Fnatic vs Weibo Gaming Recap Worlds 2023 Swiss Stage Day 9

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Fnatic vs Weibo Gaming Recap Worlds 2023 Swiss Stage Day 9

A killer match-up between two underestimated teams in their regions rocked the Worlds stage in the final day of Swiss eliminations. Fnatic vs Weibo Gaming

Today was Fnatic's last chance at Quarterfinals, and played their most convincing game against the monsters from the LPL, Weibo Gaming. Both teams had their backs against the wall, and were one loss away from going home. As a result, every pro-player played their hearts out for their right to compete for the annual title.

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Fnatic vs Weibo Gaming Recap

Game 1

A few of fnatic's bans were focused on shrinking Xiaohu's champ pool, making WBG play around their mid-laner. In the end, both drafts didn't have too much engage power, so the first to strike would probably be in a cooldown disadvantage.

fnatic vs weibo gaming worlds

First kill for Noah who picked off Weibo's support before his team claimed Cloud drake. Fnatic was looking strong at just 7 minutes, with strong roams from Razork's Sejuani finding more advantages for his team. Meanwhile, the LPL reps focused on farming their lanes and avoiding any risky plays.

As seen in the LEC, when Razork plays well, fnatic plays well. And after a 3-kill lead and a 2k gold advantage, WBG's botlane couldn't find an answer for Aphelios' lane pressure. With two dragons at 20 minutes, Oscarinin forced 3 summoner spells from WBG in a sacrifice play, keeping Weibo from jumping in dragon pit to contest.

25 minutes in, the LEC #2 seed had 5k over TheShy's team. And since Oscar's K'Sante was fed, no one could make a dent while he solo pushed mid and dived turrets for his team. In arguably their best game this year, Fnatic pulled off a stunning win against Weibo Gaming and started the series with a win.

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Quick Stats

  • Teams: FNC 1 – 0 WBG
  • Time: 28:23
  • Kills: 13 – 4
  • Turrets: 10 – 2
  • Gold: 54.1k – 44.5k
  • Dragons: 4 – 1
  • Barons: 1 – 0

Game 2

Weibo drafted a comp that focused on their Aphelios-Rennata botlane duo, which had a ton of 2v2 win potential. Moreover, TheShy's Gnar also promised a strong laning phase. With Fnatic in a good position, Razork confidently locked in Lee Sin, which paired fairly well with Humanoid's Syndra. Ultimately, it was going to be a game of patience.

fnatic vs weibo gaming worlds

Throughout the earlygame, Fnatic once again got the upper hand due to Razork's high-value plays. Meanwhile, WBG made sure to hard push every lane while they funneled as much gold into Light as possible. As a result, Weibo's claimed second dragon, and played patiently to avoid any unnecessary deficits.

A couple of kills went WBG's way after the 10 minute mark due to their map control, but FNC was quick to answer with another inventive play. Humanoid and co. knew that WBG would scale in the late-game, so they had to build their leads as much as possible. But after Weiwei caught them out of position near Baron pit, the LPL reps were able to turn it on it's head, clean up and claim the purple buff.

After that, the massive difference in their team comps was felt. After a scuffed contest for the 4th dragon, Fnatic's lead collapsed as another team ace put Razork and co. 10k gold behind. By 25 minutes, Light's Aphelios had fully scaled and completely wrecked anybody that got within range, granting his team enough space to clear a way to the red nexus. Weibo Gaming equalized the series and forced the full bo3.

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Quick Stats

  • Teams: WBG 1 – 1 FNC
  • Time: 30:41
  • Kills: 18 – 8
  • Turrets: 10 – 1
  • Gold: 63.3k – 48.7k
  • Dragons: 2 – 3
  • Barons: 2 – 0

Game 3

Weibo's long-range composition and zone control was bound to wreck Fnatic's comp throughout the game. Knowing that, it was going to take a lot from Razork to counter the Lux-Caitlyn duo while assisting Oscar's Olaf on top.

fnatic vs weibo gaming worlds

Fnatic's botlane was a warzone as Crisp's Lux stun prevented Trymbi from pulling any plays. Meanwhile, failed ganks at mid sent Humanoid back to base and put the LEC representatives in a bad place. With more vision on the map, Weibo was in a commanding lead 10 minutes in.

13 minutes in and a devastating crossmap skirmish went to Weibo's favor, and Fnatic couldn't find a comeback play to stop the tide. With so much momentum and force, the LPL #4 seed effortlessly won a few more teamfights contesting for drake before they slowly but surely ended the series.

Weibo Gaming won the best-of-three elimination series against Fnatic, and advanced to the Quarterfinals bracket.

Quick Stats

  • Teams: FNC 1 – 2 WBG
  • Time: 23:38
  • Kills: 1 – 17
  • Turrets: 3 – 9
  • Gold: 40.1k – 48.4k
  • Dragons: 0 – 3
  • Barons: 0 – 1

How to watch Worlds 2023 Swiss Stage

Keep an eye on the Riot Games & LoL Esports Twitch or YouTube channels. The Main Event of Worlds 2023 continues on October 29 at 03:00 ET/02:00 CST/00:00 PT.

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Fnatic vs Weibo Gaming Recap Worlds 2023 Swiss Stage Day 9
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