Fortnite: Airwaks and Nikof Leave Solary to Join Team Vitality

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Fortnite: Airwaks and Nikof Leave Solary to Join Team Vitality

Airwaks and Nikof are moving on from Solary in favor of another French organization.

French organization, Solary, lost two of their mainstay Fortnite players yesterday. The organization announced that both Karim “Airwaks” Benghalia and Nicolas “Nikof” Frejavise have parted ways amidst contract renegotiations. Airwaks and Nikof respectively joined Solary back in May of 2018 and February of 2019. It appears now that they’ve agreed with a new organization also based in France.

Leaving Solary

Airwaks and Nikof seem to have been a package deal based on their competitive history of playing together. These two players qualified as a duo for the Fortnite World Cup, where they finished in 29th place under the Solary banner. Afterward, Airwaks and Nikof continued to compete together after the World Cup in both iterations of the Fortnite Champion Series. Along with Skite and Vato, they took third place in the Chapter 2 Season 1 FNCS Finals. Solary co-founder and shareholder, Amaury stated in a recent stream, “Solary were able to match initial offers from Team Vitality, but we're unable to follow suit when the figures grew immensely.”

Joining Team Vitality

Team Vitality has had its eyes on both players for quite some time. Therefore, they certainly jumped at the opportunity to acquire them. Airwaks and Nikof are joining the likes of Zoubiri “BadSniper” Naofel, Philippe “Oslo” Carvalho and others on an already impressive Team Vitality roster. Although the French organization did not release a formal news statement, they welcomed Airwaks and Nikof via the organization’s Twitter account. Both players will look to represent Team Vitality as the year 2020 moves forward proudly.

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Airwaks and Nikof React

Airwaks responded to Solary president, LRB, in a Tweet shortly after the news broke yesterday. The former Solary member stated, “Thank you LRB from the bottom of my heart as I said without you I would not be there!” Airwaks spent nearly his entire competitive career with Solary and has a lot of respect for the organization despite this roster move. Nikof followed Airwaks with his Tweet to LRB, “We will see my bro again…” It's the end of an error for all parties involved as Airwaks and Nikof continue their competitive careers with Team Vitality.

Solary is now on the lookout for new talent to acquire as Fortnite moves forward toward an unclear future. As for Airwaks and Nikof, they are in the company of a reputable organization. Above all, they appear to be sticking together as in-game teammates, which is great to see.

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