Florabelle AFK Journey Realse Date, Abilities, and Banner Details

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Florabelle AFK Journey Realse Date, Abilities, and Banner Details

Florabelle is the latest character coming to AFK Journey, and the first character to come to the game since it was released.

AFK Journey was released in December 2023, but got a full launch in late March 2024. The game launched with the Vela Banner, meaning Florabelle is the first Banner since the game was released.

Florabella: Blooming Maiden is a ranged Warrior character, who uses summons and deadly AOE to take out the enemy. Florabella will join as an S-level Wilder character and will release on April 16th. Players will encounter Florabella in the game's story, and, she always gave off “main character energy”. So it was speculated for a long time that she would eventually come to the game, though maybe not this early.

Obviously, with AFK Journey being set in the same world as AFK Arena, we technically know all the characters that will eventually make their way over the AFK Journey.

Florabelle Abilities

Pounding Blow

As the fight begins, Florabelle summons a spear-wielding Bulbsprite to assist her. After casting her ultimate, she summons a hammer-wielding Bulbsprite, dealing damage and knocking enemies in the air. The ultimate has large AOE and crowd control, making her a strong addition to any team.

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Florabella feeds a  “snack” to her Bulbsprite with the highest Attack, granting it a powerful buff for a short duration.

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20240412 172956

Tiny Sharpshooter

Florabelle summons a short bow Bulbsprite, if she already has one in play she will instead fire off a burst of arrows.

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Protective Blessing

Florabelle's passive grants a permanent shield to allied summons. Giving her good synergy with other such characters.

Florabella Ending Remarks Banner

Florabelle's Limited Rate-Up Recruitment Period starts on April 16, 2024  until May 10, 2024, at 00:00 UTC. Florabella will replace Vela, who will enter the standard rotation, giving people more chances to unlock her if they've hit the rate-up recruitment limit.

Florabelle AFK Journey Realse Date, Abilities, and Banner Details
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