Fortnite: Ariana Grande Rift Tour Recap – Yet Another Stunning Milestone

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Fortnite: Ariana Grande Rift Tour Recap – Yet Another Stunning Milestone

ESTNN recaps Fortnite’s latest concert crossover.

It’s not every day that people witness an Ariana Grande concert—much less one with eye-popping visuals and the ability to interact with said concert. All of that and more became possible thanks to Epic Games and the first-ever Rift Tour. The long-rumored Ariana Grande concert finally graced Fortnite players with its presence over the last few days. Like Travis Scott’s Astronomical and the Marshmello concert before, the Rift Tour was quite simply a spectacle of what Fortnite has made possible in gaming.

Rift Tour Event Recap

Thanks to Epic Games, the entire event is available to watch on Fortnite’s YouTube channel. It’s worth watching for anyone with interest in Fortnite, Ariana Grande and perhaps the future of virtual concert experiences. Much like the Travis Scott and Marshmello concert, Epic Games effectively shut down Fortnite for the concert’s duration. Players rushed to secure their spot in line as each lobby of attendees filled up quickly.

Opening Songs & Storm King Minigame

A plan in Fortnite flies through a craggy region with a crystal demon looming over.

The in-game event timer slowly ticked down to zero, and those lucky to attend the concert would have to wait through some opening acts. The Rift Tour festivity commenced with “Come & Go” by Juice WRLD & Marshmello as players surfed colorful clouds with varying speed boosts. Next came a fluffy forest, where players flip and spin through the air as Juice WRLD’s song continued. That segment segued into a Storm Wing minigame. Players found themselves on Fortnite’s version of a plane where they could fire at the Storm King and zombies to the tune of  “Victorious” by Australian band Wolfmother.

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Once the opening acts came to a close, it was time for the world-renown pop singer to make her Fortnite debut finally.

Ariana Grande Appears

A Fortnite character watches Ariana Grande perform in the Rift Tour as she stands on a bubble among the stars.

After defeating the Storm King, the screen faded to black and transitioned to a heartwarming visual. Attendees began helping one another to their feet while glowing in gold. Next, with a galaxy backdrop, a star descended to a spherical object. Ariana Grande emerged from the start with “7 Rings” as the opening song. The setting then changed from outer space to walking on water as the collection of players watched Ariana Grande dance and could join in on the action.

Next on the setlist is “Be Alright” off her album “Dangerous Woman,” released in 2016. All concertgoers and Ariana herself began floating in bubbles. The singer burst out of her bubble, sprouted wings, and flew while the players floated behind her. The song “R.E.M.” from her “Sweetener” album followed while players glided on rainbow llamas. Ariana Grande appeared in the distance, swinging as the players slowly moved toward her.

The Way & Positions

Ariana Grande's Fortnite character model walks up a set of stairs with a magnificent dress and hammer in the Rift Tour event.

Ariana’s hit song “The Way” featuring her then-boyfriend Mac Miller was up next. Miller passed away in 2018, so this segment represented a homage of sorts. Players joined the singer as she navigated a seemingly endless stairwell with her diamond-studded hammer pickaxe in hand. Several portals emerged during this part, which players could enter to follow Ariana Grande as she continued up the set of stairs.

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The stairwell segment ended when the pop star threw her hammer into the sky, shattering it and sending players back to space. Her song “Positions” off her album of the same name rounded out the spectacular event. Ariana performed the song sitting as players surrounded her while flipping and spinning. She slammed the hammer once more to end the Rift Tour.

Another Milestone in Fortnite

It’s no secret that Epic Games has more of these concerts planned down the line. The Rift Tour, in particular, speaks to the reach and power of Fortnite despite it being a four-year-old game. Although it’s certainly not as popular as it once was, these types of barrier-breaking events bring the casuals back. Epic Games has not released viewership numbers yet, but we can expect an astronomical number. The event itself was spectacular. Everything from the song choice to the visuals shows exactly what the future of virtual concerts looks like. Ariana’s cosmetic set and appearance represented her well, and the event did not run its course.

No matter which way you slice it, having Ariana Grande tweet about Fortnite in 2021 means the game is not going anywhere. It’ll be interesting to see what Epic has planned next and if they can somehow outdo themselves.

Featured Image: Epic Games

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