold. Feel free to check out our Day One recap of the FNCS to get caught up. Let’s take a more in-depth look at how the action played out during day two.

NA East

fcs finals d2 1

With one match remaining after a full day of delays, SEN Bugha, RS clairtG and STRETCH still came out on top in Heat 1. The NA East region includes a wide array of talent from top to bottom, and this heat alone provides two of those trios. On top of the first-place finishers, FaZe Dubs, FaZe Megga and Rogue Eclipsae earned a Victory Royale in match number 6 to finish in 2nd place. TSM Zexrow, yung calculator and MackWood1x are also in play to make some noise in the Grand Finals.

fcs finals d2 2

In a landslide victory, Envy Bucke, SEN Animal and SEN Aspect started hot and never cooled down. This trio compiled an astounding 135 points, absolutely sticking it to everyone else in Heat 2. With a whopping 4 Victory Royales and 54 eliminations, nothing could stop the trio of Bucke, Animal and Aspect. This six-game stretch out of the multiple qualified trios is a message to all who stand in their way. There is no doubt that Bucke, Animal and Aspect are the hottest team heading into the Grand Finals.

The second place of Heat 2 went to Tempo CizLucky, LiquidChap and Liquid Vivid. Although they finished 68 points behind our last team, CizLucky, Chap and Vivid played quietly well throughout the day. Their consistency shined with only one finish outside of the top 10. Their placements include two 3rd place finishes, one runner-up and a Victory Royale. Making it into the FNCS Grand Finals validates them as a top contender.

SEN Zyfa, NRG Zayt and Ghost Saf took 3rd place in Heat 2. With 62 points in total, it was an admirable performance out of a trio that is capable of much more. It was challenging to eclipse the performance of Bucke, Animal and Aspect, but Zayt, Saf and Zyfa did exactly what they need to make the finals. This trio earned a Victory Royale of their own in the final match. They remain a significant threat to all other teams out of the NA East region.

fcs finals d2 3

In a somewhat surprising turn of events, notpandda, Secret Fuzzy and sto ran away with Heat 3 in NA East. Amidst the chaos of a slew of talented teams, this trio kept their composure en route to a 1st place finish. Fuzzy, notpandda and sto’s managed consistent placement points in all 6 of their matches. After beginning with an 11 elimination Victory Royale, they subsequently finished in 3rd, 2nd and 3rd. The plan they drew up worked perfectly in their favor and they will be looking for more of the same for the rest of the tournament.

TSM Cloud, Ghost thwifo and Ghost Snood secured their spot in the Grand Finals with a 76 point performance. This team was in the discussion as favorites out of Heat 3, and second place is not that far off. Over six matches they achieved 2 Victory Royales and 37 eliminations. Those two Victory Royales took place in the final two games of the heat, which vaulted them comfortably into second place.

After previously taking a hiatus from streaming, Tfue alongside Khanada and Liquid Fiber are the talk of the town. With two weeks remaining, Tfue left his previous trio of Cloak and 72hrs and it ultimately paid off. Khanada is emerging as one of the best young talents in the game and this trio will only improve from here. Their 72 accumulated points over six matches included 1 Victory Royale and 33 eliminations. It will be interesting to see how Tfue approaches tomorrow with two superb players in Fiber and Khanada.

fcs finals d2 4

The trio of MSF Clix, LZR Crimz MSF Spades took first place in Heat 4 of NA East. As favorites, many felt as though this trio would triumph over the rest. Their ability to hold high-ground and navigate end game proved how mechanically skilled they are. It is no surprise to see Clix, Crimz and Spades atop this leaderboard considering their success during the qualifiers. They completed 2 Victory Royales along with 41 eliminations. This was just a taste of what Clix and company are looking to fully unleash during Grand Finals.

A 64 point performance by Okkers, ADolphinFN and Marzz_Ow safely secured them a spot in Grand Finals. Their team highlights included a 5th, 2nd and 1st place finish over six matches. They had 11 eliminations and achieved a Victory Royale in the penultimate match, which safely gave them enough points to make day three. Okkers, ADolphinFN and Marzz are flying under-the-radar plenty of time to play.

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OT Inspyre, Code Cazz and Pxlarized finished in third place. Along with our second-place trio, this trio fell significantly short Clix, Crimz and Spades. Nonetheless, they accomplished their first goal of surviving semi-finals. Their first match yielded a Victory Royale, and they went on to accumulate 21 eliminations. We shall see what these lesser-known trios can produce when the stakes are even higher.

NA West

fcs finals d2 5

The dynamic trio of CLG Symetrical, NRG EpikWhale and CLG Leno won Heat 2 by a country mile. As many expected, this might be NA West’s best chance of crowning a victor other than Edgey, Cented and rehx. With 93 points in total, this trio won back-to-back matches with 13 and 12 eliminations respectively. On top of this, EpikWhale, Symetricla and Leno finished in third place over their final two games. The raw talent possessed by this trio could very well lead to a Season X victory.

Caleb, Mazer Unlocalize and Mazer DBree took second place with 59 points. They did their best to match the performance of the first place trio but ultimately came up short. DBree, Unlocalize and caleb tuned up nicely with this performance heading into the Grand Finals. Their performance consisted of five top-10 finishes and 30 eliminations. They will be amongst the 32 trios competing for the NA West Championship.

In an unsurprising result, ThaiTanks, Thomuss_ and wavyjacob qualified for the finals with a third-place finish in Heat 2. This is a trio we are familiar with due to their breakout performance during the FNCS Qualifiers. Over six matches they put up 33 eliminations and a Victory Royale. The scary part of this performance is that ThaiTanks, Thomuss and wavyjavob are capable of much better numbers. They will undoubtedly make a run tomorrow in the FNCS finale.

fcs finals d2 6

We’ve seen a rise to prominence out of KNG Maken1x, Parallel Tyvan and Parallel Frapai in the NA West region. Their 114 point showing is insurmountable considering how the rest of the heat went. This trio quickly vaulted themselves into the conversation of potential Season X Champions. In total, they achieved 2 Victory Royales and their other four matches saw them finish inside the top 10. On top of this, Maken1x, Tyvan and Frapai amassed 57 eliminations showing just how dangerous they are to the other NA West trios.

Finishing in second place was the trio of S2 twunkies, aim.nitrix and andrew. The stage did not frighten this trio as they matched our first place trio with 2 Victory Royales of their own. It took only 25 eliminations to ensure safe qualification for twunkies, nitrix and andrew. Their performance today shows how capable they are against even the best of NA West.

World Cup 3rd place finishers, 100T Ceice and 100T Elevate took third place along with Liquid Riversan. The best North American duo in all of competitive Fortnite helped accomplish their first goal of the weekend. Along with Riversan, Ceice and Elevate rely on their game sense to linger around the top of the leaderboard. 1 Victory Royale and 33 eliminations contributed significantly to their third-place performance.

fcs finals d2 7
Image VIA 4DRStorm on Twitter

The final heat played began on Saturday and bled into Sunday for NA West. In first place was the team of Bumboy, Tavern and 4DRStorm. Their 77 point performance included 2 Victory Royales overall. As a Fortnite World Cup competitor, 4DRStorm has competed under the spotlight. Along with Bumboy and Tavern, this is a trio of dark horses heading into the NA West finals.

Second place went to the team of PELICAN, PELICAN and PELICAN. This is undoubtedly the most unique trio of names, and their gameplay was equally impressive. The PELICANs reached the 63 point mark finishing just 14 points behind first place. Overall their qualification came at the hands of some highly talented NA West players.

Jammyz, Tristan Hipp and TSM Herrions took third place in Heat 4 of the NA West region. Herrions formerly competed at the Fortnite World Cup and his two teammates were late qualifiers for the FNCS Semi-Finals. All it took was 56 points for this trio to earn a chance at the large prize pool on the line for the FNCS Finals.

fcs finals d2 8 real
Image via Mongraal on Twitter

FaZe Mongraal, NRG benjyfishy and mitr0 continued their dominance in Heat 1 of the Euro FNCS Semi-Finals. Commonly referred to as MMB, this is damn-near unstoppable and this stage. With 105 points, Mongraal, benjyfishy and mitr0 powered through the frustrating tournament delays. Their 2 Victory Royales provided more than enough points to secure a spot in the finals. Benjyfishy, Mongraal and mitr0 managed an impressive 9.5 eliminations per match and are heavy favorites to win the Season X Championship.

Second place went to Matsoe, Miro and Umplify. We saw plenty of this team on the Fortnite live stream, which produced some impressive plays. Throughout each match, it seemed that this trio and our third place trio were the two actively competing against MMB. 83 points is a solid performance compared to the first-place finishers of Heat 1.

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LeStream TheVic, TrainH Falconly and TrainH Robabz moved down one position after the final three matches played out. They finished with 79 points and, as previously mentioned, were one of the only trios giving MMB any grief. Their position in the Grand Finals is safe and they, much like every other trio, is looking to dethrone the kings of Europe.


fcs finals d2 9

The ultra-talented trio of Gambit.fwexY, Gambit.letw1k3 and Secret_Domentos finished in first place for Heat 3. All three of these players competed at the Fortnite World Cup, which shows precisely how prepared they are for the big stage. This trio only needed 1 Victory Royale as they put up 34 eliminations and consistent top-15 placements. Expect this trio to be in the mix as the FNCS European Finals rapidly approach.

DollarC, GL Darkorino and GL Snadr finished in second place. Although they fell just short of first, DollarC, Darkorino and Snadr completed an impressive 3 Victory Royales over six matches. They seemed to emphasize placement points as their eliminations came out 22 in total. The 3 Victory Royales accounted for 45 of their 67 points, proving just how quickly one team can make a run at first place.

Rounding out the top 3 was the trio of MCES Andilex, MCES Orkh and MCES SqualzK. They did not earn a Victory Royale, but did achieve two 3rd place finishes and one fourth-place finish. Andilez, Orkh and SqualzK put up 28 eliminations en route to their 3rd place finish and are safely through to the final round of the FNCS.

fcs finals d2 10

In a stacked heat, E11 Tschinken, E11 Stompy and COOLER aqua came out on top. This trio has accomplished a lot considering their competition. In Heat 4 they managed 2 Victory Royales along with 35 eliminations. These three all competed at the Fortnite World Cup and are on the shortlist of trios who can challenge Mongraal, benjyfishy and mitr0.

TSM_Crue, LG beehive and chapix 74 took second place in Heat 4. Crue and chapix competed in the duo competition at the Fortnite World Cup, so the talent exists in this trio. The three amassed 61 points with 1 Victory Royale over six matches. Although they could have done much more, perhaps they are saving their best efforts for the finals.

Rounding out the top three is the trio of MarkusC_, Atlantis kejseR and SNG Trippernn. This trio did not achieve a Victory Royale. Their path to 3rd place a second-place finish as their highlight. The numbers will not blow you away, but this team stands to earn a lot of money should they show up tomorrow when it matters the most.


fcs finals d2 11

OXEY MaTi UWU, OXEY VairoV and AE I Ghost took first place in Heat 2 of the Brazil region. After missing one match of the six, this trio still accumulated 2 Victory Royales. This effort was enough to secure first place in Heat 2 and a spot in the finals for the Brazil region. On top of their two victories, they put up 33 eliminations. In spite of fighting an uphill battle, Ghost, VairoV and MaTi are in the discussion of teams ready to take the FNCS Brazilian Championship.

fcs finals d2 12

With 80 points, Eslipnot, LAUTASSJGOD and Chipi finish in first place for Heat 3. Their placements produced a modicum of consistency that is often hard to come by. With only one finish outside of the top ten and 2 Victory Royales, this trio built the confidence they need as the finals approach. This trio will need to improve on their 29 elimination performance for the finals. Eslipnot, LAUTASSJGOD and Chipi will compete for a piece of $3M USD tomorrow against 31 other trios.

fcs finals d2 13

Yet another highly talented team out of the Brazil region took first place in Heat 4. RED Snow, RED Avlr and RED technoviking were a staple on the FNCS qualifier leaderboards. With 100 total points, they are building toward an exciting finale against other highly talented trios. Snow, Avlr and technoviking completed 2 Victory Royales and 58 eliminations collectively. This sort of performance could lead to a Brazilian region victory in the finals.

Middle East

fcs finals d2 14

Epic Games crowned our first Season X Champions in the Middle East region. After convincingly dominating their heat, POWER FHD, POWER Yonx and POWER Nm7 amassed 96 points to take home the victory. Second place was not close in comparison, and it shows just how large the gap was between the Middle East trios. Their path to victory included 1 Victory Royale on top of 42 eliminations overall. We can safely call the POWER trio the best in all of competitive Fortnite for the Middle East region. FHD, Yonx and Nm7 split $60K USD for their win.

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