Fortnite: 10/3 Champion’s Solos Cash Cup Recap and Results

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Fortnite: 10/3 Champion’s Solos Cash Cup Recap and Results

The final Champion’s Solos Cash Cup event came and went without a hitch. Although many professional players view these Cash Cups negatively, the result almost always surprises. Over the past few weeks, however, we have seen players like Nick “SEN Aspect” McGuire, Maken1x, skyla and many more emerge as legitimate solo Fortnite players. Many of these professionals earned multiple victories since Season X’s inception. The matches are typically enjoyable to watch provided that the player does not get stream sniped. In any case, we do not know for sure that there will be any further Solos Cash Cups. This information will likely trickle down as we approach Fortnite Season 11. Let’s take a look at how the action shook out in what may be the final week.

NA East

The Fortnite World Cup Solo Champion, Kyle “SEN Bugha” Giersorf, returned to form with a Champion’s Solo Cup victory. After stating at one point that the Cash Cups are somewhat of a joke, Bugha went on to dominate this very tournament. With shades of his World Cup performance, Bugha showed precisely why he is the World Champion. Over 14 matches, Bugha put up 114 points in total. This included 52 eliminations and a whopping 4 Victory Royales. During a stretch of four matches, Bugha earned three straight Victory Royales and a runner-up finish. He capped off his final game with a Victory Royale and separated himself from the field. The margin of victory for Bugha amounted to a mindboggling 17 points. The World Champ furthered his case for Fortnite player of the year.

NA West

The culmination of the final Champion’s Solos Cash Cup took place in the NA West region. Coming out on top at the end of the tournament was Frapai of Team Parallel. After 14 matches, Frapai accumulated 3 Victory Royales and 51 eliminations. He led off his tournament with an impressive 11 elimination Victory Royale. From there, he put up a total of 110 points, taking the win over names like 100T Arkhram1x and multiple-time Cash Cup winner, KNG Maken1x. This marks Frapai’s first victory in a Solos Cash Cup after previously placing as high as 4th in recent weeks. In addition to this, Frapai, Maken1x and Tyvan took 7th at the NA West Season X Championship Finals. Heading into Season 11, Frapai is on a hot streak based on recent performances.

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Kirill “Kiryache32” Grishin earned his third Solos Cash Cup victory since the beginning of Fortnite Season 11. He is on the shortlist of players such as Dmitri “mitr0” Van de Vrie and Moussa “Chapix” Faour, who are at the top of nearly every European leaderboard. Kiryache32’s success in Cash Cups is not secret, seeing as he was victorious in 2 previous Contender’s Cash Cups. This marks his first Champion’s Cash Cup victory. This time around, Kiryache32 managed 103 points over the maximum of 15 matches. His impressive endeavor included 57 eliminations and 4 Victory Royales. Kiryache32’s final match yielded a Victory Royale in addition to the much-needed 5 point advantage over 2nd place. This unsigned professional Fortnite player should be on many organizational radars.


Oceania is one of the more underrated regions in all of Fortnite. With players such as Link, Gooboz and skyla, they possess the talent to compete against all other regions. We can safely add Parallel Squeakz to the list after his win in the Champion’s Cash Cup for Oceania. With the aforementioned skyla and Link on his heels, Squeakz did just enough to win the tournament. He played a total of 14 matches and completed an unfathomable 5 Victory Royales. Fifty-one of Squeakz’s points came by way of eliminations, which shows exactly how balanced his approach was. He narrowly took first over Jynx by just two points and solidified himself as a solo threat in OCE.


Mojak is yet another player in the Brazil region that we have grown familiar with since Season X debuted. He has made his mark on the Champion’s Solos Cash Cups, and this one especially after taking home the win. The final result was not close with Mojak finishing in 1st place by 21 points. These sorts of numbers are not common in Cash Cups, which made this victory all the more impressive. Mojak only managed to complete a total of 12 matches, which is three short of the maximum. Those 12 matches yielded 3 Victory Royales and 61 eliminations. Mojak even had a stretch of back-to-back Victory Royales. He has secured himself a spot amongst the elite of the Brazil region.

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Maufin is a household name in the Asia region, and he added a Champion’s Solos Cash Cup win to his resume. Coming off a recent win at the Season X Championship, Maufin is already one of the best Fortnite players in the world. His number over 14 matches was impressive with 110 points and 2 Victory Royales. Maufin also smashed with 59 eliminations accounting for well over half of his points. His final match was his best, wherein he demolished the lobby with 14 eliminations and the Victory Royale. He took first place by just 7 points, and no one expected any less from Maufin given his track record.

Middle East

Spy of ASMR eSports secured himself a Champion’s Solos Cash Cup victory out of the Middle East. Seeing that the Middle East region regularly goes overlooked, it is not uncommon to see unfamiliar players atop the leaderboard. In this case, Spy played out 14 matches and earned Victory Royales in 2 of them. In addition to this, he put up 50 eliminations en route to the Cash Cup win. Much like our other winners, Spy earned two wins back-to-back, which vaulted him up the leaderboard. He ultimately earned a 2-point victory over TU iExon, and made ASMR eSports proud in the process.

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