Fortnite: Bizarre Flying Car Aimbot Has Streamers Confused

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Fortnite: Bizarre Flying Car Aimbot Has Streamers Confused

A new aimbot in Fortnite has streamers confused and frustrated.

Video games and hacking go hand in hand. There is not one game in history that players haven’t infiltrated in some way. Fortnite Battle Royale is one title that’s had its fair share of hacks, glitches and cheats. However, none is stranger than a recent exploit that allows players to fly cars around the map and use aimbot in Chapter 2 – Season 8.

It’s an issue that’s ramping up, and there’s no real explanation for what’s happening. Nonetheless, many well-known streamers are suffering the consequences of an undetectable cheat.

Flying Car Aimbot

Fortnite streamer Loeya was one of the first to report and post a clip of the unexplainable exploit. The video showcases the aftermath of her elimination at the hands of this cheating wizard. As you can see, the player flies around the map in the car while not missing a single shot.

It’s concerning, especially with multiple clips surfacing with the same result. Another streamer — Sommerset of Luminosity Gaming — posted an almost identical clip to Loeya’s. In the former’s case, she encountered another hacker of the same sort while playing Arena Mode. The person inexplicably eliminates her, gets back in their car, and continues flying around the map.

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This exploit is just the latest in a long line but unquestionably the most bizarre. Unfortunately, it seems Fortnite’s anti-cheat software is having trouble thwarting these blatant hackers. Targeting streamers hopefully will help crack down on these cases.

We’ll have to see when and if Epic Games can grasp the situation. Until then, be on the lookout and report any behavior that resembles the clips from Loeya and Sommerset.

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