Fnatic vs MAD Lions Preview: LEC 2023 Season Finals

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Fnatic vs MAD Lions Preview: LEC 2023 Season Finals

Read all in our Fnatic vs MAD Lions preview! Two teams once again find themselves on the verge of elimination as the LEC survivors converge on the #1 Seeding spot for World Championships.

The LEC's 2023 season is finally coming to a close, with the latter part of the semifinals culminating in another power struggle. Fnatic had an infamously rough start this season but managed to find success in its new talent, cobbling up just enough Championship Points to qualify for Season Finals.

Now, the black-and-orange team are taking back the spotlight by force as they brush against the Lions of EMEA for the first time since Summer Groups. The Spanish team are prepared as ever, however, they appear to be slipping in subtle ways, and the smaller teams are starting to catching on.

Will Nisqy and co. fall to the tenacity of Fnatic's new top carry once again, or is this where Fnatic's miracle run ends? Will the defeated team reclaim their legendary status from the beginning of the year and stand on top as the LEC's #1 representative at Worlds 2023? If you're betting on the LEC Season Finals,  then this Fnatic vs MAD Lions Preview is for you!


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Fnatic vs MAD Lions Preview


Fnatic has managed to maintain their footing throughout Season Finals. With most of their bo5s going to their favor despite being nail-bitingly close silver scrapes, they've found relative success before landing a spot at the lower semis.

fnatic vs team heretics preview season finals
Berlin, Germany – July 15 — during the 2023 League of Legends EMEA Championship Series Summer Split Groups at the LEC Studio on July 15 in Berlin Germany (Photo by Wojciech Wandzel/Riot Games)


Fnatic's story this stage has been promising albeit extremely precarious. With off-meta picks getting more rare as they move forward in the brackets, Adrian “Trymbi” Trybus had no trouble mitigating damage and finding new leads for his team with Nautilus.

And while their adversaries put up a vicious fight, the boys in black knew how to stop a lead from snowballing; a remarkable step-up from their reckless form back in Spring.

MAD Lions

The Lions have suffered since they failed to make an appearance in this year's MSI, and their unlucky streak shows no signs of stopping. Even after a strong 3-0 start in their triumph over XL, they still couldn't secure a sizeable lead over their classic rivals, G2 Esports.

fnatic vs mad lions preview season finals


While the Nisqy-led team showed more resilience in their perfect series win against Excel, their next opponent from the UK won't seem to bow so easily.

But if they'll be able to summon the raw grit that enabled them to make that gruelling climb in Spring playoffs, they'll be back in fighting shape for Worlds.

MAD Lions vs Fnatic Predictions

All signs point to Fnatic taking another series win due to better form and even better momentum. They've had more experience winning full series than any other roster in LEC Season Finals despite the fact that they struggled more against Excel.

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Where to watch Fnatic vs MAD Lions

You can find the teams clashing this Saturday at 18:00 CEST on lolesports.com, as well as the LEC Twitch and YouTube channels. Don’t forget to check out ESTNN’s other Previews and Predictions!

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Fnatic vs MAD Lions Preview: LEC 2023 Season Finals
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