Fortnite: – FNCS Duos to Watch at the C3S2 Finals

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Fortnite:  –  FNCS Duos to Watch at the C3S2 Finals

No Builds mode might be grabbing a lot of the headlines this season, but the FNCS with its sweaty build fights is still the main event for competitive. There are some great FNCS duos to watch at the event, so let's take a look.

The FNCS Chapter 3 Season 2 is mid-way through now, and we’ve seen some tense Fortnite action so far. The game has had a lot of changes this season, along with some pros still finding their feet, switching back to Duos with Chapter 3. Even with all these unknowns, though, there are some clear stand-out Duos to watch heading into FNCS Season 3. This is how it’s all going to work and what to expect from the finals:

FNCS Chapter 3 Season 2

The FNCS C3 S2 is running with an adjusted format this time around. Last Season it switched back over to Duos after a long run of Trios tournaments, and we’ve now had an extra round added into the proceedings. This is how it breaks up:

  • Qualifier 1 – May 2-6th
  • Qualifier 2 – May 7-8th
  • Qualifier 3 – May 13-15th
  • Semi-finals – May 20-22nd
  • Finals – May 28-29th

The Qualifiers worked slightly differently this season, with an extra chance for players to make it through to the final round. We've been through the qualification stage now and narrowed the competition down to the top teams in each of the regions for Semis and Finals.

FNCS Semi-Finals

The FNCS Chapter 3 Season 2 Semi-Finals are where things get a bit spicier. To get through to the finals, a team needs to either grab the illustrious Victory Royale or perform very consistently. Five matches are played in the first session and six in the second two. The teams who win each game automatically go through as Victory Royale winners. The top five or six most consistent teams in each round will also move through, putting a decent emphasis on kills alongside Victory Royales.

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FNCS C3 S2 Finals

The Finals are running May 28-29th. This is what it’s all leading up to, where the prize pool for the FNCS Chapter 3 Season 2 is going to be awarded. Even in these finals, though, there are two paths to victory for players. The first is through the match point. This is when a team gets both 475 points and three Victory Royales across the games. This isn’t exactly achievable for most teams, though.

The other way to get awarded the win is probably the more common path! This is whichever team is sat on top of the rankings at the end of the 12 matches. Most victories in FNCS come this way, topping out the leaderboard.

FNCS Chapter 3 Season 2 Prize Pool

Players have a shot at a $3 million prize pool with the FNCS C3 S5. This might not be a new record for prize money on offer, but it’s still an impressive figure that very few games can muster for regular tournaments. This is how it breaks down between regions:

EU – $1,362,500
NAE – $637,500
Brazil – $418,000
NAW – $239,500
Asia – $145,000
Middle East – $114,000
Oceania – $92,000

The FNCS So Far – Which Players to Watch for the Win

The FNCS is already partially underway. Looking at the qualifiers, we know who has dominated Chapter 3 Season 2. Some players are even coming off of back-to-back wins in FNCS, but things change quickly in Fortnite. The map at the moment has a lot less mobility than it once did, along with a significantly different loot pool. With the qualifiers to judge teams from, these are some top players to watch at the FNCS Chapter 3 Season 2 Finals:

NA East – Bugha and Mero

You don’t really need the qualifiers to know that Bugha and Mero are players to watch this season. The pair won the previous FNCS and the Grand Royale, but can they take it again for a third back-to-back FNCS win? They just squeaked in with a fifth-place qualification in the first week of FNCS C3 S5. This is a Duo that seems to be able to keep their top spot despite huge changes to the game's meta, and they're the ones to beat if the last two FNCS are anything to go by.

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TaySon and Chapix

In the Europe region, last Season’s winners Hen and Queasy haven’t fared too well this time around. However, some other past FNCS winners like TaySon have made a big impact. Now playing with Chapix, Tayson qualified in the first round, coming in second. Tayson has a 3rd place finish last season, along with a victory at the Grand Royale and record FNCS wins under his belt. His performance in the qualifiers was strong too. The Duo managed to rack up 187 points while qualifying in a pretty hard lobby. There are other contenders here, but these two are definitely a Duo to watch.

Rehx and Reet

In North America West, rehx and Reet dominated the first week. Rehx has previously won the Chapter 2 Season 7 and Chapter 2 Season 5 FNCS. While he hasn’t had back-to-back wins, there’s clear consistency at playing the top level of Fortnite. Reet is a bit more of an unknown quantity with longer gaps. So far this season, though, they’ve done great things together. In the qualifiers, they pulled off a Victory Royale along with nearly full top 5 finishes. They’re certainly going into the later weeks as a favorite for the FNCS Chapter 3 Season 2 title.

Those are some key Duos to watch, and some streams that are the best picks to catch the Chapter 3 Season 2 Finals. However, the FNCS is much bigger than just those four regions, and there are loads more stand-out players that make every region worth watching. Although, with a game as open in its tournaments as Fortnite, you never know when someone unknown might dethrone the big names too.


Fortnite:  –  FNCS Duos to Watch at the C3S2 Finals
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