Fortnite: A Look Inside 100 Thieves’ Performance at the Fortnite World Cup

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Fortnite: A Look Inside 100 Thieves’ Performance at the Fortnite World Cup

ESTNN's Matt Pryor takes fans through 100 Thieves' performance at last week's Fortnite World Cup.

100 Thieves has been involved in competitive Fortnite since July of 2018, and the organization has seen several talent changes in that span of time. Players like Parallax and Risker joined in the early goings, but left in 2019. It took some time, but CEO Matthew “Nadeshot” Haag and co. landed on a roster fit to represent 100 Thieves at the Fortnite World Cup. After 10 grueling weeks of competition, 100T would see Davis “Ceice” McClellan, Hayden “Elevate” Krueger, Arkhram and Brandon ‘Klass’ Weaver make the cut. Elevate and Ceice qualified as a pair while Ceice was also able to qualify for Solos. Arkhram and Klass qualified as Solos, and Arkhram additionally qualified with the unsponsored Falconer as his partner in Duos. 

100 Thieves Duos

The organization had somewhat of an unprecedented run over the two days of World Cup competition. Elevate and Ceice started off slow in Duos with a 0 elimination game, finishing in 43rd place. There were quite a few instances where one of the two was eliminated early on in a game. This proved to be no problem as the other would last well into endgame, all while accumulating placement points. Over six games, the pair earned 18 eliminations. The two also placed inside the top 10 in all but one game. Ceice and Elevate work well together as a duo, managing to amass 45 points overall. This warranted a third-place finish and a juicy $1.8M USD to split. 


Arkhram also performed well alongside Falconer in Duos. Similar to Ceice and Elevate, Arkhram and Falconer began with a 0 elimination game in 23rd place. After that shaky first game, they would go on to rack up 20 eliminations over their final five games. The duo would also end up with three top-five finishes, which included a second-place finish in their final game. Arkhram and Falconer accrued an equally impressive 44 points. Their performance was good enough for 5th place and a prize of $900K USD. 


100 Thieves Solos

The Solos competition is where 100 Thieves roster would begin to taper off just a bit. After securing a large sum of money, Ceice and Arkhram sought even more the following day. Klass would also get his chance to represent 100T while playing against his fellow teammates. The aforementioned Klass had a couple of throwaway games and ultimately finished with 9 eliminations through 6 games. He ended up inside the top 10 just once, which placed him in 28th at the conclusion of Solos. Ceice and Arkhram struggled noticeably, managing just 11 and 12 points respectively. The highlight of Ceice’s Solos run would be a 5 elimination game, 7th place finish in Game 5. Arkhram’s shining moment would be a 4 elimination, 7th place finish. 


A Promising Future

When all was said and done, 100 Thieves had a lot to be proud of with their players. The organization collectively walked away with $2.4M USD. The accomplishment speaks for itself seeing as other organizations had many more players competing. The future is bright for 100 Thieves, and especially with the announcement of the Fortnite Championship Series. Not much information is available about the Fortnite Championship Series at this time. Fortnite Esports is still in its infancy with a lot to improve upon. As details of the future trickle down, it is unquestionable that 100 Thieves will be at the forefront of it all with some great players to showcase.

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