Fortnite: Bucke Signs With NRG

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Fortnite: Bucke Signs With NRG

Bucke becomes the newest member of NRG’s Fortnite team.

Fortnite World Cup and six-time Fortnite Champion Series (FNCS) finalist Logan “Bucke” Eschenburg has become the latest edition to NRG’s impressive Fortnite roster. The player and organization announced the exciting news today on Twitter. Many believed Bucke secured a deal with another high-caliber esports organization after leaving Built By Gamers earlier this month.

Considering his presence on Twitch and competitive Fortnite accolades, it should come as no surprise that NRG signed the 18-year-old. He joins a roster that is second to none in competitive Fortnite.

NRG Adds Bucke

The organization made the announcement official on Twitter with a video welcoming Bucke as their newest member. In typical NRG fashion, the video included fellow members Cody “Clix” Conrod, Ronaldo, and Grady Rains—the organization's Executive Producer. The revelation parodied Outer Banks, Netflix’s newest hit show, and took place in the brand’s content house known as the NRG Castle. Bucke took center stage as “the wildcard,” who vowed to ensure that everyone has a good time, all the time.

A Career of Success and Consistent Results

Bucke joins Clix, Ronaldo, Zayt, benjyfishy, Edgey and EpikWhale as perhaps the best roster in Fortnite. Like the others listed, Bucke has compiled quite the resume since beginning his Fortnite career. He became one of only 100 players to reach the Fortnite World Cup Solo Finals in 2018, ultimately finishing in 64th. His recent results include a seventh in the FNCS Solo All-Star Showdown, seventh in FNCS Season 6 Finals and third in FNCS Season 5 Finals.

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The 18-year-old Fortnite star is currently teaming with NRG teammate Clix and long-time duo partner Nate “BBG Kreo” Kou. What’s more, Bucke hosts one of the more popular Fortnite streams on Twitch, where he averages around 4K viewers per stream, according to Twitch Tracker. It’s another exceptional addition for NRG, who continues to separate themselves from the other organizations involved in the scene.

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