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Fortnite: $250K Console Champions Cup Results — The Invasion Of PC Players

Pro Fortnite player Falcon Andilex and XL Wolfiez are super imposed against a sunset themed background, Fortnite characters appear enlarged in the sky behind them. The words "Fortnite Console Champions Cup" appears in bold white and black letters
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PC players descended on the Console Champion Cup this weekend.

This weekend represented the pinnacle Chapter 2 - Season 7 moment for Fortnite console players. For the second consecutive season, Epic Games dished out a $250K USD prize pool to competitors on Xbox, PlayStation, Switch and more. The console loyalists deserved as much after losing their Fortnite Champion Series (FNCS) many seasons ago. However, with one week remaining until this season’s FNCS, PC players needed to occupy their time.

What ultimately resulted was an invasion of non-console players. Many top names across all regions purchased a PS5 or Xbox One X for this one occasion. Some recognizable players, including former FNCS Champions Alexandre “Falcon Andilex” Christophe, Jaden “XL Wolfiez” Ashman, Malachi “ENDL8SS Reverse2k” Greiner and more, planned to spoil the console party. Let’s see how the three major regions went down.


French player Falcon Andilex and console teammates Grizi Laizen and Rz Destru completed their second straight Console Champions Cup victory, and it wasn’t close. The three players finished no lower than eighth in rounds two through four, improving immensely from round to round. It was almost a foregone conclusion that the Andilex, Laizen and Destru had the Console Cup secured before the first match started. The French trio completed their impressive run with one Victory Royale, 48 eliminations and 224 points. Each player walked away with $7.2K USD without much resistance.


A trio of European PC players finished second in their console debut. XL Wolfiez, solo veno and LootBoyXsterioz gave the Frenchmen a run for their money but ultimately fell short. Their six-match effort included one Victory Royale, 34 eliminations and 197 points. Wolfiez, who has a track record of runner-up finishes, added another to his list, but $5.5K USD each is not a bad consolation prize.

Rounding out the top three was another trio of PC players. FNCS Chapter 2 - Season 6 Finalists OVA Night and hycr1s joined coolestcarrot in securing some cash on an unfamiliar landscape. It’s clear that this is a PC player's world, and everyone is only living in it. Out of the top nine finishers, just two are console players for the EU region. We can expect a similar result next season.

Final Leaderboard

  • 1st: Falcon AndiIex, YT Rz Destru, Grizi Lаizеn マ  - 224 points - $21,600 ($7,200 each)
  • 2nd: solo veno, wxlfiez, LootBoyXsterioz - 197 points - $16,500 ($5,500 each)
  • 3rd: Le King hycr1s, OVA ночь, coolestcаrrot999 - 186 points - $13,500 ($4,500 each)
  • 4th: GUILD Аnas, Paddy0_, Fnatic Jenks - 146 points - $9,000 ($3,000 each)
  • 5th: Koenfnl-YT, Kochelinoo, XXSWAGIAMXX - 144 points - $7,500 ($2,500 each)
  • 6th: heretics packo24, Gibﱞon, GAMMA Kami - 140 points - $6,000 ($2,000 each)
  • 7th: OTA Kurzanx, le bon tokyo., twitter imMTS - 136 points - $5,250 ($1,750 each)
  • 8th: GriffFNBR, Bobbyth3dog, 737Nike - 134 points - $4,500 ($1,500 each)
  • 9th: Teekew, Tygls キ, ALOFT Ronnityy - 124 points - $3,000 ($1,000 each)
  • 10th: GAMMA Merijn, TCE Vortexia, EP SPLASHEYY - 122 points - $2,400 ($800 each)
  • 11th: crystааl, ImKаcper, x-1shot - 118 points - $1,200 ($400 each)
  • 12th: SCOUTZZZZZZZZZZZ, phyenix11, t0xicfnr - 116 points - $1,200 ($400 each)
  • 13th: jamzмаsteя, TCE Kaidon マ, Washed Vizzion - 113 points - $1,200 ($400 each)
  • 14th: Gett0., m4nza., SyzeN Trxpix - 109 points - $1,200 ($400 each)
  • 15th: Timitr0., only lowground., resque1k - 108 points - $1,200 ($400 each)
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NA East

While the PC players dominated Europe, a trio of console talents claimed first in the NA East region. YTDropz, Zpxy and TNG Tkay defended their platforms honor with a stellar performance. The three players finished third, first and fourth in the three sessions leading up to the finals. After reaching the last round, Dropz, Zpxy and Tkay let their eliminations do the talking. They earned 43 eliminations across six matches and ended with 220 points. In addition to representing the console community, the trio secured the $9.6K USD first prize.

The all-console team of Jbcao, Cartoon 117 and arri xc also represented the often underrated scene with a second-place finish. Like Tkay and company, this trio remained consistent throughout the weekend. Their placements heading into the finals included a fourth, third and seventh. Jbcao, Cartoon and arri managed a 50% win rate in the final round, ultimately putting them at 214 points. Despite a last game Victory Royale, the three players came up just short and collected $7.2K USD.


Controller standout Ajerss joined nut and Chronic Jays—two former console kings—in rounding out the top three. The first PC-only crew on our list managed 186 points in eight matches. Their eliminations left a lot to be desired, but regardless, Ajerss, nut and Jays earned a Victory Royale in the finals and claimed $2K USD each. That’s certainly not bad for a team that predominantly plays on PC.

Final Leaderboard

  • 1st: YTDropz, Zpxу, Tng Tkay - 220 points - $9,600 ($3,200 each)
  • 2nd: Cartoon 117, arri rx, Jbcao - 214 points - $7,200 ($2,400 each)
  • 3rd: FS Αjerss, 33 nut ӝ, Chronic Jayѕ - 186 points - $6,000 ($2,000 each)
  • 4th: TKGC Bylah, TKGC Scar, Spud Lite - 169 points - $3,600 ($1,200 each)
  • 5th: TKGC SCYLIX, TNG Lupien., Chronic Shxn - 153 points - $2,700 ($900 each)
  • 6th: flu swex, el bufsi, Chromeezen - 144 points - $2,100 ($700 each)
  • 7th: JultyxArmy, A1 Sujay, Crisis xo - 143 points - $1,800 ($600 each)
  • 8th: hanfishygraalrr, Twitter TbSync, dirtymeefks - 138 points - $1,500 ($500 each)
  • 9th: ENDL8SS oogway, еl L2R2, ENDLESS Reverse - 132 points - $1,200 ($400 each)
  • 10th: syqism, 0 IQ Ace, LLAМА - 125 points - $1,050 ($350 each)
  • 11th: DeRoller., LG Xoonies, pooh kellsty - 118 points - $900 ($300 each)
  • 12th: Twitter Wig1x, Twitter EuroXBL, Twitter MRGregFN - 108 points - $900 ($300 each)
  • 13th: Chronic Jayz, Flu Ankles, Haledy - 107 points - $900 ($300 each)
  • 14th: FS Duke, DL Justice, oogwayま - 106 points - $900 ($300 each)
  • 15th: stompzybtw, Conslebot, UVL Izzlitt - 93 points - $900 ($300 each)
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NA West

NA West has the privilege of ending the three major regions into the late hours of the night. Fortunately, it was an outstanding display of competitive Fortnite. Two trios were in a position to win, and a second-place finish in the final match leapfrogged XTRA Snacky, PowurKG and cmx buzzo into the winner’s circle. This PC/console hybrid team enjoyed an impressive 5.5 average placement to accompany 28 eliminations. They also managed two Victory Royales, one of which occurred in the penultimate game.

Final Leaderboard

  • 1st: XTRA Snacky, PowurKG, cmx buzzo - 190 points - $4,200 ($1,400 each)
  • 2nd: OU Staticc, ewSolarr, D. Treatmxnt - 177 points - $3,000 ($1,000 each)
  • 3rd: norcal alithy23, Frapai, PSR Nico - 143 points - $2,700 ($900 each)
  • 4th: kisame drew, Xen Lush, Kytrex - 138 points - $1,800 ($600 each)
  • 5th: STL Hyper, XTRA Reet1x., BH Ggelo - 135 points - $1,500 ($500 each)
  • 6th: SG Kxvin1x, SG Dynamic, SG Ming - 135 points - $1,200 ($400 each)
  • 7th: SG Polarbear, Yasir ., ordcpz - 126 points - $1,050 ($350 each)
  • 8th: 33 Nach, STL KIMCHI, Sirbrian-YT - 118 points - $900 ($300 each)
  • 9th: Rеxzi, јermo, iJvgg - 116 points - $750 ($250 each)
  • 10th: Drixpz1x, YTilyjuu, rхmi - 114 points - $600 ($200 each)
  • 11th: SG On1, ilymachi, SG iiKvngJohn - 98 points - $600 ($200 each)
  • 12th: oj the monster〆, devour evol, Mudio - 97 points - $600 ($200 each)
  • 13th: Loneazzazzinator, Youtube vcspy, gftz_z - 93 points - $600 ($200 each)
  • 14th: RzzorShutup418, S1cklol, ysū - 90 points - $600 ($200 each)
  • 15th: JboneΨ, kloxic, rubenn - 84 points - $600 ($200 each)

That concludes ESTNN’s coverage of the second Console Champions Cup. We expect to see another next season, but stick with us throughout FNCS Chapter 2 - Season 7, which begins this weekend.

Stay tuned to ESTNN for more Fortnite news and updates!


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