Fnatic v Excel – LEC Summer Split 2022 Playoffs

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Fnatic v Excel – LEC Summer Split 2022 Playoffs

The first weekend of the LEC Summer Split 2022 playoffs as Fnatic v Excel got us underway on Day 3 of the action.

With spots at worlds on the table, playoffs meant everything for those involved. With Rogue v MAD Lions the first series of the weekend, could G2 v Misfits follow it up?

LEC Playoffs Power Rankings


Fnatic v Excel – Game 1

The “battle of Britain” narrative might have dropped when these two sides play. However, it's still a key rivalry for both sites. It was a much more even start than we saw with the previous two series' in playoffs. Though it was always FNC who had the slight upper hand over XL. By the late game, FNC had a 3k lead but with 3 Drakes on the side of XL it gave them a win condition. The second Baron was a turning point as XL claimed the Baron as FNC dropped the ball. Once XL swung the momentum into their favor, they never let up. Securing Game 1 and pilling the pressure on FNC.

Fnatic v Excel – Game 2

After their collapse in Game 1, FNC needed to come out swinging in Game 2. Once again, FNC looked the better of the two sides as the game got underway. However, like in Game 1, XL started to come into the mid game as they moved ahead. FNC kept looking for plays across the map, however, it was always XL that looked the strong over the two sides. FNC continued to lose ground to XL in the later stages of the game as XL pushed on. From that point, XL were dominant as they put FNC to the sword. It would take three big games from FNC now to keep their playoffs alive.

Fnatic v Excel – Game 3

All or nothing for FNC, who heading into Game 3 needed to bring out the performances of their lives. In a reverse of the previous 2 games, it was XL this time that got ahead early. While FNC remained within touching distance, it was all XL for the majority of the game. FNC had a win condition in their Drake control, however, XL always remained ahead in the gold. A huge moment came at the 28-minute mark when FNC looked to finally have found a way back before XL shut them down. Off the back of that, XL forced a Baron before FNC desperately tried to secure the area around the fourth Drake. Somehow, FNC found an opening and it was they that found a way back into a game in this series. Clutching up in the base defense and turning it into a Baron and Soul Drake. FNC found themselves in the lead as XL were on the ropes. FNC just about kept their cool as they secured Game 3 and we head into a fourth game.

Fnatic v Excel – Game 4

After a strong fightback in Game 3, momentum was with FNC. Though, with XL looking so strong in all 3 Games, they'll be confident. Another close early game, with neither team standing out in the opening 15-minutes. FNC were able to stay alive in the game, however, and a game-changing moment came at the 31-minute mark. While XL was attempting to rush the Baron, FNC managed to steal it and this series was blown wide open. FNC kept up the pressure, as XL were forced back. It's been an epic series and it was going the full 5 Games.

Fnatic v Excel – Game 5

All the way to a fifth and final game of the weekend, as the game goes the distance. A tight early game, once again, saw nothing to separate either of the sides in this deciding game. After back-to-back wins, FNC looked in control in Game 5. 25-minutes on the clock and XL were being forced back as the experience FNC roster took control. While XL couldn't find a way back, they did close the gap on FNC shortly after they claimed the Baron. They shut down the FNC Barons and claimed the third Drake. Excel had the 2-0 lead. They had the series in their sites but they couldn't do it. The dream is over once again for XL as it was FNC once again pushing ahead in playoffs.

Fnatic v Excel – LEC Summer Split 2022 Playoffs
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