Former Cloud9 Coach and LCS Co-Streamer LS Joins FlyQuest as a Content Creator

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Former Cloud9 Coach and LCS Co-Streamer LS Joins FlyQuest as a Content Creator

Nick “LS” De Cesare will continue his co-streams and live-viewing under the FlyQuest banner.

Co-streaming and live-viewing League of Legends professional games has been becoming a very big part of the professional leagues. Currently LCS, LCK and LPL all allow certain streamers to broadcast their games live, and even LEC did their first exception this year when they allowed KOI co-owner Ibai Llanos Garatea to co-stream his teams’ games. One of the biggest names in this content space, ever since the space was created, has been LS.

LS is one of the most recognizable personalities in the League of Legends community as a content creator and he also previously worked as a professional coach on teams like Gravity, bbq Olivers and most recently Cloud9. Ever since he parted ways with the LCS organization in the middle of the 2022 Spring Split, LS has been continuing his career as a streamer and content creator on platforms like Twitch and Youtube.

Today in a Youtube video he uploaded onto his channel, LS unexpectedly announced that he would be joining another LCS organization, this time not as a coach but as a streamer. FlyQuest is not the only esports organization LS joined as a streamer as he previously was on T1 before he left for the coaching job at Cloud9. According to LS, this has been an ongoing negotiation for the last couple of months and was only finalized in early 2023.

Talking about the new direction of his content in the announcement video, LS touched on the LCS co-streams saying, “obviously my voice is not changing. So, if FlyQuest is still going to draft like complete sinners they will be flamed, they will end up in Draft Kingdom videos. So, in that regard don’t expect me to pull any punches or anything like that when it comes to FlyQuest criticism…”

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Both FlyQuest announcement and LS mentioned the streamer's content from now on will also appear on FlyQuest’s social media pages, such as LS’s League of Legends patch rundowns moving to the organization’s Youtube page. LS also talked about more opportunities to make content and travel, but he did not share any more details at the moment.

FlyQuest right now is in the middle of competing in the LCS Spring Playoffs, which LS is co-streaming on his Twitch channel. FlyQuest will play 100 Thieves on March 24 in the first round of playoffs.

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Former Cloud9 Coach and LCS Co-Streamer LS Joins FlyQuest as a Content Creator
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