Fnatic vs Team Vitality Recap – LEC 2024 Winter Season Week 1

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Fnatic vs Team Vitality Recap – LEC 2024 Winter Season Week 1

Fnatic vs Team Vitality could’ve been a chance for the French team to prove their worth, and while they were better than against GIANTX, they couldn’t get the victory.

The 2024 Winter LEC Split started on January 13th, with the 10 best EMEA teams going full force towards the first Playoffs. Vitality put a fairly competitive team together before the start of the season, but were unable to beat GIANTX on the first day – and sadly, Fnatic wasn’t an easier opponent either.

Fnatic vs Team Vitality Recap

Team Vitality finally tried something new – even though they picked the once spammed Lucian-Nami botlane. The Xerath counterpick into Azir was something the community looked forward to, and Vetheo dared to choose the Shuriman Archmage. Fnatic put together a very conservative composition, with all their bases covered.

Fnatic vs Team Vitality Recap

Fnatic got the First Blood right before the 3rd minute of the match after a good trade by Noah and Jun, but as they couldn’t seal the deal the first time around, Daglas had time to cover for his teammates, which let Vitality score 2 kills, even if the 1st wasn’t theirs. Vitality finally showed signs of life in the early game instead of rolling over, trading blows with Fnatic in the laning phase and during ganks.

Fnatic vs Team Vitality Recap

Even so, Fnatic hopped into the midgame with a comfortable 4k gold lead and the toplane of Vitality completely robbed of towers. Even though the black and orange team ruled the sidelanes, Vitality didn’t let up, with Vetheo’s Xerath getting some kills, which was a great insurance for the French team’s lategame. They also took the first 2 Dragons, and they wanted to continue the stacking, burning TP’s for the 3rd one of the match. However, Fnatic reacted, and got the first Hextech Drake before VIT could react.

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Fnatic vs Team Vitality Recap

At 24 minutes, Fnatic won a smaller fight in the midlane which led to them taking the Baron Nashor. While Vitality tried to get the 4th Dragon of the match after rallying, Fnatic was too quick, and got the Dragon as well as two additional kills as Vitality didn’t let up on time. They kept their momentum for the entirety of the Baron Buff, taking three Inhibitors and a number of kills before it expired.

Even though Vitality tried to fight back, they couldn’t deal with Humanoid’s Azir and Oscarinin’s K’Sante. Vetheo’s Xerath never came online, and the rest of the squad didn’t have enough impact in the game, which led to Fnatic taking the victory in less than 30 minutes.

Fnatic vs Team Vitality Recap

Quick Stats

Teams: Fnatic vs Team Vitality

Game Time: 29:37

Gold: 59,5k – 48,1k

Towers: 11 – 3

Dragons: 2 – 2

Barons: 1 – 0

While Vitality is 0-2 after their loss, they had some highlights in the match against Fnatic. Humanoid and his teammates are one of the strongest squads in the LEC, so the fact that the French team didn’t win doesn’t mean that they will be eliminated – but it does mean the victors cemented their place at the top.

Fnatic vs Team Vitality Recap – LEC 2024 Winter Season Week 1
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