Former League of Legends Player Maria “Remilia” Creveling has Died

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Former League of Legends Player Maria “Remilia” Creveling has Died

Remilia, the first pro-female gamer to compete in the LCS, has died peacefully in her sleep at age 24.

The League of Legends community is grieving the loss of talented support player, Maria “Remilia” Creveling.

Close friend and roommate, Richard Lewis, announced the news of Creveling’s death on Twitter this morning.

Many fans used the thread to express their grief and appreciation for Creveling.
“She was the first public figure I could look up to and felt identified with…” One fan tweeted.
“Maria helped me so much to accept myself as trans…” Read another.

In 2015 Creveling was the first transgender woman to qualify in the League of Legends Championship series. However just one month into the season, Creveling left her team, Renegades, citing problems with harassment and abuse online.

Following her departure from the Renegades, Creveling continued her work in games. Forming part of the Kaos Latin Gamers roster in 2017. She also played as backup for LCS team FlyQuest and most recently competed with Sector 7 in the NA region.

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Outside of competitive esports, Creveling was a popular Twitch streamer, rising to become one of the most recognizable LoL streamers on the platform.

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