Fortnite Champion Series Chapter 2: Season 1 Day 3 Qualified Squads and Start Times

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Fortnite Champion Series Chapter 2: Season 1 Day 3 Qualified Squads and Start Times

Day three is quickly shaping up for an exciting finish to Fortnite Chapter 2 – Season 1.

Professional Fortnite player the world over competed in four heats across several regions on day two. These heats narrowed 96 teams down to 24, who will compete in a six-match Grand Final. At the end of those six matches, we will crown a Chapter 2 – Season 1 champion in all seven participating regions. Day two produced some fireworks out of familiar and unfamiliar teams alike. Many of the recognizable groups rose to the occasion and found themselves moving on to the finals. High-caliber competitors like Kyle “Bugha” Giersdorf, Turner “Tfue” Tenney and Kyle “Mongraal” Jackson are just a few that will be competing for a piece of the $4M USD prize pool. In addition to those talented players, we saw the Mixer personality, Tyler “Ninja” Blevins, return to a competitive atmosphere where he also advanced to the finals.

There is an infinite amount of storylines with the Fortnite Champion Series Grand Finals approaching. Teams have perfected their strategies and loot paths, but the road to victory for these squads is not as simple as it seems. The four-player squad format can quickly punish a team if they slip even just a tiny bit. Nevertheless, day three is crunch time for competitive Fortnite players looking to establish or elevate themselves into the upper-echelon. Allow us to take you through who qualified across each region.

(bold indicates the winning team in each heat)

Chapter 2 – Season 1 NA East Grand Finals (3 PM – 6 PM EST)

TSM_Comadon, NRG Zayt, SEN HighSky, Ghost Saf -α-   

KnіghtFN, BH Perplexii, HazThaGreat, 0CashCupEarnings

TSM_Zexrow, Vanguard Calc, TSM_Vincenzo1x, TSM.MackWood

Nate Hill, Ninja, FaZe Funk, Reverse2k

ℓzя кяεσ, SEN Zyfа, TSM Cloud -α-, KeysFN

A1 Eeasu, Asуlum, zJon_, snakey pooo

UnknownxArmy1x, Vanguard KEZ, Stable Ronaldo, Avery ψ   

Strоbе, Nine Brees, Gоosh, 777 STATSYǃ

FaZe Megga., Ghost Bizzle, Rogue Eclipsae, FaZe Dubs -α-

ando ll, jermу, steanzz, EvadeCoop

Jacobaqi, Tossily, parallel gage, coL Punisher

RBK عرب, OT Inspyre, Use Code Cazz, E11 Agholor

Ghost THWIᖴO, SEN Bughа, RS clarityG, Liquid ЅТREТСН   

Hajie., Ace1xx, TS Problem, YT.Zimeo

BBG Nittle., Mikeу., BBG Posick, BBG Smqcked

Tezza -w-, roqz, S2 frat, Gandhi dabdabdab

FaZe Bini, FaZe Diggy, nanоlite, Shaedess -w-

Tempo CizLucky, Liquid 72HRS, LiquidChap, Liquid Vivid

Clix is santa, blakeps., LZR Crimz, MSF Spades -w-   

Khanada TOXIC, clkzy, LQD FBR, Tfue

TS Osp, Outcast Furious, Jerids, Vexzcy

Htag, potgxd, n3moxd笨蛋, Mercyfps.

lyejax is frosty, AdonisFN, Spud Lite, Saiyan Trunkѕ

100T Klass, Ghoul死, Cowboy Boomer, Marzz_Ow


Due to scoring issues, the leaderboard may change yet again before tomorrow’s final session. Nonetheless, this is how the NA East region sets up for tomorrow. Some of the higher-profile teams made it through the gauntlet of heats and are one step closer to earning the Chapter 2 Season 1 crown. Most notably are our four heat winning teams led respectively by Zayt, UnknownxArmy1x, Bugha and Clix. These four names alone represent some of the best talents that this region has to offer. It will be fascinating to see which teams can execute their strategy. Teams are going to have to play nearly perfect tomorrow and have the random number generator (RNG) in their favor. At this point, any of these exceptional rosters are in play for the championship.

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Chapter 2 – Season 1 NA West Grand Finals (7 PM – 10 PM EST)

4DRStorm 嵐, KNG Maken1x, Parallel Frapai, Thomuss_   

rеhx., TL MisterWiggles, NRG EpikWhale, NRG Edgey

slickǃ, Litzinio, PL Vinny, Reguletor

KIX IX, tterrаG, Zastruh Wants GF, 50 Legend

lmао., Мony, ТiGG, tоff

blly, psalm, vеnt., GUAPK1NG420

littlеXX, CLG Leno., parmXX, lenos duo   

Jaomocк, snirot, jdw, Zoommba

Sogys TV, 100T Kyzui, Dоmо., VICARΟS

TriggySoars, CoolPenguin48, CadenVayne, Hαrmful

Prodigy Aces, LG Gunfly, RBL Visz, Wheelѕ

g0dku, Impulѕe, JustinPich, jota

walla柱, aaron柱, cortex ., Twitch Maximoe   

pitbull dоpi, pitbull peace, pitbull dabzi, TSM Herrions

100T Arkhram1x, 100T Falconer, CLG Symetrical, Ghost Sean

nmgreen, 002 Boppin, Skatе, LG frostyZK

dooW 木, favs., Temple b, Powured

beauqt, syphx., yJacob, koldqt

TG Slaya, Zehloǃ, TWIKO ., OS Astro   

ItsNach_, ThaiTanks, OS Sake, WF Zoluc

byelies, spidеyy, HaanzeR, prodigyǃ

SіrD, LZR Vide, rift, LZR Sрicy

closr, Clyfen HiQ, Tacozz1x, ll zizrow

snоwXX, Meltze, barlXX, аndrewXX


Although by far one of the more disrespected regions, NA West still maintains some great players. Nearly all of the usual suspects of this region managed to claw their way into the FNCS Grand Finals. One of the standout squads through the FNCS Finals has been 4DRStorm, Maken1x, Frapai and Thomuss. This squad sharpened up their game and were one of the more consistent group out of all four heats. Additionally, there are players like Leno and Falconer in the fray with finals quickly approaching. NA West will go off last tomorrow, but a lot of players want to dethrone EpikWhale, Edgey, Cented and rehx.

Chapter 2 – Season 1 Europe Grand Finals (11 AM – 2 PM EST)

Solary Airwaks, LeStream Skite, LeStream Vato, Solary Nîkof   

k1nzеll, 200quickdead, TrainH Falconly, сrr

MCES Andilex, COOLER 4zr ㅤ, COOLER Noward, Vitαlity DRG

keezen.NewG, stigouzz.NewG, Clement_ttt, blakee.BDS

MΛGL, EMXXRR The 7th々, DMSIK Gear 4th 々, vipeя xd

Atlantis MarkusC, Atlantis kejseR, SNG Trippernn, Secret Skram

RedRush., drobbаn, znaррy, wakiе   

RBK Ritz, TSM_Crue, LG beehive, chapix 74

Fnatic Motor, Secret Mexe, Fnatic smeefrr, Fnatic Verox

Ghost Kamo, M10 Pepper, M10 fledermoys, RijasR.

eTernity.Wraxx, eTernity.Hutƴ, eTernity.S1dney, eTernity.Minny

Feу, SNG Freq, SNG Dyrvig, Hanckee

kingkubx531, dMIND.Rakso, dMIND.3vil, dMIND.teeq   

Zіno, E11 itemm, Solary Kinstaar, nyhrox 74

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32 FaZe Mongraal, LZR Wolfiez ک, NRG benjуfishу, LeStream NAYTE

Perikle XVIII, srn joey jenner, Wave PeaK, SRN Louis

Superior Shaka, Gemz_, 9INE JulianCoM, MinZho-_-

Downs2k, e T q, krоq, getgriefednoob

Kiryache32, stormyrite 44, Siberiajkeе, Рutrick   

VP JAMSIDE, Gambit.fwexY, Gambit.letw1k3, Secret_Domentos

Μаgnus, Nebbу, Wave JannisZ, superior jаson

OTW hoppY, Snayzyy, ketzoи, MCES xsweeze

Caspersa, BL Аnas, IboooHai, Zh1ny

KOVA Flowdi, SliX -, KOVA Aistimus, Viallinen –


Europe possesses some of the best Fortnite players in the world. Many of those players endured heats and are heading to the Chapter 2 Season 1 Grand Finals. All 24 of these teams rightfully earned their position in the last session of the Fortnite Champion Series. Mongraal, Benjyfishy, Wolfiez and Nayte secure their spot in the finals out of heat three and are looking to double up on their efforts in the finals. We can expect the same sort of intensity and energy from k1nzell, mitr0, Falconly and crr. This squad mainly has clicked for the majority of the FNCS and would love to end the season with a championship victory. The Europe scene is entirely up for grabs for whoever can deliver the most complete performance.

Brazil Chapter 2 – Season 1 Grand Finals (3 PM – 6 PM EST)

SNG Faah, SNG Forone, spitflow hype, LS Bruиão   

zuusвoy, Diamondвoy, JUANZINВOY, tisоra

FURIA leleo -ᴄʀ-, kurтz, wisheydp -ᴄʀ-, SNG kingㅤ

Rysix Mongraal., AION Riquelmee, AION Germán62hz, Rysix Benjyfishy

never win anythi, Leozinn BANDIDO, GeoMHZ BANDIDO, vitinskrt

Twitch Tefoyo_, ReKt By EsTani, tersaikk on ig, juann99

9z Leobas -ᴄʀ-, 9z Twayko, 9z Lagarto.XØ, AION zqull   

Sxnte., Khrawn., MBeWonder, xXLaManuelaXx

OnLy Nyu, Twitch.BrYANNftn, VroLadraoDgoiaba, OnLy Phzin

Soøthss, Suetam ., Shinо, 1digai

F4T Liimaa ZK ک, F4T brabo z, Shinny is bad, F4T Halma z

KlaZe Nivem, Khysto ., KlaZe Benz, Mauffin Aetzu

Master GEMIDA, cloud9 dk, C9 blackoutz, C9 Nicks GEMIDA   

6tn., niasǃ, tadeǃ, zytle.

ISG ZuiCx507, AION Tacser, ISG Nahuė507, ISG fffakkz

Escaracho, 7 9z xown, 9z kingød, Damage.-13

Linter_, cicca free paths, franzez_, AION GastoNN

AION sugatt.øc, GOAT eddent, TR Fabrøsbøy, uитоuсн

G.V shecoboy-ᴄʀ-, SNG Lasers, SNG Igo, psychøǃ   

Losted BOMBA, Cadu 運, bedin 運, kitoz 運

mstzera 勝利, estevin -ᴄʀ-, GusTavox8, gørdiNN -ᴄʀ-

placceN., Weliaz, Lemu., ѕрасуx

OPаi, kNgted, t0nygol, Andreoli-

pinaǃ, FelipeNoPersa, hMb classic, EdRoadToGlory.


Brazil could result in one of the more entertaining regions to watch in the FNCS Grand Finals. The four qualifying weeks opened up many people’s eyes to Master, dk, blackotz and Nicks. All four of these competitors have delivered week in and week own on through the heats. Although many of these teams are not as recognizable, there are likely a few underrated squads within. We will have to wait and see if one of the more consistent teams through Chapter 2 comes out with the championship and the prize money.

Stay tuned through the duration of the Grand Finals as we provide continued coverage on the FNCS.

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