First Batch of EA FC 24 Ultimate Team Heroes Unveiled

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First Batch of EA FC 24 Ultimate Team Heroes Unveiled

EA Sports has officially revealed the first batch of EA FC 24 Ultimate Team heroes

First Batch of EA FC 24 Ultimate Team Heroes Unveiled

Credit: EarlyGame/EA Sports

EA Sports has officially unveiled the initial lineup of EA FC 24 heroes, who will be featured in the Ultimate Team mode of the game. This special feature commemorates players who have made a significant impact on their respective teams, and it has been a fan-favorite since its introduction in FIFA 22, continuing into FIFA 23. 

FIFA lovers were eager to see it return for EA Sports FC 24. Get ready for an exciting expansion this year, as EA promises a larger roster of influential players to be explored and enjoyed within the game. 

EA Sports FC 24 Ultimate Team Heroes Explained

EA Sports FC 24 Ultimate Team boasts a collection of rare player items known as Heroes, paying homage to the sport's legendary former players. These esteemed Hero players hold a prestigious position, just one step below the coveted Icon status, meticulously selected for their exceptionally successful careers. Adding to their allure, these Heroes bring unique chemistry benefits to the teams they grace.

Every EA FC 24 Ultimate Team Hero is associated with a specific league in which they excelled during their career. Once integrated into a team alongside players from the same league, these Heroes enjoy chemistry boosts while also elevating the chemistry of their teammates. 

Additionally, Heroes extend their chemistry benefits to players from the same nation as them. The chemistry system has undergone significant reworking for FIFA 23, eliminating the need for players to be positioned directly beside others from the same league or nation to receive or grant chemistry. You can expect some changes in the chemistry mechanism for EA Sports FC 24 Ultimate Team Heroes as well.

What Are UCL Heroes In EA FC 24?

EA Sports FC 24 has launched an updated version of the Hero card, with players catching a sneak peek during the recent July 13 gameplay reveal. In their announcement of the pre-order bonuses, developers have included a special treat for gamers: an Untradeable UCL/UWCL Hero.

Taking a cue from FIFA 23's World Cup Heroes, EA Sports FC 24 is introducing UCL and UWCL Heroes, anticipated to be an upgraded version of the standard Hero card. Although specific details remain undisclosed, it is widely speculated that the selected players receiving UCL and UWCL Hero items will have a distinguished history in the Champions League.

EA FC 24 Ultimate Heroes: Who Are They? 

It has been reported that EA Sports will introduce 19 EA FC 24 Ultimate Team heroes. The organization will also introduce Ultimate Hero cards for female footballers. Here are the five players who have been confirmed as the EA FC 24 Ultimate Heroes:

Wesley Sneijder (91)

A legendary Dutch midfielder who was a prime contender to win the Ballon d'Or in 2010 after leading Inter Milan to treble glory and playing the World Cup final with the Netherlands.

Gianluca Vialli (91)

Gianluca Vialli is the only player in history to have champions and runners-up medals in three major European club competitions. The Italian striker represented Juventus and Chelsea during his playing days.

Bixente Lizarazu (90)

The French left-back won the World Cup for his country in 1998 and also featured in Les Bleus' successful Euro 2000 campaign. Lizarazu won the Champions League with Bayern Munich in 2001 and became the first player in history to be a reigning European champion both in international and club football.

Carlos Tevez (90)

In his prime, Carlos Tevez was a versatile forward who thrived in several positions across the front line. The Argentinian contributed five goals in Manchester United's Champions League-winning campaign in 2007/08. He would later join their rivals Manchester City and win the Premier League Golden Boot in 2010-11.

Alex Scott (88)

Alex Scott is the first female Ultimate Team Hero to grace the game. She is an English Football Hall of Fame inductee who scored the winning goal in the 2007 UEFA Women's Cup Final in Arsenal's historic 1-0 victory against Umeå. The right-back has played 140 times for England before hanging up her boots in 2018.




First Batch of EA FC 24 Ultimate Team Heroes Unveiled
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