Fortnite: 100 Thieves Releases Three Fortnite Players

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Fortnite: 100 Thieves Releases Three Fortnite Players

Popular esports organization, 100 Thieves, announced on Twitter this evening that they are releasing three Fortnite players from their roster. Kenith, SirDimetrious and Blind, as of September 3rd,  will no longer be apart of the 100 Thieves Fortnite team. The official statement from 100 Thieves states “Today, we part ways with @Kenith, @Blind, and @SirDimetrious. Thank you for representing us, and we wish you nothing but the best in your competitive careers in Fortnite.”

The reason for releasing these players is unclear at this point. Kenith released a statement of his own on Twitter in regards to his departure from 100 Thieves. The statement reads

“No longer with @100Thieves. They were nothing but the best to me these last 14 months. I owe alot to them and can’t thank them enough for letting me apart of their journey.”

Kenith’s 2019 has not been great considering his failure to make the Fortnite World Cup. His recent months have included unsuccessful attempts to qualify for the Fortnite Champion Series Grand Finals. This is likely a contributing factor to the release of Kenith.

SirDimetrious’ case was much different in contrast to Kenith and Blind. According to a Twitter statement from SirDimetrious, his belief is that he was let go due him ceasing stream activity. The release reads:

“Unlike Kenith and Blind, I was signed as a content creator, yet spent most of my time on Fortnite (starting season 9) practicing off stream for the World Cup Qualifiers. I’ll still be competing in Fortnite, but will focus most of my efforts (when it comes to content creation) on Destiny 2.”

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He ultimately does not seem surprised at his roster release. Although he joined as a content creator, he stopped creating content recently to focus more on the competition. It may be worth keeping a watchful eye on SirDimetrious as he was mere points away from a Fortnite World Cup qualifying spot in solos. Until he catches the eye of another team, he joins Kenith and Blind in free agency.

100 Thieves Moving Forward

All in all, it feels that these roster cuts were inevitable. With four Fortnite World Cup contenders still on the roster, 100 Thieves are in great shape moving forward. The roster currently includes Ceice, Elevate, Klass, Arkhram1x and Kyuzi. With the exception of Kyuzi, the entire active team qualified and performed well at the World Cup. The competitive Fortnite scene fluctuates often. Many players threaten to quit or stop streaming the game regularly, but Epic Games is offering up hefty sums of money in prize pools. For that reason, we will continue to see top organizations such as 100 Thieves in the thick of it with lots of talent to showcase.


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