5 New EA FC 24 Features We’re Excited About

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5 New EA FC 24 Features We’re Excited About

We Discuss The Hot New Features That EA Brings To Their Latest FIFA 24 Update

Fans of the EA FIFA franchise may feel a bit alienated as the gaming giant changes the name of its official football video game. EA’s partnership with FIFA has finally ended after 30 years, and with that, the right to the FIFA name. As a result, FIFA 23’s successor will be called EA Sports FC 24 (you can guess what FC stands for). 

Even though there will be a FIFA 24 game by a different developer, EA FC 24 will retain the official licenses for leagues, teams and kits. EA FC 24 will have all the major leagues you love, from La Liga to the Premier League and more. 

5 New EA FC 24 Features We're Excited About

Credit: EA Sports FC 24

So apart from the name, is there anything new about this game? Other than missing AC Milan in the game (by missing, I mean in a different colored jersey), everything seems to be the same. And if EA’s announcements are anything to go by, then this year we might see some groundbreaking changes in the football franchise.

So what new features can we expect when making the switch from FIFA 23 to EA FC 24? Let’s find out.

1. Hyper Motion V Technology

Authentic gameplay is the primary objective of FC 24. That starts with the inclusion of Hyper Motion V. EA has used Hyper Motion technology in FIFA 22 and 23 games. However, Hyper Motion V is one of the bigger upgrades, and I don’t think many of us understand its significance yet.

First of all, the V stands for Volumetric Capture Technology. The production of volumetric data starts by placing cameras all around stadiums during international matches. The cameras capture and analyze the movements of different players.

This data is used to recreate player-specific movements and run styles in the game – including passes, shots, and tackles – all specific to different players – making the movements feel more authentic than ever before. 

Hyper Motion V uses volumetric data from more than 180 matches, all from competitive leagues such as the Premier League and Women’s Champions League. According to EA, there will be over 1200 signature run styles, all with their own unique speed and technique. FC 24 will also have 11,000 in game animations, compared to 6,000 in FIFA 23.

For example, if you play Haaland in the game, you get to play his unique run styles and tackles – all unique to the real life Haaland. And this goes for not just the star players, but every single player on the field!

2. Play Styles+

Every great player has a signature ability, right? For example, Vinicius Jr. has unparalleled dribbling abilities, while Haaland has the ability to score with both feet. These features are usually unique to a great player. So, what if you could use these abilities in the game? That’s what FC 24 is bringing with its Play Styles and Play Styles+. 

If you’re a FIFA gamer, you’ll know that every player in the game is assigned a rating. However, numbers don’t always equate to the different abilities a player brings to the pitch. 

Play Styles are basically EA’s answer to this problem. Before, most of the players in the game acted similarly based on their positions on the field. With the introduction of Play Styles, you can unlock player-specific abilities.

Play Styles will have two tiers: Play Styles and Play Styles +. While one Play Style will unlock a certain ability, Play Style + will take that ability to its extreme, giving that player an edge.

For example, players with a defensive Play Style can unlock the “stop ball tackle” feature in FC 24. This Play Style will enable the player to perform a tackle much more efficiently than other players. Including the Acrobatic Shot, Free Kick, Power Header, Power Shot, Rapid Dribbling and Whipped Crosser, there are 34 brand new Play Styles in total.

With the Play Styles+ variation, the number bumps up to a whopping 68! 

EA will track the volumetric data of the players’ real-world counterparts and update the Play Styles accordingly.

Some star players may receive more than one Play Styles ability, with Haaland confirmed to receive the Acrobatic Shot, Power Header and Power Shot. This is the ultimate gameplay booster, in my opinion.

3. Frostbite Engine

Realism is always appreciated in modern games. In FC 24, EA has taken the Frostbite engine to a whole new level, and the results are astounding.

Thanks to AI Sapient technology, you can now experience unparalleled realism with anatomically correct bodies and fluid animations that mimic authentic proportions.

One aspect that truly stands out is the GPU Cloth feature, which takes clothing simulation to a whole new level. Now you can see the muscles of the players under their clothing. Even the shirts move realistically with every twist and turn. The new lighting features in the engine add dynamic shadows and enhance the overall contrast and detail to create a breathtakingly lifelike stadium atmosphere.

One of my favorite features is the Elevated Matchday Experience. Now, viewers get a glimpse of the changing rooms, warm-ups, and teams walking onto the pitch through dynamic intros. This adds a whole new level of excitement and immersion to the game, making you feel like you're a part of the action right from the start.

4. AcceleRATE 2.0

In FIFA 23, I noticed the infamous “lengthy” acceleration archetype that some players considered overpowered. With AcceleRATE 2.0, EA Sports is taking it even further, introducing four new archetypes, making it a total of seven, which is more than double the amount we had in FIFA 23. 

Among the base Acceleration Types, there are three: “Controlled”, “Explosive”, and “Lengthy”. Most players belong to the “Controlled” type, meaning they accelerate in a uniform and controlled manner.

Now, in EA Sports FC 24, they've added four new types to represent different player movement styles. We have “Controlled Explosive” (50% Controlled, 50% Explosive) players, combining the best of both worlds. Then, there are “Mostly Explosive” players (70% Explosive, 30% Controlled) who excel with their explosive bursts but still maintain some control.

Another interesting addition is the “Controlled Lengthy” type (50% Controlled, 50% Lengthy), which blends controlled movement with the endurance of a lengthy player. Lastly, we have “Mostly Lengthy” players (70% Lengthy, 30% Controlled), who rely mostly on their endurance and steady acceleration.

5. Evolutions and Crossplay

These two features are perhaps the most sought after by the fans, and we couldn’t be happier. 

Up until FIFA 23, when you received a player card in the game, the numerical rating of a player was fixed, and there was no way to change that. Fans were irritated with this feature, as the silver and bronze cards would often go to waste. 

However, all that changes with EA FC 24, as the game will allow you to complete a set of objectives and in-game challenges to evolve your selected player over time. Evolutions will let you enhance your players’ ratings, Play Styles, individual skills, and even upgrade your card. However, these challenges will be time limited and won’t apply to all cards. Nonetheless, this will keep a player card relevant for a long time. 

And finally, Crossplay is here, and it is an absolute game changer! As a Pro Clubs fan myself, I’ve waited years for Crossplay to be a feature on FIFA. With this fantastic addition to Pro Clubs, which is now conveniently named “Clubs,” I can finally team up and play with friends who are on different gaming platforms.

Now, using the crossplay integration across the entire game, all players on PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X and S, and PC can play with each other seamlessly. This is a game-changer as it will significantly boost the playerbase of the mode and bring players from different platforms together.

However, you should note that crossplay in Clubs is limited to PlayStation 4 and Xbox One players, who will continue to match together in their own pool.

Possible Impacts of These Changes on EA FC 24

After getting a brief glimpse of FC 24, many avid fans of the FIFA franchise have been passing along their thoughts about whether these changes will be impactful or not. And while there has been criticism about some of the features as being minor and plain ‘gimmicks,’ most of them are being considered incredible. 

In my opinion, the inclusion of Crossplay is the biggest upgrade of all. This feature will allow PC gamers to play along with PlayStation and Xbox owners, making FC 24 more immersive than ever before. This will skyrocket the popularity of the game and bring in a huge new player base.

EA seems to be listening to their player base more than ever, and these changes will impact the gameplay in a good way as the inclusion of Manager Mode and Player Agents will give more control back to the gamers, making the game less reliant on AI.


Hyper Motion V, Play Styles, and the Frostbite engine – all these features direct towards one thing – authenticity. If this experience that EA is promising is indeed true, then players will feel even more connected to the actual field than ever before. With the real time tracking of players’ skills and the social aspects of the game, EA FC 24 stands to be one of the biggest games of 2024. 

5 New EA FC 24 Features We’re Excited About
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